SM Pro Audio V-Machine Standalone Plugin Player Module

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External hardware host for Windows plugins (VST instruments and effects). USB-Ports for copy protection dongles.

The V-Machine is a compact VST/VSTi hardware playback module built for performance keyboard players and DJ's. It is one little beast that can't be underestimated once loaded up with your favorite VST instrument and effect plug-
ins. Take your plug-ins on the road or into the studio and access them live without a computer. Multiple plug-ins can be pre-loaded into bank/preset memories for immediate access. Combine VST and VSTi plug-ins into chains, splits, and layers to create extremely rich and unique sounds. Full external MIDI controller support allows users access to available loaded plug-in parameter controls such as virtual dials, switches, and faders.

Infinitely adaptable and powerful, the V-Machine is set to become a truly indispensable tool.

External hardware host for Windows plugins (VST instruments and effects)

Banks, presets (incl. chaining, layering, splitting) can be edited with the V-Machine or the host software

Create synth layers and chain them with effects

Connect nearly every MIDI-Controller to the V-Machine

Multiple VSTi's can be combined

MIDI learn functions included

All effect and synth chains can be switched latency free

USB-Ports for copy protection dongles

Use software samplers and stream its content from any USB drive

All SM Pro Audio V-Machines ship with a control configuration software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (future support). Users can load up their favorite VST/VSTi plug-ins on their computer for auditioning, read more sound-set creation, and bank/preset memory assignment prior to transferring to one of the V-products for stand-alone use. Simple intuitive software makes sound and effect creation a breeze. Transferring your plug-ins to the V-Box, couldn't be easier: A speedy USB transfer to the hardware units (via USB cable, USB stick, or USB harddrive) takes care of all required user data, memories, and of course plug-in transfer. Once in the main unit... you have freed your plug-ins from the computer and have instant immediate access to your instrument and effect sound creations on a dedicated hardware unit.

In each software bank you can run unlimited presets and within one preset you can have up to four channels and up to two fx channels. Each channel can load up to three plug ins and each fx channels also has three plug-in slots. Even the master channel can hold up to three plug-ings so you can run up to 21 plug-ins in each preset!

The program allows you to run the native plug-in's interface or switch to the controller mode, where you can assign all parameters of the plug-in/s. Don't forget to remember: Now you can play all your favorite Windows plug-ins (dll-files) on Mac and Linux!

Pre-installed Software
The V-Machine comes pre-installed with great sounding plug-ins. So if you don't like to install instruments and effects first and can't wait to play that baby right away, just connect your favorite MIDI controller, switch on the V-Machine, and perform immediately. And no matter if you love to play high quality piano or bass sounds - or V-Machine covers every style from classic instruments to modern synth sounds.

Instruments/Plug-Ins included: IK Multimedia SampleTank 2.5 SE, 4Front Technologies Bass Module & E-Piano Module & Piano Module, AlgoMusic Arpy & PhadiZ, e-phonic Drumatic 3 & Invader & LOFI & Retro Delay & SoloString, FSynthz 15 & 15.5 & Air4th, Ugo Motion & Texture
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Tech Specifications

1G IDE flash disk

512 MB RAM

24-Bit/192kHz DAC

Audio Line Out (2x TS 6.35mm): Line level -10dB

1 x MIDI In (5-pin female DIN)

1 audio input (1x mini jack 3.5mm stereo)

1 x USB Type-B (Slave) : USB-MIDI Class Compliant

Headphone out (3.5mm stereo)

"Kensington" style lock aperture

2 x USB Type-A (Host) compatible with USB-MIDI and USB Mass Storage Class compliant devices

DC IN : 12V Regulated

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-343-0353

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. (11 ratings)
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"Incomplete OS leaves the user wanting more..."

Overall: 2.5 out of 5 stars
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I'll hold on to it for 2 reasons, one I'm a gear packrat. I can't seem to let things go in hopes that I'll use on the next track. Two in the hopes that OS get's better (either by MFG or 3rd party). The list of supported plugins grows this review MIGHT be revised after a few months to a year.

Sound quality is High Definition DAC. Sounds pristine and full with a great low-end response. Included plugins stink, Sampletank is a smelly fish that somehow stays above water. The included freeware plugs are just as lackluster. The key is uploading your collection of VST plugins, of which you'll find only a handful will work correctly. This is no Muse receptor. Given some software updates, it could come close, like a baby brother. Processing power is limited, and high consumption plugins will max this thing out quickly. When the CPU is maxxed, you get typical click\pop buffer zippering. Good alternative to VST freaks that like to perform live or not have to be tied down to a computer. I downloaded a free VST vocoder and installed that absolutely is my goto Vocoder now...clear, intelligible and easy to use. The audio input will find more and more use as I get great vst effects in this thing...

Lacking with the current OS. It, as a previous reviewer stated is un-finished in it's OS. Some features mentioned in description are not available yet(Syncrosoft support, auto adjustable backlight and more). read more Some features are helpful, such as easy continuous controller mapping. Wizard files are a pain at first, I have been able to get quite a few plugins installed though (PPG, Arturia, Lounge lizard, and more), including web-finds and my own written in Synth-edit.

Ease of Use
Not intuitive to use for most things, the software is poor at this revision, still feels beta. Direct USB transfer of plugins is awful. I rely solely on USB memory stick transfer, that is reliable. I have experience in programming and synth design, so I was able to wrap my head around this fairly quickly, but any users new to this kind of technology will get frustrated on day one. SMPro needs to create a FREE instructional DVD to get people going. In Contrast, once you get great Plugins on this thing it's easy to use. You can plug almost any USB controller and it will recognize it imediately. CC mapping is simple and reliable. I use a M-Audio Trigger finger and have all knobs and sliders mapped to the most used functions for all my installed plugins, works great and helps with workflow.

hmmm... At first inclination I'd say no, because the clear lexar faceplate on mine had slight warpage (or glue came up). Not a MAJOR thing, but cosmetically was disheartening. However the rest of the components seem well made and a peek inside the box shows a well thoughout design. I'd have replaced the 1\8th input with a 1\4 but I understand this for space restrictions (the back of this thing is packed with input\outputs,USB and midi)

Not a good value yet. It's incomplete in OS and you would probably be better off with an inexpensive laptop to run VST's natively. Would I return it? Truthfully, I tried but it was past the return policy date. I do use it and enjoy some things I've done with it, but would be better suited in the $200-$300 category. I hope some genius software engineer makes a bootleg OS for this or SMPRO gets off ther duffs and finishes the OS so all features are present...who knows...

Manufacturer Support
I gave a 2 instead of a 1 only because I haven't had to call the AUSTRALIAN international support line. C'mon guys, 800 numbers and American tech support is a must in this market! E-mail support is archaic, as I clearly stated my concerns and assistance needed in a lengthy e-mail, and received a simple one sentense reponse, "Can you describe the problem your having in greater detail?". Dude, I just did! I have a feeling this product will have a short shelf life, and resell value will drop significantly (already down $80 since I bought). Main problems being 'rushed' OS design and poor customer service.

The Wow Factor
6 only because sex appeal can be misleading. It looks cool, sounds cool on paper, and if technically inclined, can be kinda sexxy. But much like a blind date setup by a friend, you might find that you spent a lot on an expensive dinner only to get heartburn and an 8pm drop-off. I bough solely on 'Want it' factor, as I can't afford the Muse Receptor and the Muse is too big anyways. Learned my lesson, don't buy until the reviews are out and OS is solid!!

Musical Background:
Working Professional

Musical Style:
Multi-genre. Punk, Rap, Hip-hop, alternative etc...
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