Yamaha MGP24X Mixer, 24-Channel

Yamaha MGP24X Mixer, 24-Channel

This analog mixer starts with 16 discrete Class-A D-PRE mic preamps, and adds Yamaha's X-pressive EQ and high-resolution on-board digital effects processing.

Yamaha MG24/14FX Dual EFX Mixer (24-Channel, 14-Bus)

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With 16 channels of high-precision mic preamps with phantom power, plenty of routing options and a ton of effects, the Yamaha MG24/14FX is the versatile, dependable and professional choice for your live sound system.

A basic mixer has to offer volume and pan controls, and a master output. A good mixer adds features that help you solve basic mixing problems, like a simple EQ for taming different sound sources, aux sends for stage monitoring setups, insert points for adding outboard signal processing, and a separate output for subs. A great mixer gives you the ability to add you own signature to your mix, by upgrading that EQ to one with sweepable mids, throwing in sub-mix faders for channel grouping, and adding a suite of on-board digital effects. But what do you call a mixer that has all this plus an unassailable build quality, great sound, an impressive channel count, and an even more impressive low price? Just call it the Yamaha MG24/14FX.

Plenty Of Channels For Full Bands

The MG24/14FX is just what you need to reinforce modern bands. With 24 channels, you can easily mic a simple drum/bass/dual-guitar setup, and still have room for backup vocals, keyboards, drum machines, samplers, and whatever retro-techy gadgets the next big indie sensation adds to their sound. To make setup even easier, the first 16 channels are fully featured mono channels, each with their own high-detail, low-noise microphone preamp. Each channel has an amazing array of sound shaping options to keep every instrument distinct and audible. A three-band EQ plus gain trim and pad can accommodate any signal source, no matter how hot. The equalizing section features a sweepable midrange frequency that carves out a read more space for each element in the mix, and also makes combating feedback a cinch. High-pass filters eliminate microphone rumble, and each channel supplies a full 48 volts of phantom power for use with sensitive condenser mics. Channels 25 through 32 are grouped as stereo channels. Each pair shares an EQ and volume fader, perfect for accommodating keyboards, samplers, synths, or any other line-level, stereo instrument where the L/R relationship must be maintained. There's even a dedicated stereo RCA input for routing music from an MP3 or CD player through the house. The MG24/14FX never met a source it couldn't handle.

FX Means Effects

Yamaha MG-FX series mixers represent a significant value for many reasons, not least of which is their comprehensive digital effects arsenals. The MG24/14FX is no exception. Two separate banks provide sixteen effects each, from integral patches like reverb and delay, to more "special"-effects like chorus, phaser, vocal doubling, distortion and more. Add a tap-tempo button on bank two for synching effects with the band and you truly become a part of the live performance. Should you need to add additional outboard processing, each of the first 24 channels has a dedicated insert for incorporating compression, EQ or any other effect on a source-by-source basis. A stereo insert provides an FX-loop for the overall mix, perfect for master effects like reverb or room-tuning equalization.

Output Routing Options A-Plenty

While the audience may only hear one unified mix, the front-of-house engineer needs to have plenty more output routing options at their disposal. The MG24/14FX boasts a total of fourteen outs, or busses, to be used as you see fit. The main stereo out is accompanied by a multi-purpose mono output. With its variable low-pass filter, this third main output makes for the perfect subwoofer channel, but that filter can be switched off for use as a center channel, a speaker fill, or anything else, really. Likewise, the mixer has six auxiliary sends which can be used as monitor mixes or additional effects loops, and an additional stereo sub-mix provides even more output options. In addition, the MG24/14FX gives you four stereo sub-group faders: use them to group channels for backup singers, drum kits, or complex guitar rigs, and control their overall volumes from a single fader.

Add a few thoughtful touches like a lamp socket, self-illuminated switches and an integrated talk-back system, and you've got yourself a fully featured mixer that you'll be proud to call the cornerstone of your live sound system. The Yamaha MG32-14FX is the versatile, dependable, professional choice for serious live reinforcement. . . easy to own and even easier to love.
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Total Harmonic Distortion:
Less than 0.1 % (THD+N)
20 Hz - 20 kHz @ +14 dB 600 (ST OUT)

Frequency Response:
0 +1, -3 dB
20 Hz - 20 kHz @ +4 dB 600 (ST OUT)

Input Hum & Noise*1:
20 Hz - 20 kHz, Rs=150, Input Gain=Maximum, Input Pad =OFF, Input sensitivity=-60 dB

Crosstalk: -70dB @ 1kHz

CH Input
Mic: 16+1 (Input A 1 - 16, Talk Back: XLR)
Line: 16 (Input B 1 - 16: TRS)
Stereo: 2 (Ch 17 18, 19 - 20:TRS) * Ch17, 19:L (MONO) 2 (Ch 21 22, 23 - 24: TRS/RCA)
Insert I/O: 16 (Ch 1 - 16: TRS T: Out, R: In, S: Gnd)

Send: 6 (1 - 2/Post-Pre selectable, 3 - 4/Post-Pre selectable, 5 - 6/Post: TRS)
Return: 2 Stereo Sub In (L/MONO, R: TRS)

EFFECT: Send 2 (1, 2: TRS)

2TR: In 1 Stereo (L, R: RCA)

STEREO: Insert 1 Stereo (L, R: TRS)

GROUP: Insert 4 (1 - 4: TRS)

REC: Out 1 Stereo (L, R: RCA)

ST: Out 1 Stereo (L, R: XLR)

MONO: Out 1 (XLR)

ST SUB: Out 1 Stereo (L, R: TRS)

GROUP: Out 4 (1 - 4: TRS)

Phones: 1 (TRS Stereo)

Phantom Power: + 48 V

CH & ST Ch Input Gain Control: 44 dB valiable

CH & ST High Pass Filter: 80 Hz 12 dB/Octave

CH EQ (MONO)*2 -15 dB (Max.)
High: 10 kHz (Shelving)
Mid: 0.25-5 kHz (Peaking)
Low: 100 Hz (Shelving)

CH EQ (STEREO)*2 -15 dB (Max.)
High 10 kHz (Shelving)
Hi-Mid: 3 kHz (Peaking)
Low-Mid: 800 Hz (Peaking)
Low: 100 Hz (Shelving)

MONO Out Low Pass Filter: 80 - 120 Hz 12dB/octave

Internal Digital Effect: SPX x 2 (Effect 1: 16 Programs, Effect 2: 16 Programs :Parameter Control)

Width: 33.54"
Depth: 21.25"
Height: 5.90"

Weight 46.29 lbs.

Power Requirements: UL/CSA: 60 W 120 V/60 Hz

*1 Hum & Noise are measured with a 6 dB/octave filter @ 12.7 kHz; equivalent to a 20 kHz filter with infinite dB/octave attenuation.
*2 Turn over /roll-off frequency of shelving : 3 dB below maximum variable level.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 714-522-9011
Web: https://usa.yamaha.com/support

Yamaha MG24/14FX 24-Channel Mixer

Yamaha is an unusual company. There are very few others who can claim "total music involvement," but that is Yamaha's position. They've been making fine musical instruments for more than 100 years, industry-leading sound reinforcement mixers for more than 30 years, and cutting-edge digital mixers and music production gear for 15 years. In sound-reinforcement terms, 30 years is a very long time. In fact, 30 years is roughly equal to the total history of sound reinforcement (the term "sound reinforcement" wasn't even used back then - it was still "PA"), and we've been there the entire time. Innovating, leading, and in many ways defining the development of modern mixing consoles.

They're still at it. Yamaha is proud to introduce the Yamaha MG-series mixing consoles, featuring 6 models ranging in size from a small 10-channel/2-bus unit right up to a very flexible 32-channel/14-bus type with an impressive selection of built-in effects. There have been no compromises. The MG mixers are built for great sound, total control, and superior reliability. In fact, they undergo the same rigorous quality and reliability tests as our world-class PM-series mixing consoles. But, by taking full advantage of the latest Yamaha technology and manufacturing techniques, we have been able to pack these superlative mixers with more value than you'll find anywhere else. In short, they offer extraordinary performance and mixing power at remarkable prices.

If you need a high-performance analog mixer for music production or sound reinforcement, the Yamaha MG Series is the first - and last - place you should look.

Serious Capacity For Sound Reinforcement & Installations

If your application is live sound reinforcement, you'll want all the channel capacity you can get - just in case. Vocal mics, instrument mics, stereo keyboards, direct-injection feeds, drum mics, and the rest can add up very quickly. With 24 input channels, the MG24/14FX is ready to handle all but the most ambitious sound-reinforcement setups. And with dual SPX digital effect systems on-board, you won't need racks of outboard gear to get the sound you need. There's also a comprehensive range of group and auxiliary busses to make even complex mixes easy.

Low-noise, High-precision Mic Preamps With Phantom Power

All 16 mic preamps in the MG24/14FX are of exemplary quality. They offer low-noise, transparent amplification with the widest possible range of dynamic and condenser microphones, which adds up to cleaner, better-sounding mixes. All mic preamps feature switchable phantom power for phantom-powered studio condenser microphones. Phantom power is switchable in 8-channel groups.

Illuminated Switches

Illuminated ON (channel), PFL (Pre-Fader Listen), and phantom-power switches let you confirm critical console settings at a glance.

14 Buses In All For Flexible Signal Routing

In addition to lots of input channels, live sound reinforcement applications usually demand a number of additional mixes - usually in the form of group sub-mixes and aux sends for external signal processing and monitor mixes. In the MG24/14FX, you have a total of 14 mix buses: the main stereo program bus, four stereo group bus pairs for convenient channel grouping, six auxiliary busses (4 configurable for pre- or post-fader operation and two set up as effect sends), and 2 internal effect busses that feed the dual high-performance built-in effect processors.

Insert I/O

All mono input channels feature insert I/O patch points so you can insert compressors, EQ, or other extra signal-processing gear into the channel signal path as required.

3-band Mid-sweep Channel EQ and HPF

The 3-band equalizers with a sweepable midband provided on all input channels are designed for exceptionally smooth, intuitive response that can help you to create cleaner, tighter mixes. All mono microphone input channels also feature a switchable high-pass filter that can be used to cut out unwanted low-frequency noise.

Dual SPX Digital Effects

In the MG24/14FX you have not 1, but 2 high-performance digital signal processing stages, fed by separate effect buses, so you can enhance your mix with 2 separate effects at the same time. And the effects are provided by the very latest Yamaha DSP technology - you know you're getting the best. Each stage provides a selection of 16 professional - quality SPX digital effects, including reverb, delay, pitch change, chorus, phasing, vocal doubling, distortion, and more. Parameter controls that can be adjusted to tailor the effects to your sonic requirement are also provided and Tap delay makes it easy to produce tempo-synchronized delays.

Talkback Input

Communication capability is important for efficient setup as well as for keeping a show running smoothly. The MG24/14FX features a talkback system that allows the FOH engineer to communicate with the monitor engineer, performers, or other staff to keep the team operating at optimum efficiency.

Balanced XLR Stereo and Mono Outputs

Professional connectivity is provided by reliable XLR-type balanced stereo and mono outputs.

Sweepable LPF for Mono Out

One of the many uses for a mono output is to drive a subwoofer system. The MG24/14FX makes this easier than ever with a built-in sweepable low-pass filter on the mono outputs.

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Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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All new buyers should think about a mixer with built in FX. Also buy more channels than you need today. I'm glad I took the advice about this board over others. My next board will at least have everything this MG has. But the future probably will be digital. I'll look to Yamaha first when I shop.
This is my first mixer, but, I did considerable research. I am very pleased with it. I gave it a 9 because I never heard a 10.
I like having FX built in.(2 separate FX channels) Though I mostly use the delay on the drum 'group' and reverb on the vocal 'group' I really like having an EQ on the mono main out for jobs that I use more than 2 18" subs. It saved me buyng another crossover!
Ease of Use
Easy to learn and to operate. Your basic mixer built like a tank.
Quality is what I expect from Yamaha. I use it on all gigs and carry it in a Gator hardshell case with handle and wheels. One of my drum kits is Yamaha, as well as my acoustic guitar and my motorcycle! All of Yamaha's upper end products are of the highest quality in my opinion.
I bought mine used.
Manufacturer Support
Have not needed service to date.
The Wow Factor
Everything is laid out with thought in mind. I like how sturdy it is. I looks professional and sounds it.
Musical Background:
active sideman
Musical Style:
rock / dance
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