Roland Bridge Cast Dual-Bus Gaming Audio Mixer

Up your game! This gaming mixer has everything you need to take your stream to the next level with dual sound mixes, vocal effects, playback, and more.

Take online gaming sound to the next level with BRIDGE CAST, your all-in-one solution for premium livestream audio. This customizable desktop hub is packed with secret weapons to take out the competition, including dual sound mixes, vocal transformer effects, music playback, sound effects, and support for a broadcast-grade mic and headphones. In the heat of the battle, BRIDGE CAST ensures that your audio is always as epic as your gameplay.

Get a 5-minute overview of the Bridge Cast in this video from Roland:

Elevate Your Gaming Presence with Legendary Roland Technology

BRIDGE CAST gives you what you need to deliver outstanding sound in every session, coupled with killer sonic tools to help you stand out from the crowd. Roland has been a leading innovator in electronic music and audio/video gear for over 50 years. With BRIDGE CAST on your desktop, you'll be driving your sound with the brand trusted by generations of top creators worldwide.

Fast and Easy Pre-Game Set Up:

- Connect BRIDGE CAST to your gaming computer via USB-C.
- Plug in a professional microphone to the XLR input.
- Hook up your headphones.
- Customize the audio and panel functions with the companion app.
- Set up personal and stream mixes with the hands-on controls.

Amp Up Your Sound

BRIDGE CAST lets you chat and interact using a broadcast-grade dynamic or condenser microphone, the foundation of any professional audio setup. The high-performance XLR mic preamp delivers clear, dynamic sound in the read more box, with no need for messy external add-ons. You get superior audio monitoring too, with a powerful headphone amplifier and high-sensitivity output for pro-quality phones. The versatile headphones connector also supports a headset mic for a quick, single-cable connection.

Personal Mix + Stream Mix

With the dual audio mixer in BRIDGE CAST, you can independently balance the mic level, team chats, gameplay sounds, and background music for you and your viewers. Give yourself a winning advantage with a personal mix that prioritizes what you need to hear while gaming. Then create a separate stream mix that's perfectly balanced for maximum online engagement.

Direct Sound Control

Along with a headphones output, BRIDGE CAST has a line output for external gaming speakers. Level knobs for each output let you easily control volumes and smoothly transition between phones and speakers during gameplay. There's also a dedicated streaming level control to dial in the sound for your online audience.

The Vocal Shapeshifter

Morph your voice and become your character with fun processing derived from Roland's famous VT voice transformer products. Adjust the pitch and formant to change your age or gender. Or go even further and take on the persona of a beast or alien.

BRIDGE CAST also includes EQ, compression, and other pro vocal processing to level up your streams. A low-cut filter softens pesky "P" and "T" plosives, while the de-esser cleans up harsh "S" tones. There's a noise suppressor to throttle background distractions, plus reverb to launch your voice into another dimension. And with the muscular hardware DSP handling the audio load, all your computer power is dedicated to gaming and streaming.

The Audio Cheat Code

Slay your competition by highlighting important game sounds with Game EQ presets. Pinpoint audio frequencies and boost their levels to make it easier to hear critical elements, like enemy footsteps in first-person shooter games. Once you find the ideal settings for different game titles, save them in onboard profiles and call them up with quick button presses while playing.

Brand Yourself

Building your brand is an essential part of creating an online following. The BRIDGE CAST faceplate is detachable, allowing you to use our downloadable skin template to personalize the panel with your team or gamertag design. It's also possible to customize the LED colors of the four control knobs for additional flair.

Command and Control

The ergonomic BRIDGE CAST panel lets you easily control your mix while staying focused on the game. Everything you need is at your fingers, including grab-and-go level knobs and assignable buttons for muting sounds and accessing various functions. The rock-solid design won't move around on your desktop, and the discrete rear-panel connections keep clutter in check.

Customize Your Rig with the BRIDGE CAST App

The companion BRIDGE CAST app works in tandem with the hardware, giving you full access to an array of in-depth features. Dial in mic and audio parameters, configure Game EQ presets, and more. You can also re-assign hardware controls for your needs and save/recall custom BRIDGE CAST configurations for different games and streaming audiences.

Curated Music + Iconic Roland Sounds

Adding background music and sonic color to streams has never been easier. The BRIDGE CAST app connects directly with Roland Cloud,* putting thousands of royalty-free tracks, sound effects, and musical phrases from Roland instruments at your fingertips. Build custom track playlists to set the mood for different streams and assign sound effects to the four hardware buttons for instant playback.


- Professional audio streaming interface and mixer designed for online gamers
- Powerful 32-bit hardware DSP allows you to dedicate all your computer resources to gaming and streaming
- Create independent mixes for you and the online audience with dual audio busses
- USB-C connectivity with Windows and Mac computers and mobile devices
- Also works with the Sony PlayStation 5 console (Some audio formats are not supported with PlayStation 5)
- High-quality XLR microphone preamp with phantom power for broadcast-grade mics
- Headphones jack with a professional high-sensitivity output and support for a headset or inline mic
- Hands-on knobs and buttons for quick sound control
- Solid, streamlined design with customizable faceplate and adjustable knob LED colors
- Voice Changer effects derived from the Roland VT series
- High-quality vocal processing: EQ, compressor, noise suppressor, de-esser, and reverb
- Enhance your gaming performance with five customizable Game EQ presets
- Delay function to synchronize audio with video when needed
- Aux input for playing audio from a smartphone or external device
- Customize settings and save hardware configurations with the BRIDGE CAST app
- Add royalty-free music to streams via the BRIDGECAST app and Roland Cloud
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Input Channel:
- CHAT (*1)
- GAME (*1)
- MUSIC (*1)
- SYSTEM (*1)
- USB (*2)
(*1) When the USB port connection setting is "PC"
(*2) When the USB port connection setting is "CONSOLE/MOBILE"

Output Channel:
- MIC (*3)
- STREAM (*3)
- USB (*4)
(*3) When the USB port connection setting is "PC"
(*4) When the USB port connection setting is "CONSOLE/MOBILE"

- -MIC Jack: XLR type (Phantom power DC 48 V, 6 mA Max)
- -PHONES/HEADSET Jack: Stereo miniature phone type (CTIA, PLUG-IN power)
- -AUX Jack: Stereo miniature phone type (TRRS)
- -LINE OUT Jack: Stereo miniature phone type (TRS)
- -USB Port: USB Type-C (R)
- -USB DC 5V port: USB Type-C

Audio Mixing Bus: 2 (STREAM MIX, PERSONAL MIX)
Sampling Frequency:
- Windows: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz
- macOS/iOS/Other: 48 kHz

Signal Processing:
- AD/DA: 24 bits
- Internal Processing: 32-bit Floating point

- MIC: Voice Changer, Noise Suppressor, Compressor, Equalizer, De-esser, Reverb, Low Cut
- CHAT: De-esser, Compressor
- GAME: Equalizer
- STREAM: Delay

Audio File Player:
- Number of tracks: 2
- Data Formats: WAV (Linear PCM, 48 kHz, 16 bits, stereo/mono)
- Maximum Time: 5 seconds/track

Input Level:
- MIC: -85.5 - 10.5 dBu (Maximum: +1.5 dBu)
- -HEADSET MIC: -58.5 -20.5 dBu (Maximum: -8.5 dBu)
- -AUX: -10 dBu (Maximum: +2 dBu)

Input Impedance:
- MIC: 3.4 k ohms
- HEADSET MIC: 1.3 k ohms
- AUX: 10 k ohms

Output Level:
- LINE OUT: -4 dBu (Maximum: +8 dBu)
- PHONES/HEADSET: -1 dBu (Maximum: +11 dBu)
- PHONES/HEADSET: 78 mW + 78 mW (32 ohms)
- PHONES/HEADSET: 35 mW + 35 mW (250 ohms)

-Output Impedance:
- LINE OUT: 1 k ohm

- USB bus power
- USB AC adaptor (commercially available)
* Recommended to use an USB AC adaptor that can supply 5 V, 1.0 A or more.

Current Draw: 5 V DC, 900 mA

Operating System:
- Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11
- Apple macOS 11 or later
- Apple iOS 15 or later

* Although Roland has tested numerous configurations, and has determined that on average, a computer system similar to that described above will permit normal operation of the Rubix, Roland cannot guarantee that a given computer can be used satisfactorily with the Rubix based solely on the fact that it meets the above requirements. This is because there are too many other variables that may influence the processing environment, including differences in motherboard design and the particular combination of other devices involved.

Dimensions: 222 (W) x 110 (D) x 70 (H) mm / 8.7 (W) x 4.3 (D) x 2.8 (H) inches

Weight: 450 g / 1 lb 15 oz

- Leaflet "Read Me First"
- USB 2.0 Type-C to Type-C Cable (2 m, 6.5 feet)
- USB 2.0 Type-C to Type-A Cable (2 m, 6.5 feet)
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 2.6 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): BRIDGE CAST
Warehouse Resealed
Shipping Weight: 2.6 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): BRIDGE CAST

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-890-3700


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