2BOX Speedlight Electronic Drum Kit

Want incredibly realistic drum sounds from an e-kit? The 2BOX Speedlight electronic drum kit offers multiple sample layers for each realistic drum sound.

The Speedlight kit is rugged, and solid. The playing surfaces are very realistic, and as possibly your first or second electronic kit expressive beyond the capabilities of any other drum manufacturer, especially when linked to the DrumIt3 module.

The most important part of any electronic drum kit, is the sound source. It is the heart and soul of any kit. You can have a setup with lots of pads, cymbals, bells and whistles and it all looks very impressive. But! And it is a very important But! Unless the sound module can deliver cutting edge technology, with unparalleled sound the whole experience will be very disappointing. With the Speedlight kit you get what is possibly one of the best edrum modules ever designed. Simply compare the specifications of the Di3 module to any other module currently on the market, and you will quickly see it has very few competitors.

The original dream and concept when 2Box was created back in 2006 was to provide electronic drummers, and acoustic drummers, a truly ground breaking sound experience. With the acclaimed original DrumIt 5 electronic drum kit this goal was achieved. Never before had an ekit had the sound and expressiveness possible on a electronic drum kit without the raw power and technology built into the new 2Box products. Now 2Box wants to create this experience once again for a whole new generation with our new Speedlight kit!

Open Sound Architecture
What does this mean? It is now possible to take any sound, enter it into our editor read more (which is free to 2Box owners) convert that sound to our sound format, and then download it into our module via the USB socket. This is not just a one shot sample! Your sound can consist of many numerous sample layers with varying and different velocities, allowing for the gradual changes between faint and hard strikes experienced with an acoustic drum kit. This is a truly ground breaking feature not currently found with any other brand.

Universal Trigger Interface
What does this mean? Well again for the first time it is possible to use any pad/cymbal combination from any other manufacturer with our DrumIt sound modules. The DrumIt 3 complies with all popular major drum pads, cymbals and hi-hats.

Play the sounds of famous drummers
What does this mean? The DrumIt3 comes preloaded with sounds from Randy Black, Marco Minneman and the truly unique Simon Phillips and many more. And if that isnt enough as a 2Box owner you are welcome to visit the 2Box website and download sounds free of charge from our extensive library 2box-drums.com

Use other sound sources Your sound possibilities are endless
Third party software allows you to convert sounds from famous drum sound libraries and play those sounds in your DrumIt Three sound module instead of triggering sounds via MIDI to a PC. By playing the sounds from the module you will not experience any latency and time consuming
compatibility issues. As the sounds are moved into the module, the playing feel is superior with ultra low latency and a great dynamic range.

Use other sound sources
What does this mean? Third party software will allow you to convert sounds from famous sound libraries and play those sounds into your DrumIt 3 sound module. So instead of triggering sounds via midi to a PC, you will play your sounds directly from your module, resulting in a superior playing experience with ultra low latency, greater dynamic range and zero compatibility issues.


-1* 13 inch Hi-Hat Pad with Stand.
-1* 12 inch Crash cymbal with choke
-1* 14 inch Ride cymbal with Bell, bow ,edge and choke detection
-1* 10 inch Snare with Rim. Mesh head and rubber edge
-3* 8 inch Toms with Rim. Mesh head and rubber edge
-1* Kick Drum
-1* Holder for Module compatible with DI3 or DI5Mk2
-Rack stand with holders for all pads and cymbals.
-Set of 8 Stereo Jack Cables between Module and Pads/cymbals including Velcro straps
-The floor space needed to set up the kit is: 1,2 m x 0,70 m
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Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 56.75 lbs

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Web: https://2box-drums.com/support/


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