Yamaha 01X mLAN Production Studio

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Low-latency audio interfacing over mLAN for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Full sequencer remote control.
Yamaha's 01X, a break through in total integration with your computer music environment.

Featuring the same world class mixing and DSP processing that have made Yamaha the premier choice in many of the finest professional studios around the world, the 01X offers power and flexibility never before seen in any computer audio product. With low latency audio interfacing over mLAN for both Windows and Macintosh computers, full sequencer remote control for the industry's top applications, and a stunning software bundle, the 01X really is the center of your computer music universe.


28 Channel Digital Mixing

DAW Remote Control with Motorized Faders

24-bit/96 kHz Multi-channel mLAN I/O

Powerful DSP Processing

Low Latency Macintosh and Windows Drivers

Comprehensive Software Support

And much more...

Total Control
Functions which can be controlled directly from the 01X include track arming, transport control, plug in editing, mixing, window selection and many more using existing and popular control protocols. This means you have support straight out of the box for Cubase SX, Nuendo, Sonar, Logic, Digital Performer and many more software products besides.

As well as being the perfect remote control partner for your sequencer or digital audio workstation software, 01X will also control a wide range of parameters with many of your favourite software synthesisers and as the 01X also works as a multi-port MIDI interface, your existing hardware MIDI devices can be connected read more directly to the 01X, making it truly the heart of your working environment.

Total Mixing Power
Built on world-renowned 96kHz DSP technologies, found in Yamaha's flagship DM2000, 02R96 and 01V96 professional digital mixers, the 01X has massive power under the hood, at an amazingly affordable price. Yamaha's 01X not only works as a professional digital mixing interface for your computer but also works as a total recall, stand-alone digital mixer, ideally suited for live performances. This added capability makes the 01X the most cost effective total recall digital mixer Yamaha have ever developed.

With Yamaha's new high quality microphone pre-amps, 48V phantom power on balanced XLR and TRS, line inputs you can plug in guitars, microphones or indeed any musical instrument and know that the quality of your signal is maintained throughout.

Total Expansion
Being based on mLAN, Yamaha's 01X can be expanded to add more channels with optional mLAN channel expansion units, meaning that the system can grow with your needs. Up to 16 extra analogue inputs can be added to 01X over mLAN with the 01X internal digital processors and mixing channels handling the routing/effects/EQ and dynamics. Future proofing has never been this easy.

Total Network
Yamaha's 01X is the first product to feature Yamaha's next generation mLAN technology. Offering high speed audio and MIDI networking between computers, synthesizers and other mLAN compatible products, the 01X offers more than any previous computer music product has ever delivered.

As Yamaha's mLAN technology is based on the industry standard IEEE1394 (FireWire) buss, connecting up your 01X is as simple as plugging in a single cable. Perfect for any environment, the 01X is as happy connected to a laptop as to a desktop computer.

mLAN being a true network, and not just a point to point connection system, allows for up to 63 mLAN compatible devices to be linked together.

And with mLAN using a single cable to send multichannel audio and MIDI, you need never have to worry about opening up your computer, fiddling with messy IRQ's or wrestling with awkward set-up configurations. 01X means you just literally plug in and play.

Total Software Support
Unlike other solutions on the market, there is no need to switch to one specific application just to get the full benefit of 01X. With low latency 24bit 96kHz audio driver support for Windows XP and Macintosh (OS9/OSX) computers as well as full MIDI capability, the 01X slip's into your existing working environment with absolute ease.

Bundled with the 01X is a professional suite of user interface control software and commercially available VST effects plug-ins to enhance even further your experience of working with the most powerful computer audio product ever conceived. Whilst 01X itself has one of the most intuitive user interfaces yet designed, using 01X in conjunction with Yamaha's acclaimed Studio Manager, you can also instantly see and control every parameter directly from a computer screen. On top of this 01X comes with a VST compatible 01X channel module which mimics the hardware DSP and functions of the console, and lets you copy parameters from Studio Manager directly into your VST hosting application, offering a level of integration never before thought possible.
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Submitted February 18, 2009 by a customer from yahoo.com
"One of a kind!!!!!!"
BYU IT. You won't regret it. I'am playing with Hardware Samplers, Synths and VST-Intrm. , but it can do everything. Live, Production no matter. Use it Live, it will never hang.

32 internal bit float.....24bit on the output. O.k. i bought this Mixer-Remote-Soundcard not only for the sound, but for my little productionstudio it's one of a kind. Really clear sound. And the Preamps are also clear. Sure you can get better gear and better sound, but not for this price.

Oooohhhhh......., Here the 01x is unbeatable (not for this price)!!!!!! You get a remote control for your DAW, and not only the DAW. I mean you can control ALL of your VST-Instruments, you forget using a mouse. Mouse? No mouse.You get a Mixer with flying faders, yes you can be a audio engineer!!!!With lots of Comps-Presets on every channel(24out) and two FX banks. 8 Really good analog in's and 16 mlan for your VST-Instruments. You can record your 8 Analog in's at the same time in eperate tracks. Firewire done lots of goods in this world. And a soundcard. I won't write anymore. Buy it. Oh...and something else, next time please put some balanced outputs and a seperate poti for monitor/phones.

Ease of Use
O.k. here you have to read the manual. READ THE MANUAL. It has a unique way of working. Together with "Studiomanager" (it's a programm for the 01x) that combines my DAW (CUBASE 4) with the 01x. And when you done reading, read more read it again. And if you have questions, just log into the 01x-ray forum. They know. It took me two months to understand the 01x and the progs completly, but i' am stupid. i think others learned it much much quicklier and easier. so good luck.

o.k. there are no Alps, but after all you get a solid machine. I bought mine second hand and it works like new.

There is nothing else on the market with this price. REALLY and with this features. NOTHING. Look around. Not for this price.

Manufacturer Support
01x-ray, they know everything!!!!!!!!!

The Wow Factor
It fits in my little studio, looks good and everything is in the right place.

Musical Background:
Recording Engineer

Musical Style:
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