PreSonus Studio One 6.5 Professional Software - Upgrade from Pro Edition, All Previous Versions

Got a previous version of PreSonus Studio One Pro? This software updates you to Studio One 6.5 Professional, with Dolby Atmos surround support and more!

Studio One makes creating fast and easy with everything you need to record, produce, mix, master, and perform all in a single intuitive application with a customizable interface that lets you focus on the task at hand. Make killer beats blazing fast with integrated pattern editing and live looping. Studio One 6.5 adds all-new features, including native immersive audio and Dolby Atmos mixing.

Introducing Studio One 6.5 with Dolby Atmos Integration:

Studio One's pioneering drag-and-drop workflow makes it highly intuitive and fast to use; from adding effects to time-aligning drums, drag-and-drop streamlines production tasks. Compose using award-winning notation. Add sound to video using the all-new Video Track. Master entire albums seamlessly using your session files. Take it all to the stage or stream with the innovative Show Page. Whether you're new to recording or are a seasoned pro, Studio One makes every creator's life easier.

Your creative partner for end-to-end production, Studio One has everything you need to bring your inspiration to life. Studio One is the only audio production software that provides a complete integrated experience for recording, production, composing, mixing, mastering, and performing.

Studio One's pioneering drag-and-drop workflow makes it highly intuitive and fast to use. Laborious tasks like vocal comping and drum replacement are as easy as drag and drop. Smart Templates make it easy to get started with streamlined workflows and helpful guided read more tutorials. Use the Customization Editor to select just the tools and functions you need for the task at hand, simplifying the user interface so you can focus and work faster than ever.

Only Studio One features harmonic editing for both audio and MIDI. Experiment with new chord progressions until your next hit song comes to life - no music theory degree required. From pop ballads to rap anthems, the Chord Track is a producer's dream come true. Quickly create beats with advanced pattern editing, flexible samplers, and live looping. Remix complete songs with the Arranger Track and Scratch Pads.

Go from the studio to the stage or stream with the Show Page. Design a complete show by creating a Setlist using songs you're already created in Studio One, incorporating a mix of live instruments, pre-recorded tracks, and virtual instruments.

Assemble your album and get mastering with Studio One Projects. Only Studio One Professional links Songs with mastering projects, so you can update mixes as needed without losing fades, automation, Clip Gain edits, or any other mastering work.

Designed with ease of use at its core, Studio One seamlessly moves with you from initial inspiration to full production, final mix to mastered album, digital release to live production... and lets you truly create without boundaries.


- The only DAW that lets you compose, record, produce, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application
- Intuitive, customizable work environment with industry-leading drag-and-drop functionality
- Unlimited audio and instrument tracks, advanced automation features, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
- Smart Templates make getting started recording, beatmaking, mastering, and setting up for a Show fast
- Arranger Track makes it easy to remix and rearrange Songs, or fire loops live
- Complete suite of 39 Native Effects plug-ins including De-Esser, Vocoder, and improved ProEQ3 with per-band dynamics mode.
- Five powerful virtual instruments including: Impact XT drum sampler; Presence XT virtual sample-player; Mai Tai polyphonic analog modeling synthesizer; Mojito monophonic subtractive synthesizer; and Sample One XT live sampler and sample editor
- Quickly compose drums and melodies with the integrated step-sequencer style Pattern Editor
- Chord Track manipulates audio and note data of any or all tracks for Harmonic Editing and song prototyping
- Console Shaper emulates the sound of an analog console with control over drive, noise, and even true channel crosstalk, thanks to Mix Engine FX's cross-channel processing
- Score View for traditional notation, drum notation, and tablature
- Sound Variations make it easy to manage articulations for complex orchestral libraries with dynamic mapping for EastWest Opus, Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Player products, UJAM instruments, and more
- Integrated mastering suite with automatic mix updating, DDP, Redbook CD burning, and digital release
- Perform live with Studio One! Use your recorded assets to bring your album sound to the live show; play virtual amps live; sequence and re-arrange your setlist.
- Integrated online Cloud Services including the PreSonus Shop, PreSonus Exchange, PreSonus Sphere, and bi-directional SoundCloud integration
- Pristine sound quality with native 64-bit resolution and support for up to 768 kHz audio
- Use Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, and Logic shortcut key commands or create your own
- Compatible with ASIO-, Windows Audio-, and Core Audio-compliant audio interfaces
- Advanced integration with PreSonus Sphere Workspaces
- Available standalone or as part of the PreSonus Sphere membership

What's New in Studio One 6.5:

Recording and mixing designed for Immersive Audio:
Experience end-to-end workflow designed for producing in spatial audio from recording with multichannel microphones to mixing with enhanced plug-ins, and exporting files in a variety of formats. Mix in Dolby Atmos or additional formats that support up to 9.1.6 channels, then create Dolby Atmos masters directly from Studio One – both in real time and offline – and when it's time to deliver, Spatial Audio Export provides convenient batch export options for ADM and downmix formats.

Support for Dolby Atmos Binaural Headphone Monitoring:
Studio One now lets you monitor the output of the spatial audio renderer on both speakers and conventional stereo headphones simultaneously and independently. Studio One 6.5's new dedicated headphone channel allows for simultaneous Binaural monitoring, eliminating the need for switching configurations.

All plug-ins updated for Immersive Audio:
Effects and plug-ins (+2 new plug-ins) now support processing of multichannel signals or of any individual channel or pair of channels. OpenAir2 convolution reverb gets a new look and a brand-new library of true 7.1.4 impulse responses that create authentically immersive 3D spaces. The Multi-Tap Surround Delay plug-in is an eight-tap delay with individual surround panners can be synchronized to the song tempo for exciting dimensional and rhythmic effects.

Support for DAWproject file format:
DAWproject is a new open-source file exchange format designed to let users share sessions across multiple digital audio workstations. For the first time, users of DAWs from different manufacturers can exchange sessions in a format that includes all critical data. Starting with PreSonus and Bitwig, .dawproject will be provided as a universal import/export format.

ARA Plug-in Support:
ARA-enabled plug-ins are now available as audio editors on the Project Page. With the number of available ARA-enabled plug-ins steadily increasing, there are more and more reasons to reach for them at the mastering stage. ARA-plug-ins can now be utilized easily and in real time without any additional fuss.

Tablature and lead sheet enhancements:
Studio One's Scoring and Note Editing capabilities have been further optimized for tablature, lead sheets, and drum maps. These features include the addition of rhythm slashes, a chord display that's dynamically linked to the Chord Track, custom string tunings, and more expressive options for guitar tablature such as guitar bends and rhythmic display.

Studio One Remote updated for Immersive Audio mixing:
Studio One Remote for iOS, Android and Windows has been updated to include support for surround mixing, including proper visualization of the updated mixer. Additionally, a dedicated Surround Panner view has been added to support 3D panning with multitouch; a major benefit when writing pan automation in the absence of a suitable hardware remote controller.

Smart Templates -- Now with Mix in Surround:
New Smart Templates provide essential toolsets for the tasks at hand, including basic recording, mixing stems, mastering an album, and setting up for a live show. Play an instrument or produce a podcast with a single click. Use the convenient drop zone to easily import audio, video, and MIDI files. Interactive tutorials are even included with select templates. And now, with Studio One 6.5, start immersive audio projects fast with an all-new "Mix in Surround" Smart Template and interactive Dolby Atmos tutorial.
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