Stringjoy SJ-BR Broadways Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Evoke classic electric guitar sounds with Stringjoy Broadways. Their all-nickel composition makes for warm, full-bodied vintage tone.

What's better than a classic? A classic made even better. What, you don't think that's possible? Well then let String Joy present to you Exhibit "A" Stringjoy's Broadway Classic Light Gauge set.

If you've ever played Pure Nickel strings before, these strings have even more nickel in them than the strings you've played in the past. That means more of that rich, full tonal character. It also means more flexibility, since the round core is thinner than it is in other sets. But these don't sacrifice when it comes to strength or durability either, and they hold tune with the best of 'em.

In my book, that's a win-win-win. A trifecta. A triple crown. Needless to say, if you're an electric guitar player with a pulse, I think you're going to like this set...

What should you expect from Stringjoy signatures?
- Present, focused tone that brings out the true voice of your guitar and the details of your playing style.
- Modern, reconstructed gauges aimed at balancing the tension, tone, and feel of the strings across the fretboard.
- High-mass winding, leading to higher output, fuller tone, and improved longevity.

Stringjoy Signatures electric guitar strings are made by a small team in Nashville, TN, USA, out of all-American materials: their top quality Nickel-Plated Steel, wound around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core wire.

The combination of better materials and more careful craftsmanship creates a more natural-sounding, longer lasting string, without the tone-deadening effects of read more string coatings.

Stringjoy's known for quality control. Their strings are wound in small batches, and Stringjoy uses real human beings at every step of the process: the winding, the coiling, the packing, you name it.

Every string is inspected individually before it goes into your set. If anything is wrong with a string, from the way it's secured around the ball end, through the entire winding, it doesn't make the cut.

What does all that mean for you?
- Better tuning stability for the life of the string
- Longer string life and less breakage, when cared for properly
- Smoother, more balanced playability across the neck of the guitar


- Nickel-Plated Steel, wound around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core wire.
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Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Shipping Weight: 0.1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 1 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): SJ-BR1046
Shipping Weight: 0.1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 1 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): SJ-BR0940
Shipping Weight: 0.11 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 1 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): SJ-BR0946

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"Phenomenal Strings"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I recently discovered these strings by sheer coincidence, and I found them to be much superior to any other brand I've tried to get that balanced tone and feel. Everything is subjective, of course. What stands out for me is their playability; they stretch very easily- but stay in tune; playing on them is effortless and fun, they are versatile, and the tone is spot on. I have now restrung all my guitars and bass with these strings.
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