Roland PM-200 V-Drums Personal Monitor

Optimized for the expressive tone of Roland's V-Drums, the Roland PM200 Personal Monitor provides a full-range 12" speaker for monitoring your electric kit.


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Roland PM-30 Drum Monitor

No longer available at zZounds
When keyboard amps and PA's won't cut it, play your electronic kit through the Roland PM-30. The PM-30 is specifically tuned to the frequency demands of your V-Drums.

Roland PM-30 Drum Monitor: Roland V-Drum amplification at home or on stage.

Not to knock keyboard amps or regular loudspeakers but they will never capture your electronic drum's tone as well as the Roland PM-30. With 200 watts of Class-D power, a high-performance 12-inch woofer with tweeter, a pair of 4-inch satellite speakers, and a proprietary DSP engine, the Roland PM-30 delivers powerful, clear, full-range sound in a package that's cleanly designed and comfortable to transport.

Tuned for your V-Drums the Roland PM-30 uses DSP technology to dial in every tone it produces, from the low frequency kick all the way up to your hi-hats crisps highs. Two satellite speakers can be clamped-on to a crossbar or your drum rack for easy placement. When out on the road or at home the Roland PM-30 is your go-to drum monitor amp.

The Roland Story

"Roland" was a medieval European hero, best known for defending the frontier of Francia against the Bretons...Roland (the company) wanted to align themselves with this same heroic legacy and so named themselves after the legend. Or, if you ask them, "the two syllables are pleasant to the ear and could be pronounced in the same way in any language in the world." Either way, Roland has been an unstoppable force since 1972, when they first committed to "experimentation for creating stimulative sounds." Since then, they have continued to be driven by their pursuit of "sounds that are comfortable to the human ear." They have eventually found read more the material for creating "good and expressive sounds" in the form of silicon chips. By leveraging this state-of-the-art technology that has been enabled through modern science, Roland has been able to establish a unique position in the world of electronic musical instruments. Roland has introduced a broad range of technological innovations in the area of computers and semiconductors, and have delivered many revolutionary produces ahead of the rest of the world. And, by doing so, has contributed to creating an environment where everyone is able to casually enjoy music.

Roland celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2002, and has remained true to its commitment to constantly "create sounds that move" as a dedicated manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, which are now beginning to expand into the huge multimedia market. Moving forward, they will continue to actively engage in technological development as part of its efforts to expand possibilities for electronic musical instruments. By creating the best instruments available, They intend to expand the joy of creating around the world, and become a company with which people can feel affinity.
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-890-3700

Roland PM-30 Drum Monitor

Advanced Amplification for V-Drums

Roland's V-Drums, the world's leading electronic drum kits, deserve nothing less than superior amplification. Introducing the Roland PM-30, a top-of-the-line 2.1-channel advanced speaker system. With 200 watts of Class-D power, a high-performance 12" woofer with tweeter, a pair of 4" satellite speakers, and a proprietary DSP engine, the PM-30 delivers powerful, clear, full-range sound in a package that's cleanly designed and comfortable to transport.


- 2.1-channel system optimized for V-Drums
- 200W (100W + 50W x 2) power, Class-D amplification
- Carefully tuned for V-Drums via embedded DSP technology
- Subwoofer and Full Range modes for application-specific monitoring performance
- Stereo 3-channel mixer, with versatile input / output options
- 3-band EQ
- Satellite speakers can be mounted on PM-30 or V-Drum rack system
- Casters and side-panel handles for convenient transportation

Roland PM30: Full-Range Sound

With its 2 satellite speakers and matching 12 in. woofer enclosure with tweeter, the Roland PM-30 delivers a clear, full-frequency sound. The selectable Full-Range and Subwoofer modes, with accompanying value dial, let you customize the amp's low-frequency performance, while the built-in 3-band EQ lets you fine-tune the tone from high to low.

Roland PM-30: Quad Power Pack

Four Class-D power amplifiers are built into the PM-30 system -- 100W, 50W, and 50W -- for a total of 200 watts of high-performance impact. It's plenty of power for rehearsals and small- to medium-size venues. Line outputs are provided for tapping into larger systems when needed.

The Roland PM-30 Great for V-Drums

Roland V-Drum owners will appreciate the PM-30's special V-Drum input, which accepts a single stereo TRS feed from the V-Drums headphone output. But that's only part of the compatibility story. Roland's engineers carefully optimized the PM-30 for use with V-Drum kits via recently created DSP.

Roland PM-30: I/O Options

The Roland PM-30 provides a flexible input path with 3 input channels (both 1/4" and RCA input types are offered) and 2 sets of outputs (1/4" line outputs (stereo) are provided, plus an additional pair of outputs for the satellite speakers).

Roland PM-30: Transport & Setup

A solid crossbar spans the top of the PM-30's base unit for convenient carrying; 2 side handles are provided as well. The 2 satellite speakers can be clamped onto the crossbar or mounted onto a drum rack (as pictured).

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. (24 ratings)
Submitted February 24, 2010 by a customer from

"Great buy if you'd like to have more control over your monitor mix!"

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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I eventually will replace it with the latest & greatest! I'm hoping to get 5 to 10 out of it!

I've had the PM-30 for about a year now. All in all I think it was a great buy. My main use is to have some control over my monitor. Overall sound is great for small or large venues. A little weak out doors.

I tried to use the satellite speakers but they are not loud enough to hear if you're playing an acoustic kit. They might work great for an electronic set but are of no use to me, (unless you count the fact I use them on my home theater system). I stopped using them & now primarily use the headphone jack for my Westone in ear monitors. I would highly recommend that if you can get a good monitor mix, to use headphones or in-ears. Better for stage volume anyway.

Ease of Use
I like the 3 different inputs, (one with RCA). I use it with a Roland SPD-20 with four external drum pads. I use 1 channel for the SPD-20, one for a monitor return & the 3rd for my computer, (for practice) and sometimes a click track. It has a real deep punch & low end. Put your drum effects in one channel & your music player in another, and with or without in-ears, mix it to sound really good. EQ works great!

It's held together a year with moderate use. I would suggest a cover for it while transporting. Wheels are cheap but are still turning and the knobs on the amp read more are a little cheap, but still work. Don't forget to blow out the drumstick sawdust off the sub once in a while! lol

If you have the cash, it's worth it. You have more control of what you hear & can mix up to 3 inputs + the 3 band EQ.!

Manufacturer Support
Best,,,, because I haven't needed any!

The Wow Factor
Sex Appeal???? It's a monitor!

Musical Background:
Active Musician

Musical Style:
Rock & Roll
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