Yamaha MSP5S Active Studio Monitor (40 Watts, 1x5 in.)

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Refined monitoring precision.

MSP5 Studio Powered Monitor Speaker
Like the larger MSP7 Studio, the MSP5 Studio is a 2-way bi-amplified bassreflex system that delivers outstanding monitoring precision for digital or analog production in stereo or surround formats. The more compact dimensions of the MSP5 Studio make it an ideal choice for smaller project studios and DAW based production systems. The MSP5 Studio features a 5 in. cone woofer driven by a 40-watt amplifier and a 1 in. dome tweeter driven by a 27-watt amplifier. Other than woofer size, enclosure size, and amplifier power, the MSP5 Studio takes advantage of the same advanced materials and design technology that are behind the extraordinary performance of the MSP7 Studio. The woofer and titanium-dome tweeter feature advanced magnetic structures that achieve exceptionally low distortion, and the tweeter works with a unique waveguide horn that achieves broad, uniform high frequency dispersion over 120 degrees for optimum balance regardless of listening position. Advanced driver and enclosure design including the low-diffraction rounded baffle also ensure smooth, uniform dispersion across the systems full reproduction range. Flat frequency response out to 40 kHz makes the MSP5 Studio great for mastering, where high sample and bit rates are the norm.

Magnetically Shielded Enclosures
Along with their compact size and excellent performance, full magnetic shielding allows the MSP5 Studio speakers to be positioned near all types read more of audio, video, and computer equipment without sound degradation or negative effects on surrounding equipment.

Professional Connectivity
The MSP5 Studio has a balanced XLRtype input for direct compatibility with professional equipment. Balanced lines are ideal if the speakers are to be placed at the end of long cable runs which, if unbalanced, might be susceptible to hum and induced noise. The MSP5 Studio also offers an unbalanced 1/4 in. phone jack connector.

Trim Switches for Easy Room Matching
The MSP5 Studio is equipped with four position low and three position high trim switches that allow the systems response to be optimized for a wide range of acoustic environments.

Yamaha's "Studio" series monitors have been designed with serious monitoring in mind. Emphasis is on reference-quality reproduction precision that lets you hear sonic details, rather than flattering sound. They carry on in the tradition of the venerable NS10M Studio monitor Studio, which was the definitive near-field speaker monitor in an overwhelming majority of professional studios throughout the world for many years from the 80s onward. But technology has evolved dramatically right throughout the audio chain, and speakers must follow suit. The new top-of-the-line MSP7 Studio Powered Monitor Speaker is capable of delivering consistent quality and performance that you can rely on in modern production environments that handle any combination of digital and analog sources as well as stereo and surround formats.
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Type; Biamp 2-way Powered Speaker

Crossover Frequency; 2.5 kHz LF: 30dB/oct, HF: 30dB/oct

Overall Frequency Response; 50 Hz - 40 kHz (-10 dB)

Maximum Output Level; 101 dB, 1 m on Axis

Dimensions (W x H x D); 179 x 279 x 208 mm

Weight; 7.9 kg

Magnetic Shielding; Yes

Speaker Section
LF: 5 in. cone
HF: 1.0 in. Titanium dome

Enclosure; Bass-Reflex

Amplifier Section
Output Power;
LF: 40 W THD = 0.02 %, RL = 4
HF: 27 W THD = 0.02 %, RL = 6

S/N, IHF-A filter; > 94 dB, LEVEL = Max

Input Sensitivity;
XLR-3-31: +4 dBu, LEVEL = Center -6 dBu, LEVEL = Max
PHONE: -10 dBu, LEVEL = Center -20 dBu, LEVEL = Max

Input Connectors, Impedance;
XLR-3-31 (balanced), 10 k ohms
PHONE (unbalanced), 10k ohms

LEVEL control: 31 Positions Detent type VR (Min = Attenuation)
LOW CUT switch: N/A
HIGH TRIM: +1.5/0/-1.5 dB at 15 kHz
LOW TRIM: +1.5/0/-1.5/-3 dB at 60 Hz
LPF control: N/A

Indicators; LED -- Green: Power On / Red: Clipping

Power Consumption; 60 W

* These specifications apply to rated power supplies of 100, 120, 230 and 240 V.
* Specifications and appearance subject to change without notice.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 714-522-9011
Web: https://usa.yamaha.com/support

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 6 out of 10 stars. (10 ratings)
Submitted December 12, 2007 by a customer from hotmail.com
"If they weren't so harsh, maybe I'd love them..."
Overall: 6 out of 10 stars
I'm only satisfied with them coz I made it to correct the tonal balance with equalisation without losing too much of the other qualities (punch, clarity... they're awesome in all of it). Wouldn't recommend them, balance is a must in a good monitor and no way you can trust what you do in the lows with this.

These little ones are kinda powerful for their size, have great dynamics and an awesome stereo image. But they are pretty coloured for reference monitors, very harsh sounding, a little fatiguing, no real bass (there's a bump at the 80hz that makes the kick drums really distinct and punchy, but i can't hear my bass guitars at all. No mid-bass. Believe me. NO MID-BASS!). I had to put an equalizer in my bus out to make them flatter. Made a curve with it that opposites the frequency response of the boxes, as measured by Yamaha (there's a difference of 5 db between the low-mid and the hi-mid sections. Very much to me). It worked very well. But I would never trust on them without this. Besides the poor response, the sound is very clean and punchy. Not so bad at all. But watch for the low frequencies carefully if you mix with them. Adding a sub is a good idea, but probably won't help you with the low-mids.

They have separate amps for tweeter and woofer, what makes them very powerful and eliminating some possible phase problems. There are separated volume knobs for each box too, that makes it easier to read more match the levels of both. There are 3 options of equalisation for the highs and 4 options for the lows, but it doesn't help too much in correcting the harshness. I thought the "-1" position in the highs (-1.5 db) sounds more balanced than the "flat" one. But not sufficient at all to make it accurate.

Ease of Use
No secrets. Plug in the power, plug in the signal output, adjust levels, change the equalisation if you want and it's done.

They are very robust (and heavy!), have good protections for the tweeters and woofers, titanium dome tweeters (cool). Very reliable.

For their price, they're fine, besides not perfect.

Manufacturer Support
Never used.

Musical Background:
Musician and home recorder

Musical Style:
Indie Rock
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