Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Kit

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The DTXplorer is a great sounding 5-Piece electronic kit from Yamaha with an impressive 192 drum voices and 22 keyboard voices on-board.

Today's drummers are faced with many challenges. Not only are they expected to be masters of a plethora of musical stylings and genres (funk, rock, bebop, swing, latin, etc...) and rock-solid anchors of their band in terms of tempo, volume and mood, they're expected to do so despite the limited opportunities for practice the loudness and size of their instrument affords. In other words, drummers can't stay up all night perfecting licks in time for band practice because spouses, roommates and neighbors just don't appreciate 4am drum solos.

So what can drummers do? They can continue to take their percussive aggression out on couch cushions (expensive to replace), buy a practice pad (useful but by no means a replacement for a drum set) or they can do themselves a favor and invest in the Yamaha DTXplorer electronic drum kit.

Trust The Yamaha Legacy

Yamaha has been crafting the most requested drums for worldwide for touring, festivals and recording for over 20 years. This same celebrated craftsmanship and attention to detail stands behind the Yamaha electronic drum line as they release drums that sound good, feel good and stand up to the test of time.

The Voices: Better (and More Versatile) Than The Ones In Your Head

The Yamaha DTXplorer features 32 factory kits, 10 user kits and over 200 drum, percussion and effects voices. The individual voices can be used to build custom kits that can be employed at a moments notice. Say, for example, your cover band's vocalist read more decides he wants Oye Como Va to follow Crazy Train in your set but forgets to tell you until halfway through the solo break on the iconic Osbourne tune. No problem, right? You've programed one of the DTXplorer's user kits with latin percussion sounds suitable for any Santana jam and can switch kits with the press of a button. In this example (and, given the time, we could offer a dozen more) the DTXplorer is both a fine instrument and a problem-solving machine.

The Feel: Natural and Quiet

The DTXplorer's high-impact rubber pads are designed to maintain the natural feel and rebound that drummers are used to getting from their acoustic drums with the added benefit of near-silent attack. This way, you can avoid "stick sound" bleeding into the tones of the drum voices AND play your kit anywhere at anytime without fear of retaliation from sleep-starved neighbors. And, with a sturdy folding ribbed rack to mount them on, you can be confident that your drum and cymbal pads will stay where you set them.

The Extras: Because The Learning Never Stops

Because good drummers never stop learning, the DTXplorer has features like Groove Check and Rhythm Gate built in to help any drummer stretch and strengthen their abilities. For example, to tighten up your groove, engage the Rhythm Gate mode which automatically mutes the drums if your playing slips out of time with the click. The Groove Check function tracks a players accuracy by checking the dynamic consistency of their strokes to help increase playing precession and control.
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FP-6210 strap drive kick pedal included!

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 714-522-9011
Web: https://usa.yamaha.com/support

Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTXplorer Electronic Drum Set is the latest from the legendary Yamaha electronic drum family. For over a decade, Yamaha DTX electronic drums have set new standards. From the DTXpress to the DTXtremeIIS, Yamaha has continually raised the bar.

Introducing the DTXplorer

The Yamaha DTXplorer is the lowest priced full-featured 5-piece configured set on the market. This drum set includes high-impact rubber pads with natural feel and rebound, mounted on a sturdy folding ribbed rack. For added convenience, the set also features an FP-6110 bass drum pedal and coded cabling snake for quick and easy setup.


32 Factory Kits, 10 User Kts, 214 Voices
The 32 factory programmed kits give you a wide variety of kits that can be used in almost any musical situation. The 10 user kits allow you to build custom kits using any of the 214 voices for your particular needs as a musician.

Groove Check with Rhythm Gate
The DTXPL module has our popular Groove Check function, but takes it to the next level as a learning tool. You can engage the Rhythm Gate so that when you play out of time the module will mute the drums until you get back in time with the click.

Multi Zone Input
The snare input will accept a three zone pad giving you the head, rim shot, and cross stick sounds. The cymbal inputs will accept dual zone cymbals and allow cymbal choking.

Drum Pedal Included!
The DTXPL comes complete with an FP-6210 strap drive pedal so you don't have to purchase a pedal seperately.

Additional Features

- 5-piece drum set: snare pad, 3 tom pads, bass drum tower pad with FP-6110 foot pedal, h-hat pad, hi-hat controller
- 192 drum & percussion voices and 22 keyboard voices
- 32 preset drum kits plus 10 user kits
- Groove Check function
- Stereo input for CD play along
- Ribbed Aluminum rack
- Folds up for compact storage

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Submitted February 28, 2011 by a customer from oilus.net

"Great set of E drums, I recommend these to any parent that has a child learning to play, it will help them out better than a set"

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Each maker has the one thing that the other doesn't have so it's up to you to figure out what is important. I read reviews on all of them for months and figured out Yamaha had the best reviews for all levels.

These electronic Drums have come a Long way since the 80's! With so much to choose from and midi piping them into a computer and triggering different sounds they are just awesome.

Each Drum is tuneable for pitch and you can either tune them to be dry sounding or reverb and a delay to down to Milliseconds! Very robust sytem and well worth the money.

Ease of Use
You don't have to be a rocket scientist for NASA nor do you have to be Marco Minneman or Neal Pert or carl Palmer to get high quality sounds out of these drums, immediately out of the box they sound great many kits to choose from to your liking. You don't have to be a computer GURU either to set them up. It does help if you know how to play the drums though!

Quality seems to be good I had no issues or problems with anything. I did use some loctite on the threads for the pad anchors just as a measure of security. I figure I might bang on them pretty hard and they might not like so much vibration after awhile. Use the Blue if you use the loctite don't use the red.

Great value for the price and the quality. Yamaha has always read more made quality items and this is no exception.

Manufacturer Support
Didn't need any support but they have a ton of support numbers and web videos and manuals to use.

The Wow Factor
pretty incredbile looking, small and compact with large sounds and endless configurations!

Musical Background:
Active Musician

Musical Style:
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Alternative, Country
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