Waldorf Iridium Keyboard Synthesizer

No longer available at zZounds
Blend multiple synthesis types for endless possibilities on Waldorf's keyboard edition of the Iridium synth -- making complex sound design intuitive and fun!

The Iridium gives you awe-inspiring sounds and Waldorf's incredible multi-synthesis technology from the flagship Quantum in a sleek, solid, knobby 49-key synthesizer featuring Fatar action.

Iridium is compatible with the Quantum Synth Engine. All Waldorf keyboard products use high-quality Fatar keybeds.


- Explore and blend wavetable, virtual analog, granular, particle and kernel syntheses on one neatly-integrated platform
- Over 1,000 jaw-dropping sounds and textures, with space for 7,000 more
- A gorgeous, large color touch screen is joined by a Quantum-level amount of chassis-mounted aluminum knobs
- 16-voice polyphony, duo-timbral
- Compatible with the Waldorf Quantum synth engine
- Five Oscillator Modes
- 3 Stereo Filters per voice w/ true stereo path
- Filter models from Waldorf Nave, Largo and PPG in HP/LP/BP/Notch
- 40-slot modulation matrix
- Modulators: 6x envelopes and 6x LFOs

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 877-784-7383