Roland DJ-808 Professional DJ Controller

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Turn your DJ set into a live show with this Serato DJ controller, standalone 4-channel mixer, Roland TR drum sequencer and Voice Transformer rolled into one.

Say hello to Roland's first DJ controller ever: the Roland DJ-808 professional DJ controller, a laptop-ready USB Serato DJ controller and Roland drum machine in one. Working closely with industry-standard DJ software designers, the DJ-808 offers the best of two worlds: seamless integration with Serato DJ software, and powerful on-board Roland hardware.

On-board Roland Hardware

The Roland DJ-808 is more than just a four-channel DJ controller for Serato -- it's the first controller of its kind to include a complete drum machine with a 16-step sequencer right at the top of the hardware. Under the hood, it's a Roland TR sequencing drum machine, which borrows sounds from classic '80s Roland drum sequencers like the TR-808 and TR-909. It can trigger up to 32 samples stored in the four banks of the Serato DJ sampler. Samples can my manipulated in a number of ways including the Accent button, the four sample channel volume faders, or by adding effects with Serato's software effects powered by iZotope. It can even capture samples on the fly directly from your mix using the Inst Record mode -- or trigger one of 16 pre-programmed drum sequences via Pattern Mode. Furthermore, while most DJ controllers only offer controls for EQ and ducking on the incoming Mic channel, the DJ-808 offers a built-in Roland VT Voice Transformer module, allowing vocalists to manipulate the Mic channel with pitch, formant, and reverb effects. It can even automatically match the key of the outgoing mix using read more Serato's key matching function.

AIRA and MIDI Integration

Elevating this controller one step above the rest, the DJ-808 is designed with full MIDI capabilities and integration with other Roland AIRA devices. Connect up to two AIRA-compatible synthesizers or effect modules using the two available AIRA Link USB ports, or control virtually any external MIDI device, synced to the beat of the DJ-808 using the standard 5-pin MIDI out port.

Powerful Serato Software

The DJ-808 includes a full license for the professional version of Serato DJ software, including an unlock license for the full version of Serato Pitch 'n Time Pro, a complete time stretching and pitch-shifting software suite for manipulating your favorite samples ($800 value). The DJ-808 is also designed to seamlessly integrate with Serato and your favorite turntables or CDJs for digital vinyl simulation (DVS unlock sold separately).


- Professional-grade USB DJ controller with built-in drum machine and step sequencer
- Includes complete 4-channel DJ mixer
- Integrated drum machine includes authentic Roland TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, and TR-909 drum kits
- Mic input integrated VT Voice Transformer includes controls for pitch, formant, ducking, and Serato key matching
- Velocity sensitive RGB color coded sample pads for triggering samples, hot cues, rolls, and more
- Ultra-low-latency DJ platters with LED sync indicators
- Control two decks with a single platter using dual deck mode
- Dedicated controls for dub echo, jet, noise, and filter for each channel
- Dedicated controls for Serato's DJ effects powered by iZotope
- Channels 1 and 2 switchable between line- and phono-level inputs or computer
- Channels 3 and 4 switchable between line-level input, connected AIRA USB device, or computer
- Each channel assignable to crossfader or pass-through
- Four line-level stereo RCA inputs (two of which are phono/line level switchable)
- 1/4-inch/XLR combo input for microphone with sensitivity control
- 5-pin MIDI output to control or sync external devices
- Two AIRA Link USB ports for connecting with Roland synthesizers or other compatible devices
- USB Type B port for connecting a laptop computer
- Stereo XLR and RCA master outputs
- Stereo 1/4-inch booth outputs
- Front-mounted 1/4-inch and 3.5 mm headphone outputs with volume and mix controls
- Cross-fader and channel-fader curve adjustment switches
- Internal soundcard with 24-bit 96 kHz audio processing
- 24-bit analog-to-digital converters
- 32-bit digital-to-analog converters to preserve fidelity of digital effects
- Supports 96, 48, and 44.1 sampling frequencies
- Full version of Serato DJ and Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ license included
- Digital vinyl simulation unlocks with Serato DVS license, sold seperately
- Powered by included AC adapter only
- Startup guide and USB cable included
- Unit weighs 15 pounds
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Signal processing:
- Sampling Frequency = 96 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz
- A/D conversion: 24 bits
- D/A conversion: 32 bits

Nominal input level:
- INPUT (1-4) (RCA phono type, LINE): -12 dBu
- INPUT (1, 2) (RCA phono type, PHONO): -39 dBu
- MIC IN (Combo type): -60 dBu

Nominal output level:
- MASTER OUT 1: +6 dBu (balanced)
- MASTER OUT 2: +0 dBu
- BOOTH OUT: +6 dBu (balanced)

- Head room: 18 dB

Input impedance:
- INPUT (1-4) (RCA phono type): 47 k ohms or greater
- MIC IN (Combo type): 7 k ohms or greater

Output impedance:
- MASTER OUT 1: 600 ohms (balanced)
- MASTER OUT 2: 1 k ohm (unbalanced)
- BOOTH OUT: 600 ohms (balanced)
- PHONES: 44 ohms

Frequency response:
- 96.0 kHz: 20 Hz-40 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
- 48.0 kHz: 20 Hz-22 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
- 44.1 kHz: 20 Hz-20 kHz (+0/-2 dB)

Residual noise level:
- INPUT (1-4) --> MASTER OUTPUT 1: 83 dBu typ.
(GAIN knob: min., input terminated with 1 k ohm, channel fader: max., IHF-A, typ.)

Dynamic range:
- MASTER OUT: 115 dB
- BOOTH OUT: 115 dB
- PHONES: 115 dB

- INPUT (1-4) jacks: RCA phono type
- MIC IN jack: Combo type (XLR, 1/4 inch TRS phone (balanced))
- MASTER OUT 1 jacks: XLR type (balanced)
- MASTER OUT 2 jacks: RCA phono type
- BOOTH OUT jacks: TRS phone type (balanced)
- PHONES jacks: stereo 1/4 inch phone type, miniature phone type
- USB Host ports: USB type A
- PC port: USB type B
- MIDI OUT connector
- DC IN jack
- PHONO GROUND terminal

Power supply:
- AC adapter
- Current draw: 2,000 mA

- Dimensions: 26-5/16" (W) x 16-13/16" (D) x 3-5/16" (H)
- Weight: 6.8 kg (excluding AC adapter) (15 lbs)

- Startup guide
- USB cable

* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-890-3700

Roland DJ-808 Professional DJ Controller

The DJ-808 is a state-of-the-art DJ controller with a 4-channel mixer, built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing, and the deepest Serato DJ integration available. Going way beyond a typical DJ controller, the DJ-808 is an instrument, with a Roland "TR-S" drum machine that contains the world's most iconic drum sounds and can even control the Serato Sampler within Serato DJ. The VT Voice Transformer can pitch your voice to match the key of your Serato DJ tracks, while two AIRA Link ports let you connect compatible synths and electronic gadgets, and produce a live remix, with just a simple USB cable. Sound quality is high-end and the hardware is built tough yet easy to carry -- ready for inspired sets that push the boundaries of what it means to DJ.

World-class software meets world-class hardware

With the DJ-808, Serato and Roland bring the best of software and hardware together into a single instrument. It melds the supreme power of Serato DJ software with the genre-defining sound and precise engineering of Roland hardware. Decades of combined expertise give today's producers and DJs state-of-the-art tools and innovative features that open up a whole world of creative options, both on stage and in the studio.

Legendary TR drum sounds and sequencing

From the TR-909's unmistakable hi-hats to the wall-shaking boom of the TR-808, Roland TR drum machines have defined the sound of entire genres of dance music. Customize your beats on the fly and in the moment using the DJ-808's built-in TR drum machine with its iconic sounds and 16-step sequencer that stays in perfect sync with Serato DJ.

The integrated TR drum machine contains the Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hats and Clap from the TR-808, TR-909, TR-707, and TR-606 drum machines -- the rhythmic foundation of a lot of dance music. These sounds use Roland's acclaimed and award-winning Analog Circuit Behavior, faithfully replicating the original electronic circuitry of these influential rhythm boxes. It means you get all the thump and sizzle of the classic instruments, with dedicated knobs to control tuning, attack, and decay -- putting a twist on these legendary sounds.

In addition to the internal TR drum sounds, the TR-S sequencer can also trigger the 8-slot Serato Sampler within Serato DJ. You can mix and match individual drum sounds, layer kicks and snares, and build drum parts limited only by your creativity.

Deep Serato DJ control

Careful design considerations in the Roland DJ-808 take full advantage of everything Serato DJ has to offer. Built-in DVS support (with the purchase of a Serato DVS license), dedicated loop control buttons, controls for Serato Flip, HOT CUE, FX, even Key Sync -- it is all there. Key Sync and Loop functions get dedicated sections so you can quickly adjust the key or shift the loop for a particular deck. The design of every pad, slider and button is with performance in mind. This workflow feels familiar and yet exciting, all at the same time.

Cut, scratch and cue with the high-performance platters

The large, high-quality platters feel great and have the lowest latency of any DJ controller available. You get incredibly tight control over your music with super-fast scratches and cuts. The durable and responsive platters have integrated displays that clearly show playback status so you're always in control. You can even control two decks simultaneously from a single platter with dual deck mode.

Expand your DJ setup -- on stage and in the studio

If you are a producer, a DJ, or both, the built-in connectivity for synths, turntables, microphones and more allows the DJ-808 to take your craft to a completely different level. Two AIRA link USB ports let you easily connect compatible Roland instruments and effects with a single USB cable. Trigger synchronized keyboard arpeggios or play live bass lines, leads and sound effects. One connection is all you need to inject your DJ sets or productions with exciting musical elements that can easily sync to your Serato DJ tracks.

Pitch Perfect with Voice Transformer and Serato Key

Not only does the DJ-808 have a high quality mic input with an XLR combo jack, but also has a dedicated vocal processor, the VT Voice Transformer, that can drastically transform your voice. Knobs for EQ, Pitch and Formant make dramatic vocal effects easy and the ducking capability will automatically adjust the volume when speaking or singing into the mic. And the VT's Auto Pitch function will even re-pitch the incoming signal to match the key of your Serato DJ tracks.

Pro hardware for demanding sets

Roland has a long history of making rock-solid, reliable instruments with performance in mind, and the DJ-808 is no exception. It has smooth, intuitive knobs and faders, adjustable curves, removable crossfader and touch-sensitive RGB buttons for HOT CUE, ROLL, SAMPLER, SLICER, PITCH PLAY and TR drum machine triggering.

Equipped with both 1/8" (3.5mm) and 1/4" (6.35mm) headphones jacks, combo XLR input jacks, built-in phono pre-amp, solid build quality, and audiophile sound quality -- it is arguably the most thoughtfully designed DJ controller ever built.


- Built-in Roland TR drum machine with 606, 707, 808, 909 kicks, snares, claps and hi-hats
- Control the Serato Sampler with the TR-S sequencer
- Built-in VT Voice Transformer with Pitch, Formant, Ducking and Serato key matching
- Velocity sensitive RGB color pads for HOT CUE, ROLL, TR, SAMPLER and more
- Large ultra-low-latency platters with integrated displays
- 4 high-quality integrated Channel FX
- Standalone professional 4 channel digital mixer
- Connect external instruments via MIDI or AIRA Link USB and jam along with Serato DJ
- 24bit/96kHz audio fidelity
- Control two decks simultaneously with dual deck mode
- 100mm pitch faders
- Unlocks Serato DJ and comes with a Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ license
- Connect turntables or CDJs with the purchase of a Serato DVS license

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Submitted December 12, 2016 by a customer from in Alamo City, TX
"This is the Best sounding controller PERIOD!"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I Dj fulltime in different clubs and have been using controllers since the Pioneer SX came out. I upgraded to a DDj-Sz and use that controller. I pre ordered the 808 and have been using it for almost two months now. The unit is awesome and very deep. If you are a wedding Dj or someone who plays requests all night there are cheaper options that will fit you just fine. A lap top would be all you need. However if you want to be an artist this unit right here is what you want. I use Ableton live at home to make beats and edits. I use Serato at the club. Now I can use both. The era of ABleton and Serato working together is here. First off, You need to make sure your beat grids are all on point. The Drum sequencer can be synced to any of the four serato tracks. The Drum sequencer has its own channel. You can sequence 8 samples from Serato along with a Kick snare and hats from a 606,707,909 and an 808. You can adust the valume and tone of each drum seperatly. You can apply FX from serato to the sequencer as well. AMAZING!!!!! But that is just getting started. You have a MIDI out that you can run into another computer and BAM!!! the bridge on steroids. That is right finally a flat out integration between Ableton and Serato without the latency issues of link. I just purchased the system-8 and a TB-3 and run them both through the aira usb ports. The sound comes out through the left and right channels and you can run them through Serato's FX as well!!!! Did I mention that now you have Serato read more Ableton a synth and an acid machine all sharing timing and controllable in your dj set? On top of that the sound from this controller is a million times better than ANY PIONEER CONTROLLER PERIOD!!!! Every current Serato parameter is also controllable beyond any Pioneer controller. The pitch in time pitch play function is freaking awesome. You can play back a sample or cue point and use the pads like a keyboard bending the pitch up and down. You can grab a note and almost play it like a keyboard. WOW!!! Now I must point out a few gripes. Numero uno and a big one is that the pitch only goes up or down 8%. With pitch and time I use my DDJ-SZ to do crazy transitions with the 50% pitch. Roland really needs to address this issue pronto on an update or something. Numero two is the pads. They are not as responsive as the SZ pads. They did release an update but if you lower it too much the bass in the dj booth will trigger a cue point. So I leave it regular. And the last issue is that if you use an SZ and this controller you will have to get used to a mirrored layout of the pitch versus the SZ pitches both on the right. (I know it sounds like I'm b#!@ing but in a dark booth it going from one to another causes hiccups either way) Another customer said something about a software issue. I can honestly say that he needs to sort out his computer and quit blaming the controller. I have run this on two mac book pros, an I-mac and several PC's with no audio problems or software issues. Many people do not keep their systems optimized. He could have gotten a bad unit though. All in all if you are creative and want to step up to the next level this is your only option. GET IT NOW!! Thank you zZounds for making it easy to get the coolest gear that otherwise would be un obtainable.

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Musical Style:
Anything with or without a beat
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