Universal Audio LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Plug-in Bundle Software

Turn UA's Luna DAW into an API console with the API Vision Console Emulation Bundle, a plug-in suite that adds glue and mid-forward punch to your mixes. Requires an Apollo audio interface or UAD hardware.

API analog consoles are at the heart of some of the best-sounding albums ever recorded. API desks add character, color, and punch to everything that passes through them.

The API Vision Console Emulation Bundle turns LUNA into a full API console. Track in real time through API preamp and channel modules, then mix with API's illustrious analog summing and bus compression -- seamlessly switching between low-latency tracking using Apollo DSP, and high-powered native mixing within LUNA.

A Genuine API Console, Right on your Desktop

Built into the fabric of LUNA's mixer, the API Vision Console Emulation is the first of its kind. A complete, end-to-end emulation, these LUNA Extensions let you fill your LUNA sessions with rich API tone -- and without floating plug-in windows. You can quickly "paint" API Vision Console channel strips across your entire mix -- and sculpt your sources using API's classic L-Series channel modules.

Everything you Need to Record & Mix

Each channel strip in the API Vision Console Emulation gives you access to six of API's iconic L-Series modules. From the punch and presence of the 212L preamp and colorful 225L compressor and musical 235L gate/expander, to the powerful tone shaping of the 550L/560L EQs and sweepable 215L Hi and Lo pass filters, you can sculpt with bold API tone -- in real time.

Add API Analog Summing for Rich Harmonics

When audio sources flow through an API console -- specifically the 2520 op-amps and custom output transformers read more -- natural analog nonlinearities work together, creating musical harmonics and transient clipping. The API Vision Console Emulation expertly captures all of the Vision Console's hybrid voltage/current summing circuit, giving your summed signals punch, depth, and character for a mid-forward, lively mix.

Classic In-Line API Console Compression

Revered for adding energy and movement, the Vision console's "in-line" version of the API 2500 Bus Compressor gives your buses and master fader all of the analog glue and mid-forward attitude that put API on the map. Easily apply this fanatically detailed emulation -- including its powerful Thrust control -- on drum buses, synths and more for authentic, unmistakable API punch.

The First of its Kind

From the input stage to bus summing and the master fader, there's never been a digital workflow that so thoroughly emulates the large-format analog console experience like the API Vision Console Emulation. Now you can harness the same inspired workflow used on countless hit records, complete with the cohesion, character, and color of a classic API desk.

Beyond LUNA...

The API Vision Console Emulation Bundle also includes UAD plug-in versions of the API Preamp, Vision Channel Strip Collection, and API 2500 Bus Compressor, letting you track and mix in real time with Apollo and your favorite DAW.


- Transform LUNA into API's flagship Vision Console, using the world's first true end-to-end console emulation
- Track in real time through complete circuit emulations of API's iconic L-Series Unison-enabled preamp, EQs, compressor, gate, and filters
- Shape tracks using API channel strips in LUNA, without managing multiple plug-in windows
- Get "big console" sound with all of the cumulative analog character, rich nonlinearities, and transient clipping
- Sum individual channel buses or your entire mix through API's hybrid voltage/current summing circuits
- Add glue and tone on buses and the master with the inline API 2500 Bus Compressor

- Included Titles:
1. API Vision Channel Strip Collection
2. API Preamp
3. API 2500 Bus Compressor
4. API Summing
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