Yamaha AW1600 16-Track Hard Disk Recorder

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Internal Processing: 32-bit

Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz (-6% ~ +6%)

Frequency Response: 0, +1 / -3 dB, 20Hz - 20kHz, ref to the nominal output level @1kHz (MIC / LINE INPUT - STEREO / AUX OUT, GAIN min)

Total Harmonic Distortion Fs = 44.1kHz * Total Harmonic Distortion is measured with 20kHz LPF: Less than 0.03% @1kHz / -10dBV (MIC / LINE INPUT - STEREO / AUX OUT, GAIN min)

Dynamic Range * Dynamic range is measured with IHF-A filter :
109 dB typ. DA Converter (STEREO / AUX OUT),
103 dB min. DA Converter (STEREO / AUX OUT), (INPUT CH all off)
97 dB min. AD+DA (MIC / LINE INPUT to STEREO / AUX OUT), (GAIN min)

Crosstalk@1kHz: -70 dB

Phantom Voltage: 48V

AD Converter: 24-Bit Linear / 64 Times Oversampling

DA Converter: 24-Bit Linear / 128 Times Oversampling

MIDI: MTC (Master / Slave), MIDI Clock (Master), MMC (Master / Slave), Program Change, Control Change

Memory: Scene Memory, EQ Library, Dynamics Library, Effect Library

Fader: 13 x 60mm

Display: 240 x 64 dot GRAPHIC LCD (contrast control pot.)

AC Adaptor: PA-300

Dimensions (W x D x H) : mm 455 x 349 x 107

Net Weight: 6.2kg

Operating Temperature: 5~35 degrees C
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 714-522-9011
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Submitted February 24, 2009 by a customer from wmconnect.com
"Alan Say's "BUY IT!""
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I have had my Yamaha Aw1600 for 13months thus far........If I had the money I would have bought the Aw2400 but my PocketBook Dictates what I can afford. My Advice is this......"try it out and should you not like the Yamaha AW1600 you can return it for a full refund (minus shipping cost) I mean hey? How can You Go wrong with that? Huh?

This digital 16track recorder is awesome. It has all "on Board effects that you would ever need." It's very Portable and it's actually a digital Mixer with recording capabilities.

There is no "one" feature that I can say over rides the other's, but it's kinda Old School with real knobs and slider faders etc. and that's what I know...........I grew up on "OldSchool" but it has all the new technology like USB Out/In for transfering wav files as well as downloading to the AW1600. It's High Tech with the OLDSchool Look

Ease of Use
You will not take this unit out of the box and start recording right away. It comes with a very thick manual and it's kinda difficult at first, but the Yamaha Help Desk has been great..........they send me emails that simplify using the recorder and the Technical help department has been awesome. I actually get to talk to real People not recorded Stuff that you are use to hearing when you call a "TechHelpDesk"

This ain't no flimsy piece of plastic like alot of the other Digital Recorders ( I won't call names ) I read more have tried several other Brands etc. and this Yamaha AW1600 has a sturdy Metal chasis, with real knobs and Slider Faders. I Love It!

AS I stated earlier, I have tried several other Home Digital REcorders but I wanted something that i could at least record 8 tracks simultaneously without having to break the bank. This Unit does this and for Under a Grand You can't Go Wrong.

Manufacturer Support
AS I stated , the Yamaha Tech. Help Desk is Great. They simplify alot of procedures and email me stuff that makes it easier to understand. The Owners Manual is Pretty good but it is very hard for me to understand (I'm a Countryboy from the South). Perhaps other's who have read the manual find it simple, but for me some of it is complicated.

The Wow Factor
This is a "Fine" looking Unit......as far as "sex appeal" hmmmmmmmm? I'll Plead the 5th on that question........"Grinnin"

Musical Background:
48years old who's been in love with making music for 38years thus far!

Musical Style:
I'm OLDSCHOOL........If it Sounds Good to me I like it......No Label's Please
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