Yamaha DSR112 Powered PA Speaker (1300 Watts, 1x12")

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Behold professional sound quality with this powered speaker by Yamaha. Its advanced design employs digital sound processing and integral digital tuning.

Yamaha's revolutionary DSR Series of active loudspeakers take full advantage of their expertise and experience amassed as one of the world's leading pro audio manufacturers.

The DSR Series feature an ideal combination of advanced digital sound processing and recent acoustic technologies for Integral Digital Tuning, plus their D-Contour multi-band dynamic processing for Intelligent Dynamic Control. Furthermore, they harness their next-generation high power Class-D amplifiers, featuring PFC switching mode power supply for Powerful Digital Drive while power supply, amplifiers, and transducers are continuously monitored by Extensive DSP Protection.

These core elements give the DSR Series the capability to deliver class leading power, extreme sound pressure levels and a listening experience that re-defines high definition audio. For loudspeakers you can count on to deliver the musicality and sound that will thrill audiences night after night, let the DSR Series power your performances to incredible heights.


- Next-generation active loudspeakers incorporating high performance DSP* and high power Class-D amplifiers with PFC switching mode power supply *full range models only
- Advanced digital sound processing
- FIR-X tuning for the smoothest possible crossover transitions
- High power DSP and 24-bit discrete ADCs and DACs for maximum dynamic range
- D-Contour(Dynamic-Contour) multi-band dynamic processing provides consistent clarity at both high and low output levels. read more
- Compact and lightweight, yet capable of 1300-watt*(LF850W, HF450W) power output. Loudest,cleanest output of any loudspeakers in their class.


- Extensive protection of the transducers, amplifiers and power supply from high performance DSP.
- Premium-grade, custom-designed transducers
- Exclusive LTBD (Long Throw, Broad Dispersion) constant directivity waveguide horns provide expansive 90* 60* coverage.
- Stand and pole mountable, with 35mm pole sockets (DSR112, DSR115).
- M10 rigging points for suspended installation (DSR112, DSR115).
- DSR112 can be tilted for use as a floor monitor.

Integral Digital Tuning

A combination of precise digital tuning by high performance 48-bit digital signal processing and advanced, accurate acoustic technologies results in an optimum system for unparalleled high definition sound quality.

FIR-X tuning
The digital crossover networks use high-order FIR* filters providing linear phase response.Yamaha's proprietary FIR-X tuning technology simultaneously optimizes frequency and phase response, whilst adjusting the time alignment between the HF and LF transducers. The end result is substantially higher sound quality than can be achieved with conventional analog crossovers. * Finite Impulse Response

High Power DSP and 24-bit Discrete ADCs and DACs
All signals are precisely processed by a 48-bit internal processing (76-bit accumulator) high performance processor for optimum sound quality. The DSR Series employ high-precision discrete ADCs and DACs with superior S/N ratio and dynamic range. The analog signal is transmitted on dual channels, converted to digital and summed inside the processor. By using this algorithm, an approximately 3dB improvement in S/N ratio was realized.

Dynamic Control

Multi-band dynamic processing with intelligent sense system enhances sound quality at both low and high outputs.

D-Contour (Dynamic-Contour)
The D-Contour multi-band dynamic processor constantly monitors the amplifier output levels and adjusts the control system.This in turn varies the amount of boost in each frequency band, providing an ideal balance of dynamic sound with consistent clarity at all volume levels.D-Contour can be turned on or off depending on the acoustic environment and type of sound desired.

Powerful Digital Drive

Extremely powerful Class-D amplifiers, featuring PFC switching mode power supply deliver class-leading maximum SPL.

1300W (LF 850W, HF450W) High Power, High Sound Quality Class-D Amplifiers
Yamaha's next-generation Class-D amplifiers deliver as much as 1300 watts of power with precision damping for tight and crisp sound from compact, lightweight modules. Through the ideal combination of amplifiers, transducers and DSP, the DSR Series loudspeakers provide the highest levels of power in their class, while maintaining precise dynamics and sound reproduction. Efficiency is such that convection cooling is all that is necessary, eliminating the need for fans.(The 15" model outputs a maximum SPL of 136dB.)

Full Resonance Switching Mode Power Supply with PFC*
The DSR Series employ a Yamaha-developed high efficiency switching mode power supply with PFC. The full resonance switching method uses The DSR Series employ a Yamaha-developed high efficiency switching mode power supply with PFC. The full resonance switching method uses both voltage resonance and current resonance,creating a clean power supply waveform with minimal high frequency noise. PFC harmonizes the phases of the load current and power supply voltage, maximizing power output and ensuring stable operation under severe conditions. This clean, efficient power supply enables the entire speaker system to achieve its full performance potential. * Power Factor Correction

Extensive DSP Protection

High degree of DSP-controlled protection functions ensures fail-safe operation.

3-Way Fail-Safe Protection
To ensure the highest possible reliability, the DSR Series employ many of the same protection functions used in their top-class TXn Series professional power amplifiers. These functions protect all aspects of the power supply, power amplifier modules and transducers so that they can operate to their full potential while ensuring fail-safe operation even under the most severe conditions.

Premium-Grade, Custom-Designed Transducers

The DSR Series' HF and LF transducers are custom designed for maximum efficiency and sound quality, and to optimize system performance.

- HF: The large 2" high purity titanium diaphragm neodymium compression driver is both remarkably accurate and able to deliver high power output.

- LF: The 12" and 15" neodymium woofers boast a large 3" voice coil. They are lightweight yet deliver awesome power with warmth and full low frequency extension.

Exclusive LTBD Constant Directivity Waveguide Horn

The LTBD (Long Throw, Broad Dispersion) constant directivity waveguide horn provides 90* horizontal x 60* vertical coverage with full-frequency sound projected all the way to the edges of the coverage area. This uniformly balanced sound and high sound quality throughout the listening space maximizes audience satisfaction.

Reliability and Functionality to Meet the Highest Professional Standards

Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel grilles protect internal components from the rigors of road abuse. As a product of Yamaha's long experience and expertise in loudspeaker design, the cabinets exterior finish features a Line-X(r) coating, which boasts military-grade durability. Large lightweight metal handles are designed for easy handling without affecting sound quality.

Locking IEC power cable prevents accidental disconnection.

The same standards of quality that apply to Yamaha's high-end digital mixing consoles are maintained. Every process from initial design to final manufacture is performed in-house under stringent Yamaha quality control.

The easy-to-handle, flexible DSR Series models are well suited for a wide range of professional applications. The cabinets of DSR112 and DSR115 have a 35mm pole socket for stand or pole mounting and integrated M10 rigging points for suspended applications with standard eyebolts. The DSR112 can be tilted for use as an onstage floor monitor and additional monitors can be daisy-chained via the XLR THRU jack on the rear panel. All full range models also feature XLR and 1/4-inch TRS inputs that accept both mic and line level input.
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Advanced digital sound processing with 48-bit internal processing (76-bit Accumulator)
FIR-X tuning

High power DSP and 24-bit discrete ADCs and DACs

D-CONTOUR (Dynamic-CONTOUR) multi-band dynamic processing

1300W Class-D amplifiers with PFC* switching mode power supply

Power Factor Correction:
- LF: 850W
- HF: 450W

Maximum SPL 134dB peak

Extensive protection of the transducers, amplifiers and power supply from high performance DSP

Premium-grade, custom designed transducers:
- LF: High power 12" neodymium woofer with 3" voice coil"
- HF: Large 2" high purity titanium diaphragm, neodymium, compression driver"

Exclusive 90* x 60* LTBD (Long Throw, Broad Dispersion) Constant Directivity

Waveguide Horns

Performs as main PA and floor monitor

Pole Socket Size: 1-3/8" (35 mm)

M10 rigging points for suspended installation

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 714-522-9011
Web: https://usa.yamaha.com/support

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. (15 ratings)
Submitted January 9, 2014 by Carlos G in Columbia, SC
"Wow! Wow! Wow!"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
Recently I had been running 4-JBL MRX 515's with 2-JBL SRX 728 with Peavy LowRiders in our church...we LOVE big sound...but we have been having issues with the MRX 515's not sounding all that good and blowing the horn drivers in them as well. We have a pretty large band that are all played through the system; drums, percussion, acoustic, 2-electrics, 4-keyboards and a bass. I have been a musician/engineer for 20+ years and have shied away from powered speakers for a long time but a sound engineer buddy told me to try a pair of the Yamaha DSR-112's. My experience in the pass with powered speakers has always been negative; cheap plastic boxes, bad sound, just an amp thrown in a box, overheating, clipping, poor SPL and the list continues...but after trying these DSR-112's i was literally BLOWN AWAY. I was hesitant with the idea of replacing 4 main FOH speakers with just 2 but theses boxes can do it. Clean...clear...and LOUD!

Some of the cleanest boxes I have heard in a long time. I used a DriveRack with them (basically as a x-over) and paired them with my subs and my sound took on a new persona. BIG...clean...intelligible audio. A musicians dream come true. Everything sounded better...every instrument!!!

The D-Contour is nice when using the box as a stand alone unit. The HPF is nice when using with subs and you don't have a DSP.

Ease of Use
Straight forward set-up. read more EASY.

They seemed to be very well built. They will be stationary for us in our building...soo??

For under $1000 a box you can't get a better sound.

Manufacturer Support
Haven't had to use them as well.

The Wow Factor
I can't say enough about these speakers...just AMAZING!!!

Musical Background:
20+ years of playing 20+ instuments

Musical Style:
Everything pretty much
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