Shure PGA StudioKit4 4-Piece Studio Drum Microphone Pack

With 4 PGA microphones to give you kick, snare and overhead coverage, the Shure PGAStudioKit4 is great way to mic up your drums and start rocking.

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Shure PGDMK4 Performance Gear Drum Mic Kit

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Mic up your kick, snare, and toms with Shure's tough PG56 and PG52 mics, complete with specially-designed swivel mounts and a hard plastic case.

Anyone who's ever recorded a drum kit knows it's a painstaking process. Not only do you need a set of quality microphones, clips, stands, and cables (not to mention a color-coded chart to navigate the mess of XLRs you've created), you're also going to need a well-thought-out plan for mic placement, to make sure there's not too much bleed from one drum to the next. And then there's the matter of getting close enough to the drumheads without getting in the way of the drummer's pounding sticks. Sound like a lot of work? It is. Thankfully, Shure takes the guesswork out with the PGDMK6 4-mic package.

Performance Gear Quality

Shure's Performance Gear series microphones bring legendary Shure durability and sound quality to an entry-level price point. With many of the essential features found in their SM-series bigger brothers, PG-series mics are purpose-built for the budget-minded musician -- and with the same two-year warranty that covers all Shure's products. The PGDMK4 set combines 4 of these cost-effective mics, along with all the accessories, in a kit that's ideal for tracking drums in project studios. This set is also a fantastic value for club owners -- or for the gigging drummer that likes to bring mics to the gig. Live or in the studio, these sturdy Performance Gear mics live up to Shure's long-standing reputation.

Designed With Drums In Mind

This all-in-one kit combines the trusty Shure PG52 kick drum mic, 3 PG56s for your snare and toms, and 3 clamps in a hard read more plastic case to protect your investment. The included A50D clamps are designed to attach directly to any drum rim, with flexible hard plastic that won't scratch your shells or hardware. Their sturdy plastic arms cushion each PG56 mic from your drums' direct vibrations, while the attached thumb screw threads onto the PG56's built-in swivel mount. You'll also find that your three PG56 mics are more compact than the typical handheld-style that usually ends up on snare and toms. The shorter PG56 is much easier to place, staying well out of the way of a vigorous drummer's sticks! Bonus engineer tip: the PG52 included in this package pulls double duty as a killer bass-amp mic.

There's no denying that a drum kit is one of the toughest instruments to record. But with the Shure PGDMK6 4-mic drum pack, you don't have to break the bank just to mic up your kick, snare, and toms. Start tracking rehearsals, demos, and more with this affordable 4-mic package.
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Pattern: Cardioid

Type: Dynamic

Tailored Response: 30 Hz to 13 kHz

Pattern: Cardioid

Type: Dynamic

Tailored Response: 50 Hz to 15 kH

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-516-2525

Shure PGDMK4 Performance Gear Drum Mics

The PGDMK4 Drum Mic Kit is an essential drum kit mic selection for snare drums, rack/floor toms, and percussion.

(1) PG52 Kick Drum Mic

(3) PG56 Snare/Tom Mics

Shure Performance Gear microphones are affordable and application-specific, ideal for everyday use and practice. They are the perfect introduction to Shure engineering excellence for performers ready to plug in and play out. Performance Gear Microphones provide a complete vocal, instrument, and drum selection and feature many of the same durability and performance attributes of other Shure microphones at an attractive price. Real gear without compromise. As serious as you want to get.

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. (30 ratings)
Submitted November 10, 2013 by Randy M in Mechanicville, NY


Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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I am very impressed with the sound of these microphones. They are a huge step up from my CAD 7 piece. These things sound amazing on the toms, the snare microphone does the job however the sm57 still is unmatched. I live the fact that these clip on to the hoops of the drums and stay out of the way, I have yet to hit. I placed the kick mic on my floor tom so I can't say how it sounds for a kick mic, I use my audio d6.

Musical Background:

I've played drums for over 20 years, professionally and just jamming around.

Musical Style:

I play mostly rock or country, I've started doing drum covers for all genres though.
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