Roland TD3SW V-Compact Electronic Drum Kit

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The most affordable V-Drums -- upgraded. Kick pedal NOT included.

Being a drummer ain't no picnic. Sure, you've got legions of adoring fans who never want you to stop rockin', but you've also got neighbors, roommates, various domestic partners. . . all of whom would rather you rock in silence or at select and brief periods. You may think you can just ignore them at first, but it doesn't take that many breakups or official complaints to the local authorities to start cramping your care-free, caution-to-the wind lifestyle. So what's the alternative? Practice pads are good for warm-ups but they're no replacement for a full kit. You may have thought about electronic drums, but then you thought about how much they cost: thousands of dollars for a set that feels anything like a real kit, right? Wrong! Say hello to the Roland TD3SW V-Compact Electronic Drum Kit. The world's top professional drummers tour the globe with Roland V-Kits, and now you can grab a piece of that same action. . . for under a thousand bucks!

The TD3SW may be the most affordable kit in the V-Drums series, but they're still V-Drums, and that means they sound and play more like real drums, and are built to last a lifetime. With its rugged hardware, good looks, and the amazing sounds of the TD3 Drum Module, you might even be inspired to bring your new V-Compact kit on the road!

Mesh With The Best
The breakthrough that made Roland's V-Drums the most respected name in the game is their mesh V-Pad trigger. The first electronic kits had rubberized triggers that were little more read more than wired practice pads, making playing on one feel more like drumming on a table top than an instrument. Enter the revolutionary V-Pad with its tension-tunable mesh-composite head for an impact response and dynamic sensitivity nearly indistinguishable from a real snare drum. Suddenly, V-Drums were an acceptable, even superior alternative to acoustic kits for professional stage and studio work. The compact, five-piece TD3SW kit is built around a mesh V-Pad in the snare position, where nuanced technique and organic feel are the most important. The PXD-8 is a two-zone snare trigger with a 10" diameter and separate head and rim trigger zones. The dual zones for center snare and rim sounds make for more realistic playing, and the generous head diameter make it easier to avoid accidental rim shots (save those for the punch-line, kid). Not only does the mesh snare trigger feel as expressive as a real snare, but it eliminates the fatigue caused by vibration-inducing rubber snare triggers. Practice all night without waking the neighbors or cramping up!

Swingin' Cymbal Triggers
After the snare, the feel of a set's cymbals are of utmost importance, so Roland outfitted the TD3SW kit with their fully-round, free-swinging CY-5 cymbal triggers. Like the mesh snare pad, the CY-5s feel and react more like the real thing for expressive performance and reliable action. These cymbal triggers are 12" in diameter and swing like real cymbals because they mount like real cymbals. Thrash away at them and you get the satisfaction of a moving instrument that reacts naturally to your playing. The dual-zone design allows for separate top and edge sounds, so all your dynamic accent work is transmitted to the V-Compact's central brain, and then out to your headphones.

Don't Be Married To One Drum Sound; Play The Field
The brain of the V-Compact Kit is the Roland TD3 Percussion Sound Module. You may love the sound of your acoustic kit, but the TD3 provides 32 distinct kits assembled from 114 high definition sounds for you to experiment with, all in the comfort of your own home. Curious about the difference in tone between birch maple kits? The amazing samples in the TD3's sound bank accurately recreate those nuanced tonal flavors. Dream of playing in an electro-synth band? We won't tell anyone, but we will tell you about the radical synth-pop, hip-hop and dance kits the TD3 contains as well. Beyond its variety of drum kits, the Roland TD3 module lets you add reverb, EQ and compression to fine tune your sound and make it feel like you're playing in a huge concert hall or a state-of-the art studio. It'll make practice interesting, sure, but it's also like having an infinite variety of tuned drum isolation rooms for recording. You even get MIDI outs for connecting the set to your DAW and tracking more realistic sounding drum parts than you could ever program. When you are using your V-Drums for pure rehearsal, be sure to check out the on-board Rhythm Coach feature, which provides exercises and performance feedback that'll help fine-tune your playing in a way that mere practice can't.

If you thought improving your playing and improving your interpersonal relationships were incompatible goals, you need to introduce a little Roland TD3SW V-Compact into your life. You'll practice more, you'll practice more effectively, and you'll be having a blast in the meantime, all without breaking the bank or the local noise ordinance. Your band will love you, your fans will love you, your significant other will continue to love you, and you'll be forever in love with your new Roland V-Drums. The only relationship in jeopardy now is the one between you and your old acoustic kit. . .
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Roland TD-3SW V-Compact Drum Kit

The most affordable V-Drums -- upgraded!

Just as the V-Tour line is getting an upgrade this year, so too is the V-Compact series. The TD-3SW takes over for the current TD-3SV, and features Roland's new PDX-8 snare mesh V-pad and CY-5 hi-hat cymbal pad. The most affordable kit in the V-Drums family now performs even more like its bigger V-Drums brothers.

The most affordable V-Drum kit!

New snare mesh pad (PDX-8) with expanded 10-inch rim size to improve the playability of rim shots

New hi-hat cymbal pad (CY-5) with wider playing surface and a swing-type design, which offers a more natural playing feel and appearance.

PDX-8: V-Pad
Improved V-Pad for Snare
Roland's newest mesh V-Pad (PDX-8) offers an expanded 10-inch rim for more comfortable and quiet rim-shots, as well as separate head and rim triggering for authentic performance.

CY-5: Dual Trigger Cymbal Pad
Improved Cymbal Pad for Hi-Hat or Splash
The newly designed cymbal pad (CY-5) features a 12-inch playing zone and swing movement for more drummer-friendly triggering. The pad also provides separate bow and edge triggering. The CY-5 can be also used as an additional cymbal pad, such as a splash, on V-Drum kits.

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"I live in an apartment and had to settle for this... only I didn't really have to 'settle' at all."

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I have nothing bad to say about this kit at the moment. I don't see myself adding anything else to it - considering I already added an extra cymbal - but I'll buy replacement pads whenever necessary. I really love this kit.
I was really blown away by the quality of this kit. At first I thought all the different drum kit possibilities were kind of a waste, but they are actually a lot of fun to play around with. The only reason I'm giving this an 9 is because I bought an extra cymbal and use it as a ride (and use the 2 cymbals that came with this as crashes) and I get a little bit of ride sound through my third tom. This might be a fixable problem, however.
I don't understand why it didn't come with a kick pedal. I had to buy one separately. I LOVE how I can hook up my MP3 player to it and play right along with my music.
Ease of Use
This thing couldn't have been easier to put together.
I think this was made very well. Nothing was scratched or damaged when it arrived. I play pretty hard on the pads and I'm not afraid of hurting anything.
It's worth every penny.
Manufacturer Support
I haven't had to deal with support.
The Wow Factor
I love the look of this kit. The fully rounded cymbals are what appealed to me the most.

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Drummer of 7 years

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