Tascam DM-3200 32-Channel 16-Bus Digital Mixer

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- (16) XLR analog mic/line inputs with phantom power for condenser mics
- (16) 1/4 in. TRS Analog Inserts
- (16) Balanced 1/4 in. TRS line inputs
- (3x) 8-channel TDIF digital inputs and outputs
- 8-channel ADAT optical digital input and output
- 2 expansion card slots support optional FireWire, ADAT, AES/EBU, Analog & TDIF cards (listed below)
- (2) Stereo AES/EBU digital inputs on XLR connectors
- (2) Stereo S/PDIF digital inputs on coaxial connectors
- (2) Stereo AES/EBU digital outputs on XLR connectors
- (2) Stereo S/PDIF digital outputs on coaxial connectors
- Stereo XLR balanced line outputs
- 1/4 in. Stereo TRS balanced Monitor outputs
- Stereo RCA Studio outputs
- Stereo RCA 2-Track input
- (4) 1/4 in. TRS balanced Assignable Insert sends
- (4) 1/4 in. TRS balanced Assignable Insert returns
- RCA Timecode Input
- MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors
- BNC Word Sync Input and Out/Thru with termination
- GPI output for replay control
- RS-422 connector for device control
- USB 1.1 connector
- 1/4 in. Footswitch jack
- Dedicated cascade port supports cascade of two DM-3200 mixers
- Connector for (optional) MU-1000 24-channel meter bridge
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Submitted November 18, 2008 by a customer from hotmail.com
"Why buy anything else for the 3-5 grand mark"
If someone stole it from me id find out and yes get another one in a heartbeat. this will serve me untill 2 dm generations from now then ill get another one

I give it a 9 because there are 100 though boards out there, so this is getting an awsome score, greate sound, the eq's are wicked fun and the FX are top notch.

You can route anythign to anything basicaly, its intimidating if this is your first digital mixer untill you get the hang of it wich comes by pretty quick.

Ease of Use
Alittle trickey in the beginning, but that just made it so much more interesting, dont get freaked out by some other reviewers saying the board is hard to learn, once u learn one channel and its options, you know the whole board.

For this price, why would you even get the yamaha dm1000, Its build is solid, looks F***in sexy, realy gave my studio a very proffesional feel and look. I loved the spaciousness of the board. faders with the moterization give them weight, wich feels oohh so nice the level with.

None on the market right now! If you want a stellar control surface and 16 ins, this would still be a good price for what your getting, the routing is so sick.

Manufacturer Support
THIS IS WHERE I LOVE TASCAM! I bought the mixer and the Firewire card... after alittle wtf read more mate my mixer didnt read the card, and i couldnt connect with my computer... i emailed tascam and emidiatly they asked me how i set it up yadda yadda deliverd me a new card that same day, it didnt work either. I brought the board to where i bought it, figured out on the phone with a TEAC rep that the board was broken, I went to the TEAC building that was not to far from my home, got a fully functioning mixer while they fixed my mixer. I got the mixer back after a week workign perfect and never had to wait while they worked mixerless. Thanks Tascam! Plus when i was there I was shown some features not in the manual*

The Wow Factor
yea man it looks sexy, people walk into my studio and even ask to drop by just to see the mixer, and are blown away by its elegance. its a beaut!

Musical Background:

Musical Style:
Trunk Filling Bass, Club Shattering Bass
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