Wampler Dracarys High-Gain Distortion Pedal

Wampler Dracarys High-Gain Distortion Pedal

Melt the faces of the front row with the sizzling Wampler Dracarys. This distortion spits out high-gain tones that easily keep up with the heaviest playing.

Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Pedal

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With a devastating amount of gain and a full complement of onboard controls, the Wampler Triple Wreck offers distortion tones for any setting and style.
Warning: when you step on the Wampler Triple Wreck distortion pedal, you'll tap into prodigious amounts of full-fledged high-gain fuzz. This explosive overdrive pedal brings the heavy with handmade high-grade film capacitors and resistors; true bypass circuitry; treble, mids, and bass controls; a hard/brutal voicing switch for gain structure control, and a boost footswitch for even more gain. You'll never be short on distortion with the powerful sonic force this pedal provides.

Handmade Design

Your Wampler Triple Wreck distortion pedal was hand-made in the U.S.A. with a lot of love. This baby's circuitry features high-grade film capacitors and resistors that'll consistently bring top-notch performance with every stomp. You won't know distortion until you bring one of these babies into your signal chain and let your axe walk the walk.

Mad Controls for Serious Tone-shaping

You have a lot of tools at your fingertips to get a wide range of sounds out of your Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Pedal. You have your basic volume, boost control, 3-band EQ, and gain controls, but you also have a voicing switch to flip between Hard -- a warmer, "thump" high-gain tone, or Brutal, which allows a bit more sparkle to creep in for a more modern sound. You also have a boost switch on the bottom right side of the Triple Wreck for an extra helping of gain/fuzz.

True Bypass for Higher Signal Integrity

An important yet often overlooked feature on any guitar or bass pedal is true-bypass configuration. Pedals read more that lack this feature tend to compromise the integrity of your signal a little bit, meaning that the tones and settings your amp dishes out are going to be slightly modified just by having your pedal in the signal chain (even when it's off). Your Wampler Triple Wreck distortion pedal not only adds the good kind of distortion to your signal -- it also won't take anything away from your input when your pedal is disengaged.


- Full and heavy distortion/overdrive pedal
- Distinctive original design
- Hand-made is the U.S.A. with high-grade film capacitors and resistors
- True bypass circuitry
- One 1/4" input and one 1/4" output
- Volume, boost control, treble, mids, bass, and gain controls
- Hard/brutal voicing switch
- Boost switch for extra gain/fuzz
- Powered via 9-volt battery or external power supply

Stomp down on this baby and let the wailing begin. You know the kind of modern rectified distortion tones you'd expect from a cranked-up amp? The Triple Wreck puts them at your feet.
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- Hand made in the U.S.A.
- High grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response
- Completely true bypass
- Battery connection and 9v power jack (barrel plug like Boss)
- Power draw: 23mA
- 3.50" x 4.50" (88.9mm x 114.3mm)

Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Pedal

The Wampler Triple Wreck high gain distortion pedal: when Wampler thought up this pedal, it was decided that they would take no prisoners -- they would produce a pedal with so much gain it would wipe the floor with anything else.

This pedal is probably one of the tightest, thickest, highest-gain distortions you have ever heard. Many people have told them that it sounds more like a 5150 amp to them, and that may very well be. Brian Wampler designed it just to be a butt-kicking distortion pedal, heavier than everything else, meaner than everything else -- and it is.

All this distortion comes before you click on the boost switch. Click it on and the cream crunch knob takes you from even higher gain (waaaaaaaay high gain) to fuzzy Smashing Pumpkins-esque Big Muff type of tones (but with a 3-band EQ). Of course, you can get the Gilmour BMP tones as well, but the only thing missing from this pedal is the parental advisory certificate.

Think about your favorite high-gain ton. Is it a high gain with the mids scooped out, or is it roll your hand across the knobs to get that in-your-face, fuzzy, attitude-packed distortion? Whatever you are looking for, this is probably the only pedal on the market that can satisfy all of those options. This pedal should come with a public health warning.


- High-grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response
- Completely true bypass
- 3-band EQ
- Battery connection and 9v power jack (barrel plug like Boss)
- Completely original design
- Boost Switch to give you extra gain or Fuzz
- Hard/Brutal switchable gain voicing options
- Simply the best at that scooped metal tone
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Submitted November 26, 2013 by a customer from gmail.com
"Metallica in a box!"
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Recently, I sold my Mesa Mark V for an EVH 5150 III. I wanted something a little more aggressive with better low end and higher saturation. While the EVH does this perfectly, it doesn't have quite the creaminess that the Mark V does. This would't be an issue except that I love playing Metallica riffs, and you can't get any closer to a creamy old-school Metallica tone than you can with a Mesa. Well, until now that is. Enter Triple Wreck, aka, Metallica in a box. The Triple Wreck does an absolutely amazing job of emulating a Mesa Rectifier tone. It is incredibly easy to dial into and sounds great at any volume. Having played around with Dual Recs, I find them hard to dial into and they don't sound the best unless they're really cranked. I live in an apartment, so finding gear that sounds great at lower levels is very important to me (and my neighbors). The Triple Wreck takes the best of the Dual Recs and allows you to do less tweaking and more playing. As I mentioned before, I bought this primarily to match the Metallica tone, and that it does. Just using the recommended 80s settings in the instruction manual, I'm able to get a very decent Black Album tone right away. The pedal is also capable of a plethora of other tones, but I use it entirely for Metallica metal. While I love the Triple Wreck, this box of holy grail tone goodness is not perfect. Being a pedal, it does lend itself slightly to a more digital sound, but only slightly. I only say this because when I bypass read more the pedal and play channel 3 on my amp, I notice the tubes more. That is to be expected though. Secondly, this little sucker is expensive. Almost $300 for a pedal is quite a bit, but it does sound the best of any other metal pedal, hands down. I've seen people of forums say that you can achieve the same sound with cheaper pedals, but I completely disagree. I tried a variety of pedals out before picking up the Triple Wreck, and they all sounded fizzy and artificial in comparison. I hoped this review helped give you some insight into the pedal, and how it suits the needs of a bedroom playing metal head. Here is my gear setup as well in case you're curious: EVH 5150 III 50 watt head, Mesa Dual Rec 2x12 cab, and a LTD EC-1000 with active EMG pickups. Cheers!

Musical Style:
Metal, Hard Rock, Punk
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