TV Jones Super'Tron Guitar Pickup

No longer available at zZounds
The Super'Tron foregoes pole screws in favor of steel blade magnets, giving it a larger magnetized surface area and tone that's full with lots of punch.

The TV Jones Super'Tron Guitar Pickup is a replica of the original early 1960’s prototype design. It is basically a TV Classic with steel blades instead of pole screws. The blades provide a larger magnetized surface area, producing greater inductance. The resulting tone retains the TV Classic clarity, but with a bold and full broadband punch.


- Dual Coil Humbucking Filter'Tron
- Made with flat blades to keep the tone clear and warm.
- Tone/Characteristic: Warmer than the mid 1960’s Super’Trons which had laminated blades. The Super’Tron neck is very clear & warm and is a great choice for finger picking, jazz, and of course everything else the TV Classic does well.
- Likeness/Derived from: Early 1960’s proto-type Super’Tron with solid steel blades.
- Note: 4 conductor wire is not recommended for the Super'Tron, however, it is convenient for custom switching. Pickup ships with 4 conductor wire, but ready for two conductor installation.

- Chrome or Gold Cover
- 4 Conductor Lead Wire
- Chrome Mounting Screws
- 2 pieces of Compression Rubber
- 4.0K / Inductance: 1.81H - DC Resistance Neck
- 4.8K / Inductance: 2.64H - DC Resistance Bridge

No longer available at zZounds

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