Roland VAD706 Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Set

Groundbreaking V-Drums are truly a sight to behold! The Roland VAD706 builds on the industry-shaking VAD series with a digital heart and an acoustic soul.
The Roland VAD706 not only sounds and feels great--it's also beautiful to behold. With its full-size shells, two-piece hi-hat, large cymbals, double-braced chrome stands, and choice of four gorgeous shell finishes, this premium kit has a presence that makes you want to drum all day and show it off to everyone. Choose from Gloss Natural, Gloss Cherry, or Gloss Ebony finishes, which offer an artisan look with stained maple veneers and transparent gloss coats. Or make a statement with the deep Pearl White finish and its bold, attention-grabbing vibe.

Our groundbreaking digital pad technology is a major leap forward in electronic drumming, putting unmatched depth and dimension under your sticks. Precision multi-sensors in the snare, ride, and hi-hat pads work in complete harmony with the TD-50X module, capturing every nuance with incredible definition and detail. Lightning-fast detection enables you to play all your natural acoustic techniques, such as muting the ride with a finger touch or switching seamlessly between head, rimshot, and cross stick playing on the snare. And the VH-14D takes electronic hi-hat playing to new heights, offering touch sensitivity, tonal variation, and open/closed resolution never before available--until now.

The VAD706 features Roland's famous multi-ply mesh heads, with three-layer heads on the snare and floor tom and two-layer heads on the rack toms providing natural stick resistance and rebound that's customizable for your individual playing style. Burying the beater read more into the specially designed kick drum is completely satisfying, thanks to physical air resistance that feels just like playing an acoustic kick. The organic experience extends to the toms as well, with the real wood shells and traditional mounts providing a feel that's uncannily acoustic in nature.


- Five-piece V-Drums Acoustic Design kit with full-size wood shells and double-braced chrome stands
- Flagship TD-50X sound module with next-generation Prismatic Sound Modeling and PureAcoustic Ambience technologies
- Over 900 sounds on board, including many new kick, snare, hi-hat, tom, and cymbal selections
- Four premium finish options: Gloss Natural, Gloss Cherry, Gloss Ebony, and Pearl White
- 14-inch PD-140DS digital snare, 18-inch CY-18DR digital ride cymbal, and newly developed 14-inch VH-14D digital hi-hat, all with high-res, multi-sensor triggering for unmatched performance
- 10-inch PDA100 and 12-inch PDA120 rack toms, 14-inch PDA140F floor tom, and new 22-inch KD-222 kick
- Two 16-inch CY-16C-T crash cymbal pads, which feature a 40-percent thinner design than previous V-Cymbals for greater flex and swing
- Hands-on interface with dedicated buttons and faders for selecting, customizing, and mixing drum sounds
- Import your own WAV samples via an SD card
- Stereo XLR master output and eight TRS direct outs provide balanced connections to a PA mixer
- Integrated 32-channel USB audio/MIDI interface for professional computer music production
- Four auxiliary analog trigger inputs for easy kit expansion
- Mix input for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
- Built-in practice functions for developing drumming skills
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- Kit configuration:
- Drum sound module: TD-50X x 1
- Snare: PD-140DS x 1
- Tom1: PDA100 x 1
- Tom2: PDA120 x 1
- Tom3: PDA140F x 1
- Hi-hat: VH-14D x 1
- Crash1, Crash2: CY-16R-T x 2
- Ride: CY-18DR x 1
- Kick: KD-222 x 1
- Drum stand: DTS-30S x 1
- Extra trigger input jack: 5 (TOM 4, AUX 1--AUX 4)
- Accessories: Setup guide
- Options (sold separately):
- Personal drum monitor: PM series
- V-Drums accessory package: DAP-3X
- Noise eater: NE series
- Dimensions:
- 1,950 (W) x 1,500 (D) x 1,250 (H) mm
- 76-13/16 (W) x 59-1/16 (D) x 49-1/4 (H) inches (including Kick pad, Cymbals, Hi-hat stand and Drum throne)
- Weight: 62 kg / 136 lbs 11 oz
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Gloss Cherry
Shipping Weight: 222 lbs
Gloss Ebony
Shipping Weight: 222 lbs
Gloss Natural
Shipping Weight: 222 lbs
Pearl White
Shipping Weight: 222 lbs
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-890-3700

Gloss Ebony

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