Protection Racket Drum Mat Marker Pack

No longer available at zZounds
Once you've perfected your drum setup, keep it consistent from gig to gig with these Velcro-backed mat markers -- the perfect partner for your drum mat.

Setting up your drum kit exactly the same way can be a real challenge. The Protection Racket drum mat marker pack makes it so easy! These drum mat markers have a Velcro backing and are numbered for easy memory marking, ensuring the same set-up every time. Each pack includes thirty stand feet markers numbered 1-10 with 3 sets of each, ten corresponding stand markers numbered 1-10 plus one each of the bass drum and hi-hat markers. Set your kit up as you normally would on your mat. Lift the stand legs up and place 3 x circle markers on mat, place corresponding stand marker on stand. Place bass drum & hi-hat markers on bass drum & hi-hat pedal and play!

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Phone: 818-727-1127