Red Witch Synthotron Analog Guitar Synthesizer Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
Get your synth on with the Synthotron! This analog pedal turns your guitar into a full-on '70s synth, and includes an envelope filter for good measure.

The Synthotron consists of an analog guitar synthesizer coupled with an envelope filter with sample and hold functionality. To the rest of us humans that means that the Synthotron can make the guitar sound like a 1970's analog synth encompassing all the squelchy, swirly, whooshy sounds you'd expect.

Without a doubt, the Synthotron is the most unique of Red Witch designs - opening up new worlds of sonic potential. Larry Lalonde of Primus adores the Synthotron's inspired mayhem!

Watch our exclusive interview with Red Witch founder Ben Fulton:

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