Waves IR1 Convolution Reverb Plug-In (Macintosh and Windows)

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Reverb Designed for Realism and Flexibility.
Simulated reverbs offer great control of individual parameters but can't accurately reproduce the sound of real acoustic spaces. Convolution reverbs are sample-based, and so capture natural reverb, but haven't offered the flexible controls of simulated reverb--until now. With the IR-1 V2, you get the actual captured sound of the world's best venues and unmatched control using the traditional parameters you're already familiar with. Plus, this new version now lets you capture impulse responses from rooms or devices yourself, and then modify the sound with the same flexible controls used to alter the included impulse response samples.

Tools to capture your own impulse responses. You can now capture the sound of your favorite acoustic spaces and hardware devices.

Convolution Start Control lets you trim the beginning of an impulse response to eliminate unwanted predelay.

ER (Early Reflections) Buildup Control lets you adjust the buildup slope of the early reflections to control their attack sound, from crisp to smooth.

Dry Gain Mode gives you more control over the sound by letting you adjust the wet and dry signal gains separately in addition to the option of using the traditional dry/wet control.

Extensive Library of Improved Impulse Response Samples with Different Micing Options.

Dynamic Preset Handling. Adding or removing presets is now easier, with the preset menu reflecting the impulse response samples contained in the presets folder.

Reverb Time RT60 unlike existing read more products, IR-1 V2 uses unique impulse response (IR) manipulation techniques to allow shortening and lengthening (times 4) of the reverb time while maintaining acoustic coherence and preserving the natural envelope and frequency content.

Size controls the room size by applying acoustic modeling to the impulse response sample, adjusting the early reflections to make the space smaller or larger while maintaining its signature.

Reverb Decay Envelope. A graph-based multiple breakpoint envelope allows unlimited options for reshaping the reverb's decay behavior.

Density makes the space sound clearer or denser by applying modeling methods to alter the reflections, resonance, and inherent randomness of the impulse response sample.

Reso (Resonance) analyzes the frequency response of the impulse response sample and derives the room modes, allowing acoustically-based control of the modal timbre.

Decorrelation. While not a classic reverb control, decorrelation allows greater control of the reverberation's stereo spaciousness.

ER/Tail/Direct Independent Control. IR-1 V2 analyzes the impulse response sample to find the early reflection and reverb tail (ER/Tail) boundary markers, which then allows you to alter these characteristics using the classic controls of gain and pre-delay for each portion.

Damping proportional to the reverb time, this control applies innovative filtering methods to control the impulse response sample's low, mid, and high frequencies separately.

4-Band Paragraphic EQ controls the reverb's color using a 4 band paragraphic equalizer based on our renowned Renaissance EQ plug-in.

CPU Usage Control. Special Efficient-Stereo components requiring less processing power; A low CPU mode utilizing intelligent algorithms that require less CPU usage while preserving high sound quality and definition.

Convolution Length Control. This allows control over the length of the actual real-time convolution. Therefore the CPU load can be reduced if desired by using a shorter convolution length while maintaining the RT60.
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This product requires an iLok USB Smart Key (not included) and internet access.

Supported on selected hosts via
RTAS - HTDM (Mac) - AudioSuite - VST - DirectX (Win) - MAS (Mac) - Audio Units (Mac)


G4 867mHz or faster
OS-X 10.3.2 or later
800x600 minimum display


Pentium3 1GHz, AMD AthlonXP or faster
Windows 2000(sp3) or XP
800x600 minimum display
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No longer available at zZounds

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