Xvive P1 Rechargeable Portable Phantom Power Supply

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With a rechargeable battery, an LED battery level indicator, and a low noise design, the Xvive P1 phantom power supply lets you use powered mics anywhere.

The Xvive P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply is a low-noise, 12V / 48V power supply. It runs on an internal rechargeable battery and has enough power to run high-current microphones. The P1 allows you to use microphones and devices that require external power in any setup. The small size, light weight, rugged construction, and exceptionally low noise of the P1 makes it perfect for powering microphones to send a signal to mixing consoles, or any type of processor or recording unit, that does not supply phantom power. Long battery life and a bright LED battery indicator ensure that the microphone is properly powered throughout your recording session.


- Full 12V or 48V of phantom power: It's important to always have the correct amount of power for your condenser microphones; with the P1, you will always get a full 12V or 48V of clean phantom power for perfect sound and noise-free performance.
- Rechargeable battery: The P1 runs on an internal rechargeable battery, which liberates you from power cords and protects you from ground loop issues.
- Low noise: The unit's well-regulated electronics and precision resistors satisfy the most demanding of digital requirements and provide transparent, noise-free operation.
- Small footprint: The P1 is guitar pedal-sized, with rubber feet, so it can be mounted on a pedalboard or wherever you need to use it. The all-metal chassis is rugged and durable.
- Low battery indicator: A flashing LED lets you know when you have less than 10% read more of battery life left. read less

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Email: info@xviveaudio.com
Web: https://xvive.com/audio/contact/