Tama HL70M14W Snare Stand

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Find out what the Air-Ride can do for the sound of your snare.
With the Starcast mounting system with Hoop Grips, every snare can have the advantage of free suspension mounting: die-cast hoops or flanged. Find out what the Air-Ride can do for the sound of your snare.
Tama Warranty Tama offers a five year warranty on drum shells, a one year warranty on hardware including accessories and parts, and a 30 day warranty on bass drum hoops.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 800-669-4226
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Submitted November 23, 2004 by a customer from earthlink..net
"Tama proves once again that they're the Legend in Innovation"
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There is no other similar product to this one on the market. So no alternatives. But no doubt companies like DW, Pearl and Sonor will rush in to make a similar one. We'll have to wait until the next NAMM show to see what's up.

It doesn't make sound, but it makes your snare drum more resonant, and provides a bit of rebound on your rim-shots. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your hand-position and your playing style.

The most useful feature is that you can use the omni-ball to get the snare angled to exactly the perfect angle based on your left hand, and it's relation to the snare surface. Observe that some drummers tilt their snare all the way to the right, forcing them to raise their left hand or play traditional grip. That's your choice, but note that with a standard snare stand, you must turn the ratchet arm that is holding the snare basket until the 180 degree angle created by the ratchet itself aligns with the direction you want to tilt your snare basket. This is unnecessary with this snare stand. Additionally, you can also rotate the snare at around based on where it mounts to the L-shaped arm. This can be useful in getting it out of the way of your legs. You're not forced into any position with this snare stand. It's totally up to your playing angle and style!

This is really a high-quality product. The snare base alone is double braced and read more made of quality Tama parts, and solid rubber feet that you can rely on. I can only complain about the small footprint of the tripod. I wish it were larger, but the smallness is good because it doesn't interfere with your pedals, especially if you use a double bass setup. The Omni-ball reciever portion is very solid, and probably the best that Tama ever made (note that Tama invented the Omni-ball--or was it Sonor?). The L-arm is crazy. It's a solid chunk of steel that's been chrome plated. You can seriously use this as a weapon (but don't). And as for the Starcast mount, that's a subject for a different review (I love it, for the most part).

Compare the price and availability of Tama parts to any other drum company, and the value is readily apparent.

Manufacturer Support
Can't comment about this. Drum parts are so self-evident and self-explanatory in the acoustic level that I've never needed any support of any kind. Tama parts are so well-made you will never need to return them to the factory for any reason. Simple as that.

The Wow Factor
Totally sexy. We're living in a world of freely resonating drums, and minimum shell to hardware contact. This takes the concept of minimum contact and applies it to the snare drum, for the first time in mass-produced drum hardware history. That's why Tama is the 'Legend in Innovation'.

Musical Background:
Army bandsman, amateur musician for 10+ years

Musical Style:
Rock, concert
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