Tascam SX1 24-Bit Digital Audio Production System

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Submitted January 23, 2005 by a customer from stratageez.com
"A true "PRO" level "all-in-one"."
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16 class A preamps and one of the best digital sounds I've used. But then ... it's Tascam. Very clean, but not sterile. Plus, with the Anteres mic modelers and the TC/Works reverbs and other effects, it is extremely flexible.

Comes with a keyboard and mouse, as well as a VGA out, which I use with a 19" flat panel. The system is designed to allow the flat panel and the inboard LCD to work together to monitor routing and tracking simultaneously, as an example. And, with a built in 128 track MIDI sequencer, it's quite robust. On the other hand, many of the features they've promoted ... such as 96K and USB support ... are not yet (and we are led to believe, will never be) integrated into the software upgrades.

Tascam Pro Quality. Nuff said.

Absolutely, assuming they follow through with promised upgrades. But, even still, it's worth its street price and then some.

Manufacturer Support
I've only used it once, and that was because I didn't read the docs! The very best support is the Tascam Forum - a forum full of pro and semi-pro recording engineers and artists who have used this (and many other Tascam machines) a whole lot and have made all the mistakes. That being said, many of the things that were promised in future operating systems have not come to pass and, read more in fact, seem to have been dropped from the radar screen altogether. (USB support, DM24/SX-1 sync, 96Khz sample rate, etc.)

The Wow Factor
This is a machine that has to be seen. When you sit this beast beside a Roland, Boss, Korg, or Yamaha, you'll be stunned. This thing is HUGE! It is over 3 feet wide, almost 3 feet deep, and about a foot and a half high. It needs all that room for all the goodies that are inside and it just flat looks as professional as it sounds.

Musical Background:
Record Producer and professional musician

Musical Style:
Bassist and vocalist for Blues, Classic Rock, and Contemporary Country
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