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November 13, 2021

All-Star Gear: Loudspeakers & PA Systems

Gig-worthy speakers for nearly any venue

What do you look for in a PA loudspeaker? Flexibility through DSP? A light load in your van? Roof-shaking output? Everybody's got their own criteria, and zZounds customers love to tell what sets their PA system apart from the pack. That's why we've assembled some of our best-reviewed speakers and PA systems -- along with quotes from satisfied users -- into our All-Star roster. Here, you'll find top speakers for just about any situation -- from clubs to coffeehouses to spin class. Read on and see if your favorites made our list, or maybe find your next PA!

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QSC K12.2 Powered Loudspeaker

QSC K12.2 Powered Loudspeaker
"Totally blown away with the clarity and natural sound that I'm able to get from this speaker."
- David in Lithonia, GA

"The sound on these speakers is phenomenal, they get really loud and the sound is crystal clear."
- Mario in Hempstead, NY

"Best speakers I've ever owned. I feel like I've achieved 100% full pro status in terms of sound quality. I am extremely impressed with these speakers."
- Daniel in Chicago, IL

Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position Portable PA System

Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position Portable PA System
"These are not only small and light, but easily the most powerful portable speakers I have used professionally. If you are a DJ these may just change your life!"
- Chuck in LaPorte, TX

"WOW! RIDICULOUS! IMPOSSIBLE! This PA is on another level. Remarkable engineering to get crisp, clear, powerful sounds from a speaker of this size and portability. Acoustic guitar and vocals are amazing!"
- Caleb in Hazel Green, AL

"As a solo acoustic performer the S1 is ideal. It's lightweight and small footprint make it perfect for small rooms, outdoor venues and larger halls."
- Jimmy in Indian Rocks Beach, FL

RCF Evox 12 Active Speaker Array PA System

RCF Evox 12 Active Speaker Array PA System
"This thing is insane... A pair of these will go a loooooong way. Great sounding. Great coverage. Fast set-up. Easy to load in/out."
- Jay in Kirkland, WA

"Hard to believe how much crystal clear, beautiful sound can come out of this. You definitely get what you pay for. Absolutely recommend this unit!!"
- Edward in Seney, MI

"I used one of these speakers last night for the first time and the sound blew me away. Excellent highs and chest pumping bass."
- Harry in Danbury, CT

Peavey PV215 2-Way PA Enclosure

Peavey PV215 2-Way PA Enclosure
"I've used these speakers for the better part of 10 years. Great sound, great reliability."
- Steve in Valley City, ND

"They give a great visual impression to the crowd. They have a great range and seem to be able to take a pretty good beating week after week with no signs of failure. Plus, for a large speaker, they are light and easy to move."
- Jim in Columbia, MO

"For my DJ gigs, I can't ask for anything better and for the price you can't beat that."
- Rick in San Antonio, TX

Electro-Voice EKX-15P Powered Speaker

Electro-Voice EKX-15P Powered Speaker
"The sound is incredible and easily covered the large room my band played in. I could hear every instrument and voice clearly in the mix!"
- Bryan in Cheshire, CT

"Got these babies about 3 months ago and finally got to use them on Friday at a wedding. Let me put it this way, no need to think twice GET THEM. The sound quality is second to none."
- DJ T in Philadelphia, PA

"I upgraded from the ZLX to this model and the clarity is awesome. I've done several gigs with these and so far I have no complaints!"
- Pharoah in Henderson, NV

JBL EON612 Powered Speaker

JBL EON612 Powered Speaker
"I'm using this speaker for a monitor and it does the job well. Nice clean sound with plenty of power. Build quality is very good. The Bluetooth feature is an added plus."
- Keith in Rialto, CA

"Sound is superior to other speakers. Clear and smooth. Not heavy and not huge. Easy to move. I carry both at the same time. "
- Luke in Barton, VT

"Powerful enough to handle the smaller to mid-sized [200 people] gigs as monitors and could even be used to assist the house array if necessary. They're rugged, well-balanced and LOOK the part as well."
- Greg in Southport, NC

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 Powered Column PA System

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 Powered Column PA System
"My customers (weddings, corporate events, and private parties) have all marveled at how good the sound is, how loud (yet clear) it is, and how sharp it looks compared to the traditional speakers on tripods."
- Joe in New Braunfels, TX

"This is the best PA I have ever owned and I’ve owned a few! Great sound and power. I play small to large rooms and this thing sounds great in every room I play.
- Jason in Conway, SC

"These things are amazing. Set up and break down in under 5 minutes. Crystal clear highs and the sub is BEATING!"
- Leslie in Savannah, GA

Mackie SRM650 Powered Speaker

Mackie SRM650 Powered Speaker
"They add flexibility to our setup because we can use them for band rehearsals and not have to lug around heavy equipment. For gigs, they save us a lot of stage space and allow us to personalize our monitor volumes."
- Doug in The Villages, FL

"This baby rocks! No more floor wedges, no more 25-35-pound space-hogging monitors. This thing cuts through with plenty of volume to spare."
- Eric in Orlando, FL

"I am more than surprised how much output this thing has, and the sound is unbelievably natural, especially for vocals and guitar."
- Rodney in Beckley, WV

JBL SRX835P Powered Loudspeaker

JBL SRX835P Powered Loudspeaker
"The sound is incredible and the ability to splay them (2 per side) is perfect for live sound. Perfect match for the SRX828SP subs."
- Juan in Sacramento, CA

"The sound is incredibly astonishing, the bass gets you right where you want it. I like to use it mainly for outdoors and the sound is as if you’re in a mini rave. "
- Yulissa in Mission, TX

"You for sure get your money's worth when you go with JBL. I have 8 of these and subfwoofers to match. Never had any issues at any live event and always get repeat customers for sound quality."
- Eduardo in Antioch, CA

LD Systems MAUI 5 Ultra-Portable Column PA System

LD Systems MAUI 5 Ultra-Portable Column PA System
"I can't believe how much sound this thing puts out. So much bass from an 8" speaker blows my mind. I do a single with guitar, keyboard, vocals and some tracks and this thing sounds fantastic."
- Brian in Carson City, NV

"For the money you won’t find a better, more efficient, or easier to set up system. It travels very well as it’s only 25 pounds if that."
- Eric in Mansfield, PA

"I am a professional DJ, and have struggled for years with various portable PA systems, and full sized systems for wedding ceremonies, and outdoor cocktail hours. This unit is incredible! Solves every issue I ever had, so easy and quick to set up...and the sound is unbelievable."
- Christopher in Evans, CO
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