Radial Pro RMP Reamping Device

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Submitted November 18, 2011 by a customer from hotmail.com
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Overall an 8. I wish there was more instructions or reading material that came with the RMP. More suggestion would be nice other than "Just experiment. That's what reamping is about." I want suggestions like try moving your mic 4 feet back from your amp etc, etc, etc. And there really aren't alot of tips for reamping online. You would think there are. Unless I'm using the wrong search engine.

This review isn't about zzsounds which is an awesome company but more so with Radial. If you have never reamped before it can be very discouraging. Sound gets a 7 because at first the thing made my tone sound "weak" I talked to Radial and we determined its my M-Audio usb interface. No one really makes it clear that the RMP needs a BALANCED line out. So I'm telling you all now. A lot of soundcards only have unbalanced outs. The RMP needs a balanced out, so you have to buy a TRS to XLR male so that you can come out of your BALANCED output and into the RMP. The RMP then runs to the amp or pedal using a regular instrument cable. Well instead of returning the RMP I bought a new USB interface with BALANCED outs. It works now and it sounds good once you play with the volume on the device. I just wish it was more clear and there were more instruction before you bought the device. And they really don't provide good directions in the box.

Just one feature.....it converts your line level signal back into an instrument signal read more to run through your amp or effects to layer instrument and vocal parts with different settings and mic placement.

Ease of Use
Once you figure it out it's very easy to use but as mentioned above...it takes having the right setup.

It seems very sturdy. Made of metal.

$100 is the best price I found for a reamper.

Manufacturer Support
You can actually call the Technical Support department and speak with someone who was friendly and told me what kind of output I needed and TRS to XLR Male cable.

The Wow Factor
The appeal to me is only if your serious about recording and trying different mic placement for different tones. If you don't record it's not beneficial.

Musical Background:
I've been playing guitar and bass for 8 years. I have a home studio and two cd's on itunes.

Musical Style:
Rock, acoustic, alternative, metal.
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