Tama CL72SP Superstar Classic Drum Shell Kit, 7-Piece

- 18"x22"BD
- 8"x10"TT
- 7"x 8TT
- 9"x12"TT
- 12"x14"FT
- 14"x16"FT
- 6.5"x14"SD
- MTH600 Double Tom Holder
- All-Maple Shells, TT/FT/SD: 6ply, 5mm / BD: 8ply, 7mm
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Garnet Lacebark Pine
Shipping Weight: 86.25 lbs
Gloss Java Lacebark Pine
Shipping Weight: 86.5 lbs
Gloss Sapphire Lacebark Pine
Shipping Weight: 87 lbs
Tama Warranty Tama offers a five year warranty on drum shells, a one year warranty on hardware including accessories and parts, and a 30 day warranty on bass drum hoops.
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 800-669-4226
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Submitted August 26, 2020 by a customer from hotmail.com
"beautiful kit (Gloss Java Lacebark Pine)"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Ive play pretty much every brand of kit but always been a pearl kinda guy. i thought i would try something different this time and it was worth every penny. sounds great right out the box with stock heads, easy to setup, alittle more hardware wouldve been nice. i wanted to get the very best from this kit so i bought all new heads batter/reso, new top diecast hoops to control the overtones..top hoops diecast, bottom hoops stock triple flanged hoops..also to added a Tama SLP G-Maple Snare Drum (New, Kona Mappa Burl, 6x14" with new heads. SOOOUNDS amazing.. as for looks WOW what a beautiful kit. the shells are stained (not shell wrap) the grains in the shells are just amazing. this kit is like a piece of art.. again more hardware wouldve be nice. i have the pearl icon 3 side curved rack so i had to buy new mounts for the rack toms..overall sounds amazing, looks beautiful..you wont be disappointed.
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