Propellerhead ReCycle Loop Editing Software (Mac and Windows)

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Sample your own grooves or use any standard REX file to cut and slice to your delight with Propellerhead ReCycle Software.

Propellerhead ReCycle is a creative tool that helps you make the most of your grooves. In simple terms, ReCycle lets you do with sampled loops what you can do with beats programmed from individual drum sounds – like alter the tempo, or replace sounds and process them individually. A tool for quickly editing sampled parts, chopping up riffs, remixing and doing mash ups.

How is it done? Propellerhead ReCycle will analyze your groove and break it up into its rhythmic components. You are now in complete control and free to change the tempo or the pitch, without one affecting the other. And that's just scratching the surface.

Then what? Load the resulting REX2 file into your audio sequencer or software sampler and you can be the master of your grooves, once and for all.

What is Propellerhead ReCycle?

Imagine that you have a sample of a drum loop that you want to use in a track you are working on. The loop is 108 bpm and your track is 90 bpm. What do you do? You can of course pitch down the loop, but that will make the loop sound very different, and what if there are harmonies in the loop that you want to match to your song. You can also time stretch it. That will keep the pitch, but will make the loop sound different. Usually it means that you loose some 'punch' in the loop.

Enter Propellerhead ReCycle and the smart way to make loops tempo independent. Instead of stretching the sample, ReCycle REX files are sliced into little pieces so that each drum hit (or whatever sound read more you are working with) gets its own slice. When you then change the tempo of the loop, the time between the slices is stretched, instead of the slices themselves.

When you load a sound into Propellerhead ReCycle, the program will "look" at the file, analyze it, and break it up into its rhythmic components. The process itself is fully automated, but the slices are yours to move, audition or delete, using the programs on-screen tools and controls. Other tools allow you to set the length, attack and decay of the slices, and to change your groove's overall tempo or pitch, without one affecting the other. It's not magic, but it's probably as close as you can get.

Slicing a loop also gives you individual control over both the sound of the slices and the timing. You can rearrange the loop, change the feel of it, replace parts of the loop with other samples, pitch it, and much more.

ReCycle turns concrete-rigid loops into musical modeling clay, allowing you, the loopist, to do pretty much what you desire.
And there's more...

ReCycle goes way beyond simply solving groove problems and cleaning up your loop act.

- Don't like the snare sound? Replace individual slices with your own samples!
- Don't like the mix? You can silence and move individual hits, and change volume and panning of slices.
- When you have created the groove you want, create new variations and fills out of the single phrase.
- Use ReCycle's Envelope, Transient Shaper and EQ to energize your loop.
- Automatically isolate and extract individual sounds from long samples.
- Use the feel of the groove to quantize other MIDI recordings.

Go Beyond the Loop

When you have processed a loop with ReCycle, the audio loop and the way its components are played back are completely independent of each other. The resulting REX file can be rearranged, pitched or have it's tempo freely adjusted. You have full control over the individual slices and can alter the timing or even quantize the groove – or keep the feel of the loop, but replace the sounds with your own.

Use Propellerhead ReCycle as a problem solver for loops: Load a drum loop into ReCycle, set a new tempo or pitch, and save the results as a new file. Or load up any groove, and use ReCycle's on-screen signal processors: Compressor, EQ and Transient Designer, to give it some punch and distinction. Anything you choose to do in Propellerhead ReCycle can be applied to your loop non-destructively, and saved as a new file.
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System Requirements
To take full advantage of the program, you need an application that reads REX2 files (such as Propellerhead Reason), a SoundFont compatible application, an AKAI sampler that supports .AKP files, Digidesign SampleCell, or a program that reads Mixman TRK files.

* PC with 300 MHz or faster Pentium compatible processor
* 128 MB of RAM or more
* DVD drive (for installation only)
* Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (or later)
* 800x600 display (or better)
* 16-bit Windows compatible audio card, preferably with an ASIO or DirectX driver.

* Power Macintosh G3, G4, G5 or Intel processor (or better)
* 128 MB of RAM or more
* DVD drive (for installation only)
* Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
* 800x600 display (or better).

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Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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It does help me get to other aspects of music creation. I think its a must have for all you Reason owners. Its like having a gun with a laser attachment. Just dont kill yourself in the process.
If you have Reason this is a must. Truly replicates whatever you put into to it chop up.
Very useful product to couple with Reason. You can slice, chop, pitch up/down, change tempo, and edit particular sections.
Ease of Use
Im still in the learning stage (thats why my rating isnt going into much detail), but so far it has been easy for me to do minor things. I also received a Line 6 Reason tutorial which gives extensive information on tips tricks and basic uses of Reason and all of its applications including Recycle. Just havent had the time to view it yet.
I have no complaints
I think its a good buy but it does need to come down in price. You can do some of the things with a work around in reason but this makes it a quick process without spending too much time finding a round about way of getting to a finished product
Manufacturer Support
You can get help online at their website at from many of the experienced users who seem to always offer suggestions and a helping hand. I visited the site often to ask questions about Recycle to make sure it would be a good purchase and many of the forum heads were quite helpful. I havent had to call customer service so this only applies to the forum dwellers.
The Wow Factor
its software. enough said.

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