TASCAM DAP1 Portable DAT Recorder

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Multiple sampling rates. SCMS free recording. 2 hour battery life from 1-1/2 hour charging time.

TASCAM's DAP1 is a sturdy portable DAT deck with a feature set you'd expect to find in a full-sized studio centerpiece. The DAP1 features include a switchable 48V phantom power, built-in limiter with 20 dB pad for confidence in recording without worrying about clipping, SCMS free recording, S/PDIF I/O, and quick-charge battery system with a 2 hour play/record time.

Of course it can handle recording and playback at 48, 44.1, or 32 kHz. The DAP1's mic/line inputs and phantom power are very unique; it's like taking the power of the mixing board with you out on the job. The DAP1 also has an optional external charger, battery pack, and carrying case, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It's the perfect set-up for recording interviews, gathering Foley FX, or just recording no matter where you might be. For a professional and durable DAT recorder that can go where you go, the TASCAM DAP1 has all the features you need and then some.

Multiple sampling rates (48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz)

S/PDIF coax digital I/O

RCA unbalanced analog I/O

SCMS free recording

XLR mic/line inputs with +48v phantom power, -20dB pad and limiter

2 hour battery life from 1-1/2 hour charging time

Backlit LCD display for low light conditions

1 battery and shoulder strap included

Optional additional batteries available (BPD1)

Optional external battery charger (CBD1)

Optional carrying case (CSD1)

No Better DAT when You're in the Field
Why compromise your sound quality and convenience just read more because you're working in the field? With the DAP1 portable DAT recorder, you don't have to because it was designed specifically with field recording in mind. Not only that, but it doesn't sacrifice performance just because it's a portable. It delivers clearly superior quality, unmatched functionality, and sports legendary TASCAM construction - able to take the knocks of even the most demanding fieldwork.

One of the Best Transports in its Class
Featuring a rotary 2 head design and 2 direct drive motors, the DAP1 clearly offers one of the best transports in its class. Your capabilities simply aren't limited to just a few key functions designed to take on the road. The DAP1 features both XLR-type MIC/LINE inputs (with phantom power) which are designed to accept a broad range of signal levels from -60dBm to +4dBm. You'll also appreciate unbalanced RCA connectors for both input and output. Plus, an S/PDIF digital I/O enables direct digital transfers.

Brilliant Sound Quality
Why reserve great sound just for the studio? Using next-generation A/D and D/A converters, the DAP1's digital sound quality will amaze you. And like most full-featured TASCAM DAT recorders, it supports multiple sample rates- 48kHz, 44.1kHz and 32kHz. Of course, the DAP1 supports SCMS-free recording. Recording Situation Flexibility Field conditions aren't always as reliable as you'd like or expect. But lucky for you, the DAP1 plans for that. Included in its progressive design is a MIC limited and 20 dB pad to achieve the very best possible sound without outside disturbances. To help monitor your sound, we also include a TRS jack and level control for use with any headphones.

Also important to field recording is a versatile, easy-to-read display. On the DAP1, you can view everything from program time and sampling rate to ABS time and record margin. Even counter mode, counter reset, margin reset, and ID select functions are a snap to access. And with a convenient HOLD switch, accidental operation is no longer a concern.

Long Battery Life and Quick Charging
What's first-rate equipment worth if you don't have the juice to operate it? That's why TASCAM made sure to equip the DAP1 with plenty of battery power and a unique quick-charging system that will keep you going wherever you are. You'll enjoy a full 2 hours of operation, plus a full recharge in just an hour and a half.

Fully-Equipped, In-Studio or Out
In addition to a full complement of useful recording features, the DAP1 is built tough for the road. Housed in a solid, well-constructed hard case, it's designed to weather normal field use, yet is an excellent addition to any studio environment. Standard accessories include a shoulder belt, AC adapter, and one battery. Optional accessories, such as additional rechargeable batteries and a carrying case are also available.
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Type: Rotary Head Digital Audio

Tape Recorder Tape Speed: 8.5 mm/sec, (12.225 mm/sec.)

Quantization Bit: 16-bit linear

Sampling Rate: Recording: 48kHz/44.1(digital, analog input); 32kHz (digital input only)

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz + 1 dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than 92 dB

Dynamic Range: Better than 93 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): Less than 0.004%

Channel Separation: Better than 85 dB (at 1 kHz)

Wow and Flutter: Unmeasurable (less than + 0.0001%)

Analog Input: (XLR) balanced, + 4 dBm/10k (RCA) unbalanced, -10dBV/50kW

Analog Output: (RCA) unbalanced, -10 dBV (316 mV)/1 kW

Headphone Output: 1/4 in. phone jack (x1), 100mW + 100mW (8)

Digital I/O: Coaxial (S/PDIF)

Power Consumption: 4.2 W DC (2 Hours of Playback/Recording) using included battery pack

Weight (including battery pack): 3.1 lbs.

Dimensions: 11-7/8 x 7-11/16 x 2-3/16 in.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: (323) 726-0303
Web: https://tascam.com/us/support/contact

Submitted January 15, 2008
TASCAM DAP1 Portable DAT Customer Review
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
will never sell it as long as I can have it serviced when required
The sound is as good as you will find, I sold one on ebay and bought a compact flash card recorder of professional standard, but I have returned to the Tascam Dat recorder
I use this for wild life recordings, birds etc, and it does what I need even better, I never look for negetive signs.
Ease of Use
Very good once you have got used to it, like all modern equipment, there is a learning curve, which is not so hard.
About right
Manufacturer Support
can not find a good Tascan Engineer in Worcestershire United Kingdom
The Wow Factor
Good looking
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