Zomo HD-120 Mono-Stick Headphone

No longer available at zZounds
With a frequency response optimized for kick-bass, the Zomo HD-120 Mono-Stick Headphone is the perfect one-ear solution to your monitoring needs in the club.

The Zomo HD-120 Mono-Stick is a cool variant of the Zomo headphone series. Rotating earpieces and an ergonomic design makes the HD-120 a very popular choice for club performances. The removable spiral cable plug is solidly constructed and can be changed in seconds. One-ear solutions need to be reliable and need to build up enough pressure to ensure a high sound level which is needed in environments like "the club". The HP-120 has a kick-bass optimized frequency response. The high quality and the brilliant design are guarantied to be an eye-catcher in every club. Also the high-end materials and drivers guarantee a long lifetime of extraordinary professional sound experience.


- Professional handphone
- Excellent sound reproduction
- Great quality
- Transport bag and artificial leather and velour cups are included

No longer available at zZounds

In most cases, a product is unavailable because it has been discontinued by the manufacturer