Roland TD-1DMK All-Mesh V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-1DMK All-Mesh V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

Ideal for the learning drummer, the Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums kit has 15 preset drum kits, 10 onboard coaching functions and 15 songs to practice grooves with!

Roland TD-4S V-Compact Electronic Drum Set

No longer available at zZounds
Kit Configuration:
- Percussion Sound Module TD-4 x 1
- V-Pad PDX-8 x 1
- Dual-Trigger Pad PD-8 x 3
- Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad CY-8 x 2
- Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad CY-5 x 1
- Kick Trigger Pad KD-8 x 1
- Hi-Hat Control Pedal FD-8 x 1
- Drum Stand MDS-4 x 1

Remaining Trigger Input: 1

Accessories: Drum Key, Setup Guide

Optional Accessories:
Cymbal Mount: MDY-10U, Pad Mount: MDH-10U, Personal Drum Monitor: PM-10, PM-30, V-Drums Accessory Package: DAP-3, V-Drums Mat: TDM-10
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 323-890-3700

Roland TD-4S V-Compact Electronic Drums

A dream for drummers, the TD4S offers outstanding feel, versatility and affordability. With Roland's patented mesh V-Pad snare, the TD4S is a pleasure to play. It's ideal for practice, thanks to its Mix In function, Coach Mode and Quick Rec. It's also a great choice for the project studio, with improved sound quality and expressiveness, and MIDI output for sequencing or triggering other sounds.


- Center mounted TD-4 sound module with new sounds and more accurate sensing
- Patented mesh head for the snare for a great feel
- Velocity-sensitive toms and cymbals with choke capability
- Unique and newly-designed drum stand that is compact, lightweight, and stable
- Expandable with an optional pad or replace the ride cymbal to a CY-12R/C 3-way trigger V-Cymbal
- Compatible with optional VH-11 V-Hi-Hat to mount on conventional hi-hat stands
- Cable harness and DB-25 connector for fast and clean cable connection
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Submitted March 6, 2009 by a customer from
"great help for serious drummers"
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this is well worth the money being a serious drummer this thing will def help with practice and exercise and even expand with all the different kits and sounds...can't wait to hear my quick records in a couple months from that i can record little cool!

stick and beater sound is pretty minimal. the bass drum pad is kooshy rubber rather than the tom style pads which are similar to a gum rubber practice pad. this almost eliminates clicky loud sounds when using nirmal felt beater. snare sounds like tapping a nylon basket and the tom and cymbal pads make medium loud at best tapping sounds. the quality and responsiveness of the onboard sounds are very sweet. wide range of snare sounds with rim sounds all velocity some you can hear the pitch change on the rim. tom sounds are nice and cymbal sounds...however few to choose from(only 1 china) are very realistic and open when crashed. this kit did not sound perfect out of the box...i had to turn the sensitivity up on all the pads so they responded better and boosted the volume. double bass and blast beats sound awesome on the fiber kit...this kit has responded perfectly to some gnarley fills i threw at it...this thing is no joke for sure!

took me 2 days to check out MOST of the stuff in here. they don't show you in videos how you can edit sounds of different pads...meaning if i wanted to play a 4-piece with 2 crashes, i can make tom2 my ride which is still read more velocity/bell sensitive on the tom pad. so for all you 4 piece rockers like can do a 2 crash config with your tom as a ride and no need for an extra cy-8. it also has an extra slot on the qwik connect harness for another pad(cy-8/china) and another input for another pad via 1/4" jack. its "compact" so congiguring is limited...but i mean how big you trying to go with a "compact" kit?

Ease of Use
i haven't looked at the manual much and i can do about 75% of the functions...check out the online vids...this things is easy...hit a button...tap a pad...turn the dial...pretty much it! putting it together was easier than a desk from ikea...only the sides of the rack and the pads aren't assembled. easy double kick set rack legs in the way.

Roland is one of the best E-drum company aside from RET. i'm gonna take care of this properly and in doing so i know this will last me many many years. i'm glad i chose this over the alesis dm5pro with Surge. definitely quieter and with better quality sounds! Go Roland!

i was comparing this to the alesis kit in the same range and for the extra money you get the rhythm coach and the really awesome quick record function which i use all the time to check out little things i've created...and it really lets you create differnt enviroments with the kit selection and editing!

Manufacturer Support
haven't had to deal with them....hopefully never do...only time will tell!

The Wow Factor
the 4 leg rack did it for me no more wondering where my double pedal will mounted console...fits in my tiny room....they def got it right on this one

Musical Background:
active drummer

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