SoundTrek Jammer Professional (Windows)

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256-track multi-port MIDI sequencer.

JAMMER Professional is the consummate workstation for song writers and composers. Just picture yourself in a 256-track studio surrounded by talented studio musicians, ready to write parts, record tracks, and help you come up with new ideas.

Ask the bass player to play a smooth walking blues line with a little bit of funk blended in. Ask the drummer to play a funk beat with ghost strokes and a syncopated snare. Ask the piano player to play some simple chords with triplet 8th arpeggios blended in. You tell the studio musicians what you want, and then listen as JAMMER's musicians crank out thousands of beautiful original parts for you to choose from.

JAMMER's studio musicians are the best in the business. And they're ready to jam with you 24 hours a day giving you an endless supply of solid drums, smooth bass lines, beautiful rhythms, and even melodies and harmonies if you need them.

JAMMER Professional stands in a class by itself with unsurpassed compositional quality, flexibility, and user control. If you are serious about composing and recording original music or creating high quality professional remakes of popular tunes, then you owe it to yourself to get a copy of JAMMER Professional.

Maximum Control
JAMMER Professional puts you in the producer's chair and gives you the ultimate control over the style of each musician on each track in the studio.

Fundamental Grooves
JAMMER composes original parts by integrating fundamental grooves with scales, motion patterns, and read more transitions.

Note Ranges and Intelligent Voicing
JAMMER uses an intelligent dynamic voicing algorithm to voice parts properly for the instrument they are being played on. JAMMER automatically creates various inversions of chords and riffs to keep the parts voiced correctly. JAMMER gives you control over the note range and then does the proper voicing automatically.

JAMMER uses transitions to connect parts together in an intelligent and soulful manner. JAMMER performs "look ahead" just as professional composers do in order to write parts that anticipate notes and chord changes.

JAMMER uses benders and modulation to add life to composed parts. This can create classic sounds such as bending strings in rock guitar, crying notes in the blues, soulful sax bends in jazz pieces, and "cry in your beer" country fiddles.

Automatic MIDI File Chord Recognition
You can import a standard MIDI file and JAMMER's Progression Composer will figure out the chords to the song and write them to the Measures window based on a rhythm and/or bass track in the song.

Real-Time Chord Recognition
When a chord is played on your MIDI keyboard during normal operation, JAMMER will display the chord type on the status line along with possible chord substitutions.

Extensive Style Editing and Blending for the Bass Player
Take control of the bass player with 2 full screens of easy-to-use and powerful options. Create bass lines that pop, walk, groove, slap, pump, or whatever you like. You can create millions of different bass styles and original bass lines simply by blending styles together and tweaking the controls.

Extensive Style Editing and Blending Players
Take control of all of the rhythm players with 2 full screens of easy to use and powerful options for each rhythm player you use. Create guitars that strum, arpeggiate, pick, chord, or do a blend of styles. Create one-handed or 2-handed piano parts with single or double bass lines. The possibilities are virtually infinite.
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Mixing console layout with graphic faders and controls
Drum Fill Composers
Bass Players
Rhythm Players
Melody Players
Harmony Composers
Effects Composers
Chord Progression Composer

200 assorted professional, prearranged band style intros, grooves, breaks, stops, holds and endings for jazz, rock, blues, country, latin, classical, funk, pop, bluegrass, dance, and more.

50 Professional drums styles with dynamic fills

Song templates for getting started quickly

Drag & drop song arranging, chord arranging, and track arranging

Automatic MIDI File Chord Recognition

Real-Time MIDI Chord Recognition

Real-Time Chord Substitution Suggestions

SMPTE Synchronization to External Devices

Graphic Piano Roll Note Editor

Graphic Controller Editor

Event List Editor

Quantize Note Times

Humanize Note Times and Velocities

Tempo Change Markers

Automatic Tempo Sweeps

Velocity Compression

Velocity Expansion

Controller Fills

Chord Previewing

Multiple styles within songs

Print Out Chord Sheets

Export and Import Standard MIDI Files

Printed tutorials plus online tutorials

Printed manual plus online manual

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Phone: 770-831-8515

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (37 ratings)
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Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I've been using it for years now and keep looking for it to come out in a newer, bigger, better, more stuff version.
I use Jammer in conjunction with Cubase SX. Jammer gives me a quick simple base for all my music. Sometimes the finished product is up to 80% of what I produced on Jammer. I use it all the time. I like how easy it is to set up the chord progression in a song, lay down various band styles to get ideas on how I could make it sound, adjust the drums to fit what I'm looking for and more.
no problems
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Recording Engineer & Producer
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Just about everything
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