Thomastik-Infeld EB344 Powerbass Electric Bass Strings

Thomastik-Infeld makes EB344 strings with a high-carbon steel core wrapped in nickel-plated steel. The result: clearer sound with higher output!

The first time you put on a set of these bass strings, you might have to turn down your amp. That's because Powerbass strings actually deliver a hotter signal (with a higher S/N or signal-to-noise ratio) than the strings you're used to. The reason is in the windings.

Most bass strings have an outer winding of nickel or stainless steel wrapped over a steel core. Since most nickel and stainless formulations aren't magnetically reactive, your magnetic pickup only senses the motion of the string's core. But Powerbass strings are different. Thomastik-Infeld start with an ultra-flexible, high-carbon steel core and then wind them with nickel-plated steel.

This added steel makes the windings magnetically reactive, adding gain at the pickups. Power bass strings are also an ideal solution for players who use a long signal path or whose signal must travel through several effects. Or, just use them to "clean up" your sound. Due to their higher S/N, they produce a cleaner signal in every playing situation.

Powerbass strings deliver modern tone with a balanced spread across the frequency spectrum. They communicate a full, well-rounded bass, throaty mids and solid treble without brittleness and the nickel plated to the windings provides warmth to the tone. Sure, it costs more to put this much engineering into bass strings. But for bassists seeking great tone with an improved signal-to-noise ratio, there's no better investment.


- Specs: 4 String Magnecore set
- Type: 4-string
- read more Winding: Round
- Gauge/Tension: Medium 34"
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Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 0.25 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 1 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): TMI EB344

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