RFX RP93 Patchwork MIDI Switcher

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Provides MIDI control over 4 stereo effects loops and 4 latching switches.

The RP93S provides MIDI control over 4 stereo effects loops and 4 latching switches. The programmable switching allows the user to switch between amplifier channels, switch an amp reverb on and off, even select which amplifier is being played through. The Patchwork has 128 preset locations to store the different effect and switch combinations. These are accessed either via MIDI or the front panel. The large LED display and switch indicator lights make the Patchwork perfect for the studio or the stage.

The RFX line of effects pedals features dual operation, top-loaded, easy-access battery replacement, silent FET switching, headphone output, optional MIDI control, and more.

The rack-mount processors and MIDI patching systems are manufactured for reliable operation, whether in the studio or in the harsh road environment.

The RFX line of MIDI controllers is designed for convenient and efficient use. Each features 3-digit LED displays for readability at a distance, large footpads, and 0-127 or 1-128 operation.

All RFX products and accessories are constructed of steel chassis, and include a full year warranty. Also, all RFX pedals have a specially designed output that will drive standard pair of headphones for personal monitoring.

Jacks: 14; 1/4 in. phone TS jacks

MIDI ports: 5-pin DIN IN and Through jacks

Display: 2-digit high efficiency red .56 in.

Phantom Power: +12 VDC on pins 1 and 3 of MIDI IN jack

MIDI signals recognized: Program Change with MIDI Channel

Size: 17 x 1.75 x 6 in.

Power: 120/230 VAC 15 VA 50/60 Hz

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 801-263-9053

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. (8 ratings)
by a customer from webzone.net

"needs more relays to isolate effects"

Overall: 2.5 out of 5 stars
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add another $10 worth of relays to fully isolate the loops, and you have a highly usable piece of equipment. otherwise, you better have the "right" type of equipment to use with it or else you are in for a dissapointment.
the relay configuration lets the signal still pass to supposedly bypassed effects. this KILLS your tone with most stompboxes. with some other types of equipment, it is not as noticable, but i was wishing to consoldate my four overdrive/distortion/fuzz effects and this switcher cannot do this effectively.
if the loops were better isolated, the features make this a cost-effective box. another thing they could add (with increased expense) is the ability to react to midi controller commands. maybe a couple of more loops would be nice. maybe in a "bigger brother" product.
they need to use about twice as many relays. the configuration as is makes it useless for most applications for which a lot of people will want to use it. with just a little more engineering, it would be SO much better.
if you have equipment that won't load your sound, it's not bad for the price.
The Wow Factor
i cannot use this box as is. maybe in some other application it's useful.

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No longer available at zZounds

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