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March 18, 2024
Our All-Star lists of the top-rated guitars, amps, studio monitors, headphones, mic preamps and more

All-Star Gear: Our Customers' Favorites

Our Top Picks for Every Musician

If there's one thing that's universal to all musicians, it's the love of gear. When zZounds customers love their gear, they spread the word to fellow musicians, producers, and engineers with great ratings and reviews. In our All-Star lists, you'll find our customers' top-rated products, with actual quotes from happy owners. Look below to see what our customers love about their favorite guitars, mics, drum sets and more!

All-Star Electric Guitars

Gibson SG Standard '61
Whether they're being made to shred or sweetly sing the blues, electric guitars often steal the show. Each of the guitars on this All-Star list, by brands like Fender, PRS, ESP, Ibanez and more, are certified performers.

All-Star Quote:
"Cosmetically the guitar is flawless and the sound is glorious. It plays like a dream. It just takes you along for the ride. Ted McCarty’s masterpiece!"
- James in Frankfort, KY on his Gibson SG Standard '61

All-Star Studio Monitors

Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitor
Looking for accurate playback of your projects? Trust your mix to the studio monitors on our All-Star list. These speakers are touted by owners for their reliable, transparent sound!

All-Star Quote:
"The low, mid and highs on these monitors are as true to the mix as you can possibly get. The clarity is breathtaking, even at very high volume."
- Derrick in West Orange, NJ on his Yamaha HS8 monitors

All-Star Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones
Whether you need a pair for studio mixing or just listening to your favorite music every day, our All-Star Headphones list is packed with solid recommendations.

All-Star Quote:
"The M50x is so can hear everything in your mix. The separation is awesome...the bass response is amazing...stop reading and just go get a pair already. You'll be happy that you did."
- Brim in New York, NY on their Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones

All-Star Mic Preamps

Universal Audio LA-610 MkII
Whether it's clean and transparent, or warm and full of character, the right microphone preamplifier can make a huge difference in your recordings. Check out our All-Star list to see which is right for you.

All-Star Quote:
"This unit rocks and integrates what made the LA-610 predecessor along with several enhancements. Definitely worth the investment at this price point!"
- Tony in Southfield, MI on his Universal Audio LA-610 MkII

All-Star Drums

Gretsch CM1E826 Catalina Maple Drum Shell Kit, 7-Piece
A band is only as good as its drummer, and a drummer can only play their best on the right kit! Our All-Star list features your favorite drum kits of all shapes and sizes.

All-Star Quote:
"WOW! This drum set is awesome, from the detail put into it and the finish, all the way to the sound it puts out. I will be using this set for as long as it will let me."
- Alexis Salazar in The Colony, TX on their Gretsch CM1E826 Catalina Maple kit

All-Star Guitar Effects Pedals

Pro Co Rat2 Distortion
Every single effects pedal brings something different to a guitarist's sound, and with so many varieties available today, when one is considered a near universal favorite, it's a big deal. Check out some of our best-rated pedals!

All-Star Quote:
"Friggin' great distortion, subtle, to very harsh. Melvins to Molly Hatchet. Full on old-school Rat sound. And true bypass to boot. I love it."
- A happy customer on their Pro Co Rat2

All-Star Microphones

AKG C 214 instrument microphone
These microphones have proven themselves on stage and in the studio. Read glowing reviews from their owners and see if any of these microphones should earn a spot in your mic locker!

All-Star Quote:
"For the money this mic is a great addition to every home studio. I have been very pleased with the sound on both slower and hard rock applications."
- KB in San Antonio, TX on their AKG C 214

All-Star Guitar Amps

Vox AC10 Custom Guitar Combo Amplifier
Whether it's an amp they love to rock on stage or use to practice at home, zZounds customers are eager to gush about their favorites, offering plenty of great recommendations for all types of players.

All-Star Quote:
"Really happy with this little amp. I got it for smaller gigs and studio work. I was shocked by the tone! This amp has the Vox sound, but cleans up nice and without the ice-picky highs."
- Ryan in Amity, OR on his Vox AC10 Custom

All-Star Beat-Making Gear

Native Instruments Maschine MK3
DJs and electronic musicians have plenty to say about their favorite beat-making gear on this All-Star list. We compiled it all together into a wide selection of incredible tools.

All-Star Quote:
"This production instrument right here is hands down one of the best tools to make music with, period, point blank! Tons of sounds and so many functions and features that you can't go wrong."
- Ricky in Statesboro, GA on his Native Instruments Maschine MK3

All-Star Synthesizers

Moog Mother-32 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
From vintage analog to cutting-edge digital, we've got all sorts of synths in our All-Star Synthesizers list. Whether you're looking for a fun first synth to try out or a powerful stage synthesizer, check out what happy owners have to say!

All-Star Quote:
"My studio is packed full of computers and electronic instruments, and as soon as I plugged the Mother-32 in, the sound of it made me want to sell everything in my studio. The sound of this thing is amazing. Buy 2 of them and you'll be in analog heaven."
- Benny in Los Angeles on his Moog Mother-32
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