u-he Uhbik Audio Plug-in Bundle

Process audio in surround with u-he's Uhbik plug-in suite. With filters, delays, frequency shifters, and modulation effects, the possibilities are endless!

Uhbik is uHe's fine collection of effect plug-ins for the discerning audiophile. Each surround-capable effect comes wrapped in a beautiful, streamlined interface. The entire bundle of nine effects is available now at an unbeatable price.

Four of these units (D, F, P, T) are modulation effects that include an ultra-slow to ultra-fast low frequency oscillator. LFO rate can be set to an absolute value (in seconds or Hertz), synced to host tempo (then scaled by a constant!) or swept manually/automated...

Uhbik-A Ambience and Reverb Processor
While most of the other effects in the Uhbik family are geared towards the more synthetic, radical effects, Uhbik-A is the master of understatement. Great reverb is seldom conspicuous, but if it's not there, something is missing from the sound. With its independent control over high and low-frequency decays, diffusion and modulation, Uhbik-A delivers the kind of reverberations that can turn a flat sound into a warm space, or evoke the widest of landscapes!

Uhbik-D Delay & Echo
Imagine an echo that repeats every quarter note, although precise quarters are not part of the echo signal? Or ping-pong delay (no central tap) that applies the Haas effect for extra movement? Or 7.1 surround delays Uhbik can do all this and more. Once again, the simplicity of the GUI belies its power. Uhbik-D is the perfect playground for creative delays without the overt complexity of MFM2 (see there!)

Uhbik-F Flanger & Chorus
Simulates two tape machines per audio read more channel, with recording and playback heads that can even occupy the same position if you want -- impossible in the real world! Bass frequencies can bypass the effect ('bass sanctuary') to ensure LF-stability while the rest of the sound is swept around. Turn up the drive (2nd harmonic distortion), and your lead line will scorch its way through any mix!

Uhbik-G Granular Pitch-Shifter and Phase Vocoder
Effectively cuts audio material into snippets ('grains'), then plays them back at a variable rate -- even backwards. In the original tape devices, the radius of a rotating cylindrical tape-head determined grain size and the length of tape in contact with the cylinder determined the overlap between grains. But Uhbik-G is not bound by the physical limitations of rotating cylinders -- you can make it huge or impossibly small!

Uhbik-P Phaser
Again, bass frequencies can bypass the effect ('bass sanctuary') to ensure LF-stability. Again, resonance accentuates the comb filter effect, but unlike Uhbik-F the distance between peaks is kept fairly constant. As the signal is phase-shifted each time it is fed back, frequencies are created that were not present in the original signal -- the main reason why Uhbik-P is also great for wild metallic effects!

Uhbik-Q Semi-parametric Equalizer
Maximum flexibility from a minimum of controls, low CPU without compromising transparency. Uhbik-Q combines freely tunable frequency bands (4-pole filters, not the usual 2-pole!) with presets for other options. Q-factors automatically adjust to gain, an optional 'mid' bell curve filter adjusts to the two main bands judging by the simple GUI, you would never guess just how much this EQ can do!

Runciter Distorting Digital Filter
Filters were always dramatic sound-shaping tools, one reason why they're still so popular. But users today expect more than a simple resonant lowpass, so here's RUNCITER! For classic wah-wah, add low- and highpass together then control cutoff from a MIDI pedal. Or max out the resonance and drive the input from -48db to 48dB for a vast range of effects...instant glittering sweeps or absolute filter mayhem!

Uhbik-S Frequency Shifter
Movement in frequency shifters (no LFO required) is constantly downwards or upwards. In Uhbik-S, the barber-pole effect can even rise in one channel while falling in the other. Clever routines prevent otherwise inaudible sidebands from folding back into the audio range. Uhbik-S never compromises audio quality.

Uhbik-T Panning & Tremolo
u-he's tremolo unit Uhbik-T is a general-purpose 'rhythmicizer' featuring linear or exponential (with 3 different strengths) gain modulation. But there's much more: You can morph between user-defined patterns in the 11 x 16 grid, apply rhythmic lowpass filtering, add vibrato or Haas-delay spatial effects.
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"U-he fx solid 5 stars"

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I bought this over a year ago. I use them all the time. Great algorithms make for top sound quality. Easily dial in your sound with control over many parameters and options. Loads of well thought out presets. My favorite often overlooked feature is the ability to lock the knobs. Say you have a bus and get the levels dialed in on a patch. Just right click and lock the mix levels or what have you. Then you can just click through the presets and truly compare. No tedious time wasting. This pack is a bargain.i also bought it be the products. I have the comp and analog delay. So good.
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