TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature Guitar Pickup

No longer available at zZounds
Brian Setzer's signature tone is house in these TV Jones humbuckers. Wired to produce punchy low mids, they'll get a girthy growl out of any amp.

Following over 20 years of collaboration, TV Jones is proud to offer The TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature model guitar pickups. The Setzer is derived from Brian’s longtime preference for our TV Classic line – the most versatile and popular humbucking pickups in the TV Jones line. This pickup was designed to give Brian's tone more sparkle while slightly increasing the girth of the tone.


- The TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature Pickup features a proprietary design, and employs special alloy pole screws that highlight the response of the magnet. This design provides more clarity while producing the punchiest low-end mid response in our Classic line.
- t’s a bit more over-the-top than our other Classics, but even with its similarities to the Classics, this is a wholly unique design – and a sonic match of the man’s persona and musicianship.
- Universal Mount Clip System (Gives the option of No Ears or English Mounting)
- Chrome Mounting Screws
- 2 of pieces Compression Rubber
- Dual Coil Humbucking Filter'Tron
- 4 Conductor Lead Wire

- Cover: Chrome or Gold
- Bridge: Two specially wound bobbins with the TV Jones signature pole spacing.
- DC Resistance: 6.3K | Inductance: 2.35H

- Cover: Chrome
- Wire: 4 Conductor Lead Wire
- Screws: Chrome Mounting Screws
- DC Resistance: 4.5K | Inductance:1.70H
- Neck: Two specially wound bobbins with stock pole spacing.

No longer available at zZounds

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