Steinberg WaveLab Audio Editing and Mastering Software (Windows)

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Steinberg WaveLab is a digital audio workstation powerhouse featuring full-fledge multi-channel audio edition and CD-mastering functions.

Steinberg WaveLab 6 is the all-in-one solution for professional mastering, high resolution multi-channel audio editing, audio restoration, sample design and radio broadcast work right through to complete CD/DVD-A production. Already a standard application for digital audio editing and processing due to its outstanding flexibility and pristine audio quality, WaveLab is used worldwide by top professionals and audio enthusiasts alike.


- Sample accurate audio editing in stereo and surround
- Excellent performance and outstanding audio quality with sample rates up to 384 kHz, 32-bit floating point resolution
- Powerful Audio Montage for simultaneous editing across several tracks
- Red Book-compatible CD mastering as well as DVD-A authoring
- Comprehensive suite of real-time metering and analysis tools
- Top-end EQs, dynamics and effects, with optional VST effect plug-in integration
- Fantastic audio restoration tools
- Support for all standard audio formats including WAV, AIFF, AU, MP3, MP2 (M.U.S.I.C.A.M.), RAW, Windows Media 9, AES-31 Import und Export plus many more
- Support for all common bit-rates 8-, 16-, 20-, 24-bit at up to 384 kHz)

Updated features in WaveLab 6

Version 6 extends the successful WaveLab concept by combining the renowned, award-winning WaveLab audio engine with over 120 features and enhancements. The highlights in this version include the innovative Spectrum Editor, the seamless intergration of external effect hardware, support for MIDI read more remote controllers, the SmartBypass system with automatic loudness compensation, DIRAC time-stretching and pitch-shifting, support for Bob Katz K-System metering and much, much more.

Steinberg WaveLab Spectrum Editor

WaveLab 6 offers an advanced Spectrum Editor with its sonogram view. This exciting editing tool allows ultra-fine surgical editing of the audio file's frequency information, allowing a range of procedures such as the complete removal of unwanted noises or frequency ranges.

This exceedingly flexible editor employs highest quality linear phase filters and offers many exciting sound replacement options including cut and paste of an audio file's background ambience to another part of the file or plug-in processing on selected frequencies.

DIRAC Time-stretching and Pitch-shifting

DIRAC is among the most advanced algorithms for time-based manipulation of audio material available today. Excellent audio quality, outstanding performance and maximum precision are among the superlative qualities this technology brings to WaveLab 6. Its flexibility allows it to be used on a huge range of audio material including vocals, drum loops and classical string ensembles to name just a few.

Master Section

The settings and plug-in chain in the Master Section can now be saved as a preset with the audio file or audio montage. This allows the simultaneous editing of several audio files or versions while retaining all the vital settings in the Master Section.

The enhanced Master Section now also offers a useful and time-saving function: SmartBypass. This automatically compensates the different loudness levels of original and processed audio, allowing a lightning-quick A/B comparison.

Steinberg WaveLab Audio Processors

The Crystal Resampler is a top-end sample rate converter supporting up to 384 kHz, with other additions including time-saving tools such as the Loudness Normalizer and the Smart Silence plug-ins.

Audio Montage

The powerful Audio Montage environment has been upgraded even further with WaveLab 6, offering functions such as fade editing features, batch processing and extended import and export options.

Audio File Handling

WaveLab 6 places no limit on the size of clips, and even files exceeding 2GB in size can now be imported. Other optimizations include enhanced performance when reading and writng files, automated renaming of files as a batch process and a file list manager handling access and sorting of up to 200 recent audio files.

Analysis Tools

WaveLab 6 offers a range of metering and monitoring tools including the Loudness Distribution window and a Waveform scope display. WaveLab now also supports the K-System metering standard developed by mastering legend Bob Katz.

Software and Hardware Integration

A further highlight is the full integration of external effect hardware within the digital mastering process. With WaveLab 6, any favorite analog hardware unit can be used within WaveLab, combining the advantages of both the digital editng and analog processing domains into one personalized, integrated mastering environment. Version 6 also supports MIDI remote controllers, allowing intuitive, immediate control over many software functions from a compatible hardware controller.
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Minimum System Requirements

Mac OS
- Supported operating system: Mac OS X 10.6
- Intel Core processor (Intel Core Duo recommended)
- CoreAudio compatible audio hardware
- Display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
- 200 MB of free hard disk space
- USB-eLicenser and USB component connector*
- CD/DVD-ROM drive required for installation
- Internet connection required for license activation
- * The USB-eLicenser is included in all retail versions of WaveLab 7. It is not required to run WaveLab Elements 7

- Supported operating system: Windows 7
- 2 GHz processor (dual core processor recommended)
- Windows MME compatible audio hardware
- Display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels recommended
- 200 MB of free hard disk space
- USB-eLicenser and USB component connector*
- CD/DVD-ROM drive required for installation
- Internet connection required for license activation
- * The USB-eLicenser is included in all retail versions of WaveLab 7. It is not required to run WaveLab Elements 7

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 844-358-4022

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"The best PC audio software money can buy."

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I have tried just about every other program money can buy and the only ones I use are pro tools and wavelab.
Comes with some good basic plugins.
You usually get what you pay for but in this case you get a lot more than you pay for.
Manufacturer Support
I emailed this company in Germany to ask a few questions and they were extremely helpful and prompt.
The Wow Factor
The features on this program make it in many ways superior to any other software, even pro tools - that is except mixing. It is a wave editing program, not a sequencing program.

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