Yamaha DD-75 Compact Digital Electronic Drums

Yamaha DD-75 Compact Digital Electronic Drums

Create awesome grooves with the DD-75's 500+ drum sounds and 85 drum kit banks, or play along with an existing track using its aux input or MIDI capability.

Yamaha DD55 Digital Drum Kit

No longer available at zZounds
Touch-sensitive drum pads. Intros/endings.

This package includes a pair of drum sticks, 2 footpedals, a power supply, a pair of stereo headphones, plus an extended 2-year warranty.

A complete digital drum kit at an incredible price, the DD55 makes a great compact drum kit for players of all levels. It can also be used as a MIDI controller for recording drum parts much more realistically than you could ever do with a keyboard. Features include new stereo drum samples, 2 included foot pedals, 174 total sounds, digital reverb, chorus & DSP, and GM compatibility. Its stereo speakers and headphone output let you play or rehearse with other musicians or privately.

The new Yamaha DD55 marks a transition to a more professional and versatile digital-drumming instrument. New stereo-sampled voices, a bass boost system and digital stereo processing give the DD55 an irresistible, thundering beat. And with the addition of adjustable pad sensitivity, you can pound out a spicy Latin rhythm with your hands. With its powerful features, this is no mere toy, although anyone can enjoy it.

7 Touch-Sensitive Drum Pads Allow Expressive Playing

Tempo Control Using Tap Start

Hand percussion with New Latin Drums Allows Playing with Hands

174 Percussion Voices Assignable to Any Pad

Two Assignable Foot Pedals Included, for Kick, Hi-Hat or Any Other Voice

100 Built-in Rhythm Styles to Accompany Your Playing

50 Programmed Drum Kits

One User Programmable Drum Kit to Store a Favorite Setup

Reverb and Chorus Effects Built Into Voices read more

Large 3-Digit LED Shows Selection

General MIDI

MIDI In/Out for Computer Connectivity

Headphone Jack

Stereo Speakers with Bass Port Provide Great Sound Quality

Don't forget your Survival Kit!
Designed to provide you with everything you need to get started. Includes a Yamaha Power Adaptor, 2-year extended warranty, Stereo Headphones, Yamaha Survival Kit CD-ROM.
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7 pads

Touch Response: Yes

Polyphony: 32 notes max.

Tone Generation: AWM, 192 Voices + 128 GM + 8 Drum Kits

Effects: Reverb, DSP

Demo Songs: 100

Sequencer: 1-Track

Foot Pedal: 2

Compatibility: GM


Speakers: 8 cm x 2

Output: 5W x 2

Dimensions (W x D x H): 22.3 x 14.2 x 6.9 in. (552 x 348 x 136 mm)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 714-522-9011
Web: https://usa.yamaha.com/support

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. (326 ratings)
Submitted February 27, 2011 by a customer from yahoo.com
"A well designed, practical, sensitive, easy to use drum machine which will last for years. Ideal for al ages and playing abilit"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I rate this product very highly, it is not a toy (as I tell all the kids who come flocking around it at the meetings) its a serious piece of kit. Its so good, when I had the opportunity to buy another one at a knockdown price, I didnt hesitate!

The sound/s are awesome, put it thro a powered monitor with a 15" full range speaker and a horn tweeter and stand back! Just listening thro a pa system with your eyes closed convinces you are listening to a miked acoustic kit. The feel of the pads are great and very sensitive to touch. The only improvement I can think of, would be to make it even more velocity sensitive. The volume levels are about right, and they can be changed seperately if needed (according to the manual)

Mine came with the drum pedals, the drum pedal I inserted into a custom made base, so mine doesnt go anywhere when I am playing. The hi-hat one I swapped for a Medeli hi-hat pedal, so they match.

Ease of Use
Its easy to use,set up is quick and simple. I just change the bass drum, crash cymbal and snare sounds to suit me. I like the layout, obviously designed by a drummer (unlike the DD-65). It simplicity itself and doesnt cause confuson when you start to play, its ideal for a beginner, as you get decent sounds straight away and its quiet when turn the volume down or use headphones.

Its very reliable and very read more robust, as I use a music stand to mount it on. I sometimes do street work with my group, so I wrapped some foam lagging pipe around the outside casing, to prevent any knocks or damage if it got dropped. th

Its excellent value for what it does, and highly recommended as a portable drum machine to used for a gigging drummer in small venues, as a recording kit in studios (no lengthy sound checks needed) and as a teaching module. It teaches u to be sensitive and as I play in a praise and worship group in my local church its ideal.

Manufacturer Support
No dealings with company as I have no cause to contact them.

The Wow Factor
The color is just right and very pleasing to look at, its design is excellent, I prefer it to the DD-65. I use it as my main instrument and I also have a full size electro kit. Its a brillant designed piece of electronics. I wouldnt use anyhing else!

Musical Background:
Active Praise and Worship Musician

Musical Style:
Many and varied, but chiefly Gospel
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