Yamaha MG16 Mixer, 6-Bus

Yamaha MG16 Mixer, 6-Bus

Running a lot of microphones? Do it right with 10 of Yamaha's low-noise, smooth-sounding D-PRE preamps, complete with one-knob compressors on channels 1-8.

Yamaha MG164 16-Channel Mixer

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16 input channels. 10 mic preamps.

Extensive Creative Control in the Studio or On Stage
The mid-range MG models go beyond the basics to give you extensive control for a wide range of applications and the no-compromise Yamaha sonic quality that make the MG mixers the finest in their class. Whether music is a hobby or profession, these mixers will deliver total satisfaction. If you don't need effects, or already have an arsenal of outboard favorites, the MG12/4 or MG16/4 may offer all the capacity and capabilities you need. But if the idea of having some of the finest effects available built right into the console appeals to you, then consider the effect enabled MG16/6FX.

MG16/4 Mixing Console
When You Need Extra Input Capacity...

16 Input Channels
Eight mono microphone/line inputs and four stereo line inputs. Two of the stereo inputs also offer mono microphone input capability.

10 Low-noise, High-precision Mic Preamps
Ten high-performance head amplifiers will deliver optimum performance with any dynamic or condenser microphone.

Phantom Power
All ten mic preamps feature switchable phantom power for studio condenser microphones. A single switch turns phantom power on or off for all 10 channels.

Insert I/O
Add compressors, EQ, or other signal-processing gear to the mono channels as required via insert I/O patch points.

4 Buses (Stereo and Group)
The MG16/4 features a stereo group bus and outputs that can be used for convenient channel grouping, in addition to the main stereo bus.

3-band Channel read more
Smooth, "musical-response" 3-band equalizers on all input channels. All mono microphone input channels also feature a switchable highpass filter that can be used to cut out unwanted low-frequency noise.

2 Aux Sends & Stereo Aux Return
Each input channel has two auxiliary sends - one post-fader and one switchable for pre- or post-fader operation - affording plenty of flexibility for external signal processing and monitoring. A stereo auxiliary return is also provided.

Illuminated Switches
Illuminated ON (ST buss assign), PFL (Pre-Fader Listen), and phantom-power switches provide easy visual confirmation of critical console settings.

Rack Mount Adapters Included
Desktop or rackmounted, your MG mixer will happily integrate in any setup. Rack mount adapters are provided.
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Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.1 % (THD+N) 20 Hz - 20 kHz @ +14 dB 600 Ohms (ST OUT)

Frequency Response: 0 +1, -3 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz @ +4 dB 600 ohms (ST OUT)

Input Hum & Noise*1: -128 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz, Rs=150 ohms, Input Gain=Maximum, Input sensitivity=-60 dB

Crosstalk: -70 dB @ 1 kHz

CH Input:
Mic: 10 (Ch 1 - 8, 9/10, 11, 12: XLR)
Line: 8 (Ch 1 - 8: TRS)
Stereo: 2 2 (Ch 9 - 10, 11 - 12: TRS) * Ch9, 11: L (MONO) 2 (Ch 9 - 10, 11 - 12: TRS/RCA)
Insert I/O: 8 (Ch 1 - 8: TRS = T: Out, R: In, S: Gnd)

Send: 2 (1/Post-Pre selectable, 2/Post: TRS)
Return: 1 Stereo (L/MONO, R: TRS)

2TR: 1 Stereo (L, R: RCA)

REC: 1 Stereo (L, R: RCA)

ST: 2 Stereo (L, R: 2 TRS & 2 XLR)

C/R: 1 Stereo (L, R: TRS)

GROUP: 2 (1, 2: TRS)

Phones: 1 (TRS Stereo)

Phantom Power: +48V

CH & ST Ch Input Gain Control: 44 dB valiable

CH & ST High Pass Filter: 80 Hz 12 dB/Octave

CH EQ (MONO)*2: 15 dB (Max.)
High: 10 kHz (Shelving)
Mid: 2.5 kHz (Peaking)
Low: 100 Hz (Shelving)

CH EQ (STEREO)*2 15 dB (Max.):
High: 10 kHz (Shelving)
Mid: 2.5 kHz (Peaking)
Low: 100 Hz (Shelving)

Width: 16.65 in.
Depth: 16.40 in.
Height: 4.09 in.
Weight: 11.46 lbs.

Power Requirements: U/C: 38 W 120 V/60 Hz

Other: Rack Mountable

*1 Hum & Noise are measured with a 6 dB/octave filter @ 12.7 kHz;equivalent to a 20 kHz filter with infinite dB/octave attenuation.
*2 Turn over /roll-off frequency of shelving : 3 dB below maximum variable level.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 714-522-9011
Web: https://usa.yamaha.com/support

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Submitted December 23, 2004 by a customer from yahoo.com
"Good stuff inside."
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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For me, I have a small setup, only a few hardware samplers, drum machines, and synthesizers. I have a 2x2 interface because I only need to record a few tracks at a time. I do most of my effects on the computer, so I don't need a lot of AUX sends. I think people with similar needs will find this mixer a valuable tool for gettin your tracks down with minimal fuss, flexibilty, and good sound quality. It doesn't have a ton of features like other mixers, but enough to easily accomplish most of what you could think of. Plus, I trust Yamaha more than most of the other budget mixer brands.

The sound is very clear and accurate. The highs are especially detailed compared with my old mixer. It seems to offer a good quality signal path, and I find the sound to be relatively uncolored. Definitely a leap in terms of sound quality when compared to Behringer budget mixers. The mixer itself is really quiet even when the gain is at maximum. The high and low shelving EQ's sound fine, but the fixed mids are more difficult to utilize compared to a parametric mid. It sounds fine if used sparingly. The AUX sends are impedance-balanced, which is nice, but the returns are unbalanced, but that shouldn't be a problem unless you got crazy cable runs. The ouputs have a lot of gain too. I don't really use the preamps, so I can't speak of their quality.

It has most of the features one would need in a small project studio. read more The group out is perfect for 2x2 audio interfaces, and if you have an 8x8, the inserts can be used as direct outs. The only thing is that the AUX return isn't sent to the group outs, so if you want to route the return to the group outputs, you must use a channel as a return instead of the dedicated returns. Also, what's cool is that there are AUX send controls on the return section, so you can apply effects to the AUX return if you are using it as an extra stereo input. The side trim doubles as rack ears too, which is nice considering most mixers require you to shell out extra bucks for that. The VU meter also is accurate and is responsive. One more thing, there is only a single button to provide phantom power to the mic inputs, which may be a problem depending on the variety of mics you use. They say your dynamics should be okay with phantom power, but I would prefer not doing that. Don't even think of using a ribbon mic with it on either as I can't speak of the quality of power sent from the mixer.

In terms of looks, this baby looks damn good. You'll be proud to display it in your studio, or stage if that's your thing. As usual, Yamaha comes through with some good looks. The faders feel wonderful, with a precise and smooth action that gives you confidence when moving them about. All the knobs feel good the same way. The buttons are firm, give reassuring, solid clicks. Some of the them even light up all fancy, in the same style as their bigger, expensive digital multitrack units. The only complaint that I could think of is that the underlying circuit board isn't as attached to the case as I would like. Pushing down on the upperleft matrix of knobs, the circuit board gives a slightly, but this doesn't affect sound quality or anything. Despite Yamaha's breadth of products it offers, I've found all of them to be very satisfying and of high quality. I own several Yamaha products, and I am extremely pleased with all of them. Yamaha is definitly a brand I would trust, and their attention to detail is usually evident in their products, this mixer being no exception.

As a project studio owner with a limited budget, it's very tempting to go for feature-for-the-money mixers like Behringer for example. Now, granted, their products aren't entirely crap, but sound quality is more important. I think for a budget mixer, this one provides the best compromise between features and quality than any other mixer in this price range. It's incredibly cheap too.

Manufacturer Support
I have only had to deal with support once, and that was for a different product. I had bought a demo model of their AN200 synthesizer, and wanted to get the CD that comes with the boxed units. I emailed them, and they promptly mailed me the CD for free. Based on that experience, I do respect their support, but doubt I'll need it in the future with their products. The manual is nice, informative, and even includes a schematic.

The Wow Factor
Good deal, although I wish it had sweepable mids. Good design, lots of connectivity, flexibilty, and good looks. Aluminum side trim is also nice.

Musical Background:

Musical Style:
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