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Samson SM10 Line Mixer

Samson SM10 Line Mixer

This mixer packs lots of I/O into one rack space: 2 phantom-powered XLR mic preamps, ten 1/4" line ins, 2 aux sends (Mon and FX), 2 headphone jacks and more.

TASCAM LM-8ST Rackmount Line Mixer, 8-Channel

TASCAM LM-8ST Rackmount Line Mixer (8-Channel)

With 8 stereo line inputs plus 1 mic input in a single rack space, the TASCAM LM-8ST mixer is ideal for installations, big keyboard rigs, and more.

Rolls MX42 Stereo Passive Mixer, 4-Channel

Rolls MX42 Stereo Passive Mixer, 4-Channel

With 4 pairs of RCA stereo inputs, 4 level knobs, and a stereo output, this mini mixer couldn't be simpler to use. Plus, it's passive and requires no power!

Rolls MX28 Mini-Mix VI Line Mixer

Rolls MX28 Mini-Mix VI Mixer

Skip the bulky rack mixer in your keyboard setup. The MX28 sends 3 stereo sources to headphones and an amp -- perfect for jamming along with your MP3 player.

Wrangling multiple line-level sources? Great for keyboard rigs, venue installations, and more, line mixers fit a lot of mixing power into a compact footprint. Call our Gear Experts now for help with your purchase: 800-460-8089.
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