Turbosound Milan M15 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker

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Submitted September 28, 2020 by Jason M in Yucca Valley, CA
"Sound Your Ears Will Love"
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First thing I noticed with these speakers was how heavy they are. I've worked with some EV and JBL 15's that were powered as well, and these are definitely heavier. So be prepared for the extra weight.I'm not terribly fond of the wedge shape, as it is less stable when standing on the ground. Not much of an issue when they are fitted on a pole, but they feel like they could tip over if pushed from the wrong angle when set down.Another peculiar thing I noticed is the volume knob. I literally only needed to turn them up to 1 1/2! I paired these with a Milan 18B sub, and it's volume is only at 3, so be careful when turning these on and don't be tempted to put the volume at 5, which is noon where I usually start with any powered speaker. As it was, since I knew the sub was good at 3, I started at 3, and soon discovered that they had to be turned down to match the output of the sub and I was feeding about a -20 to -18 signal from my Behringer X32, so it wasn't even that hot of a signal and they were still loud. And no, they were set on 'line' input, not mic.As far as sound goes, the clarity is there. The highs have plenty of space and do not sound harsh. The mid-range was surprisingly detailed compared to JBL Eons and EV EKX 15s I've used before. The bass goes deeper than most 15s I've heard as well! I was pretty shocked at how low they went by themselves. I could hear things and definition in my familiar music that made it sound like it was the first read more time listening to the material. I'm not even kidding.I plan to use these for live sound application mostly, and possibly DJ gigs as well. I've been doing live sound for a couple of years now and was finally able to purchase my own PA to do shows for local bands and private parties.It remains to be seen how the portability of these will work out. I'm near 50 years old, so my back isn't liking all the weight, but for the money, I don't think you could get a better sounding PA speaker.One issue I do have that keeps me from giving them a 5 star over all is the back plate where the amp section is does not have any fans. During my test and burn-in the other day that back panel got quite hot to the touch(it didn't burn my hand but was uncomfortably hot), and has me concerned that if used outdoors (which I intend to do for the first gig with these), they might shut down from overheating. I think this is a pretty big oversight on Turbosound's part. But, The temps could well be with-in tolerance for the parts they put inside for all I know.

So far on music playback the speakers blew me away with clarity and details that seemed new in music I have been listening to since the 80's. Bass is strong, punchy, and deep, even without a sub! Mids are clear and present. Highs are crisp without sounding harsh and the stereo imaging is excellent.

I like that they built-in a 100hz hi-pass for quick EQ when combined with a sub. Although, I prefer to manually set it using my consoles EQ, it's still a nice option, along with the music/speech switch. Plugged a mic in for the initial sound check to make sure they were working and the speech mode made my voice have more impact and clarity vs the music mode. The line/mic switch is good if you need to just plug a couple mics in to talk, and have separate volume controls for each input.The least useful feature for me would be the volume control. Labeling it 0-10 doesn't really tell me much about where that puts the gain structure, and considering I only needed to put them at 1 1/2 strikes me as odd. I'd rather have a 0db setting on the knob. Most other speakers I've worked with will have a 0db setting and sometimes a gain knob.

Ease of Use
I set these up in my back yard under my patio on poles. They were about 6 inches from the patio roof, so the highs were a bit over-pronounced. It was very easy to use my 31 band EQ to dial down a couple frequencies to balance them out. Even .5 db changes were discernable as I dialed the highs in. The mids and bass really didn't need any adjusting and I left the bass and treble controls on the speakers at 0.

From what I can tell these things are built really solid! The weight alone tells you that. The handles are very sturdy. Nothing is loose or rattling. The only point of concern I have is will they overheat without fans in the amp section. I really think Turbosound could of put a fan in there, I'd of gladly paid 10 to 20 more dollars to see that on there.

Compared to other offerings, I think these speakers are worth every penny. They blow the JBL Eon 615's I was using at a venue I did sound for, and these are not much more expensive than those. The EV EKX, was the next set we upgraded to at the venue, and they were much better than the JBLs, but I think a bit overpriced, as I prefer the sound of the 15Ms.

Manufacturer Support
I have not called Turbosound yet. I do plan on calling them later today to ask about the potential issue of heat being a problem. I have seen these speakers in action before outside in the heat of summer, so I'm assuming they can handle it, but a fan would give me much more peace of mind.

The Wow Factor
I like the design of these speakers, they look sleek, even if they are a composite body, they feel more rugged and durable than speakers with wood cabinets. They could ditch the annoying '1100' watt sticker on the grills though. I managed to peel them off without any residue left, so at least that didn't give me any issue.

Musical Background:
Live sound engineer for a bit over 2 and a half years now

Musical Style:
I've mixed everything from country, reggae, folk, to rock, punk, metal, and sludge/doom bands.
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