Pro Co Stagemaster Audio Snake

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Constructed from long-lasting materials and built with a simple interface, this rig is ideal for quick and dirty setups.

Finally! A great, affordable snake. Re-engineered from the stagebox to the connectors for even greater reliability, Pro Co StageMaster multipair cables are an ideal choice for church groups, fixed installations, schools and one-nighter portables. The rugged design features the latest in connectors and a cable that is extremely flexible for easy coiling. All StageMaster snakes are backed with Pro Co's 3-year, limited warranty. Available in 8x4, 12x4, 16x4 or 24x4 configuration or lenghts of 50 or 100 feet; XLR inputs and 1/4 inch phone outputs.

Pro Co StageMaster Snake Features

- Great for churches, schools, start-up bands, and boardrooms.
- Features Pro Co Duralink wire, high quality PVC tubing on the fans, and a unique extruded aluminum stage box that is both reliable and attractive.
- Reliable no solder contact points eliminate highly resistive connections.
- Sturdy strain relief at the stagebox helps ensure a long life of reliable use.
- This new, compact stagebox is strong, lightweight and virtually unbreakable, while offering better access to individual cables.
- Pro Co's flexible Duralink A wire provides a clean, low-distortion signal and highly flexible cable.

- Warranty: 3-Year Limited
- Stage Box: Extruded Aluminum
- Termination: Insulation Displacement
- Connector Retention: Spring Detent
- Strain Relief: ABS
- Conductor Gauge: 24 AWG (.20 sq. mm)
- Stranding: 7 x 32 (7 x .254 sq. mm)
- Insulation: .012 inch (.305 mm) polypropylene
- Capacitance:
- - Paired Conductors: 21 pF/ft
- - Conductors Tied to Shield: 38 pF/ft
- Shield: Aluminum/polyester tape wrapped 100% coverage

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-253-7360

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"Decent quality, very good price..."

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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I'm hoping to get several years of good service from this snake. At some point, I will buy a nice digital snake and this will most likely be sent out with smaller sound systems.
Okay... It's a snake, so most people aren't thinking about how it will sound, but cable quality can have a huge impact on the sound of a band. This snake is decent, but it isn't made from top-of-the-line materials, so the sound quality isn't perfect. On the other hand, in live settings, such as small to mid-sized clubs, it will be hard to tell the difference between this snake and many others priced much higher.
24 xlr's and 4 TRS's... pretty much says it all.
Ease of Use
It's a snake, only a reel would make it easier to use.
You get what you pay for. I needed a 100' snake, fast, and I didn't have a lot of dough. The XLR connectors on the fan, seem a little cheaper than I would prefer, but then again, the price was pretty low.
The price was right, the length was right, the number of ins and outs was right... It should last for quite a long time if it is treated right. At least until I can afford a really nice digital snake.
Manufacturer Support
I haven't had to talk to the support folks yet. I mean, it's a snake... not too difficult to figure out.
The Wow Factor
It's not too sexy, it's a snake! Not so much a "want it" item as it is a "need it" item.

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