Zildjian ZXT Rock Premium Cymbal Package

No longer available at zZounds
Pack includes a full Zildjian ZXT Rock Cymbal Package, Cannon Percussion Cymbal Arm, Zildjian ZHT China Splash (10 Inch), and a KickPort Plus Pack.

The Zildjian ZXT Rock Premium Cymbal Package offers more distinct models than any previous Zildjian sheet bronze selection. Each reflects unique lathing lines and distinctive hammering patterns designed to accentuate their sound properties. They look different because they sound different, because they are different. But the bright, powerful voice they share - the ZXT alloy - is as mighty as any Zildjian.

1 x Zildjian ZXT Rock Cymbal Package (Pre-matched box set includes a 20-inch Rock ride, a 16-inch Rock crash, 14-inch Rock hi hats, and a Free 18-inch crash)
1 x Cannon Percussion cymbal arm (holds up To 14 inches)
1 x Zildjian ZHT China splash (10-inch)
1 x KickPort Plus Pack Port/D Pad Pack (Black)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-229-8672

No longer available at zZounds

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