Yamaha CP5 88-Key Stage Piano

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Choose from 17 acoustic and vintage keyboard sounds or create your own with this top-notch stage piano from Yamaha.

The Yamaha CP5 Piano take the core sounds and technology of the CP1 and offer them in instruments that are both flexible and affordable enough to appeal to a wide range of people. In fact, the CP5 adds a wide range of sounds to the CP1. Clavs, organs, strings and more make the CP5 perfect for church, and live situations where everything needs to be performed on one keyboard. Moreover, the CP5 features not only Virtual Circuit Modeling effects, but many effects taken from the Motif XS line of synthesizers. The CP5 has the same NW-Stage wooden action keyboard as the CP1.


- The core sound of SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) technology
- 17 selected acoustic and vintage electric piano sounds
- 305 additional sounds (clavs, organs, strings and more) and various effects
- NW-Stage wooden weighted keyboard
- Customize function to create your original piano sound
- Record and playback functions for MIDI and audio
- Mic Input, Rhythm patterns for wide range of musical application
- Convenient Master Keyboard function
- Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software bundled

Spectral Component Modeling

A unique SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) tone generation system faithfully recreates the 17 selected sounds of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos and responds to the player's touch to provide more creative expression than ever before possible. Moreover, CP5 has a 305 additional sounds and various effect to make them perfect for wide musical applications.

*The Spectral read more Component Modeling system starts with a fundamentally different tone generation system than Yamaha has ever used before. By combining Sampling and Modeling technology, it optimizes tone generation for each instrument so that every nuance of the player's touch is translated into expressive tone.

Customizing Original Piano Sounds

Allowing you to freely build your own acoustic and electric pianos by selecting different components of piano types, amplifiers, and effects, the Spectral Component Modeling technology makes easy work of recreating standard vintage sounds or realizing unique, original sounds. With your instruments assembled, you can then adjust various parameters of the physical components like Hammer Stiffness or Stiriking Position to create an even more diverse range of exciting piano sounds.

Matched Tone and Touch

Using technology and experience from 100 of bildeing Yamaha Acoustic Pianos, the 88-key NW-Stage wooden keyboard offers the perfect playability for stage performance . It minimizes keyboard vibration, and the synthetic ivory keytops feel great when you are playing. This keyboard technology effortlessly reproduces the true feeling of acoustic and electric pianos.

Record and Playback Functions

Your CP5 can record keyboard performances as MIDI data and store them internally for playback whenever required; alternatively, you can also record these performances as audio data on a USB flash-memory device.

What's more, these and other Wave files from a USB flash-memory device can also be editted by using the bundled Cubase AI5, which offers more convinience for playing demo tracks in live stage or edit live recording in the studio.

Mic Input With Effects

Fitted with a Mic Input jack and wide variations of effects, the CP5 is ideal tool for vocal keyboardist to sing and play in live. By combining the audio playback, it will strongly support the performance of single musician.

Power Supply: AC Power Cable (Included)
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- Maximum Polyphony: 128
- Tone Generator: SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) + AWM2

- Preset: 10 x 4 groups x 3 banks
- User: 10 x 4 groups x 3 banks
- External: 10 x 4 groups x 3 banks

- Parts: 6
- Voice Block: 17 piano voices (SCM + AWM2) + 305 other voices (AWM2)
- Modulation Effect Block: 49 types
- Power-Amplifier / Compressor Block: 8 types
- Reverb: 8 types
- Master Compressor: 3-band
- Master Equalizer: 5-band

- Number of Kits: 14
- Number of Patterns: 100

Control Interface
- Keyboard: 88 keys, NW-Stage keyboard (Wooden synthetic ivory weighted keyboard)
- Display: 24 character x 2 lines, vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
- Controllers: Pitch bend wheel, Master volume, Knobs 1 to 3, Part volume x 6, Master equalizer x 5, Gain

- Line: Out L/Mono,R (Unbalanced), L, R (Balanced)
- Headphones: Headphones jack (stereo-phone)
- Foot Switch: Sustain, Assignable
- Foot Controller: x2
- Mic Input: x1
- MIDI: In, Out, Thru
- USB: To Host, To Device

- Power Consumption: 25W
- Additional package contents: Power cord, Foot pedal FC3, Owner's Manual, Owner's Manual CD-ROM, Software DVD-ROM (Cubase AI)

- Width: 1,381 mm
- Height: 174 mm
- Depth: 405 mm

- Weight: 25.2 kg

Power Supply: AC Power Cable (Included)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 714-522-9011
Web: https://usa.yamaha.com/support

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Submitted January 1, 2012 by a customer from bellsouth.net
"The CP5 piano is an overpriced, under-performer keyboard that will disappoint the customer. Yamaha ought to discontinue this ty"
Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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Will be satisfied when I receive a refund. This is a keyboard that is not intuitive, not pleasant to listen or play, and not a keyboard to bring to a performance.

The audio volume of the CP5 piano is about 25% that of an ipod. The quality of music is that of playing in an echo chamber. The noise of the keys produces a "thumping" noise which is actually louder than over 12 of the keys. Might as well purchase a 76 keyboard for a lot less.

6 of the "special effects" produce no discernible change in the notes. The only difference is that a green LED light appears. There are 62 buttons and knobs to adjust. Many serve no purpose that affects the music. Some need to be pushed 2 to 3 times to "really " work. Flying an airplane is less demanding.

Ease of Use
Product is defective and Yamaha support is none existent. Was told that the poor sound quality was because of "personal taste". I really do not know how the YouTube flyer was produced from this instrument. The sound, at maximum output, would only accommodate a very small room. The audience should be hearing impaired.

It aesthetically is appealing. The product ought to be renamed the P5T instead of CP5. P...Poor Piano Poorly Put Together. The sound produced is inferior to a beginning Casio model

Buy a piece of cardboard and draw 88 keys on it . read more Play the cardboard while listening to an ipod with piano scores on it. It will save you some money and be a lot more enjoyable

Manufacturer Support
The technical support returned a call after 2 days. He claimed that I was the first person to complain about this model (CP5). Essentially, I was not assisted in repair or replacement. Was told to "just contact the dealer".

The Wow Factor
A very poor product that is not to be used by anyone more advanced than "Twinkle Twinkle" or "Chopsticks"

Musical Background:
Piano x 16 years

Musical Style:
classical, soft rock
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