Pro Co Deucetone Dual Rat Distortion Pedal

Take your leads to the next level with this distortion stomp box. It features 2 channels of raw distortion perfect for hard rock and metal guitarists.
The newest addition to the Rat family is the Deucetone Rat. Originally designed as the R2DU (Rat 2 Distortion Unit), a rack effect with a dual foot switch, the Deucetone Rat brings the R2DU out of the rack and onto the floor and the spirit of the R2DU lives on in two independent rat units that can be used separately or together. Selectable diodes produce a variable sonic palette utilizing the tones from the Vintage Rat, TurboRAT and two never before heard rat sounds - the Clean and Dirty rats. The Deucetone Rat has all the classic features of the 'rackrat' including two independent rat circuits, providing true stereo capability or the ability to cascade one side into the other for best bonecrushing rat sound yet. The Deucetone Rat is housed in a new compact sloped-face pedal-only design. New triple-pole foot switches have been added for greater reliability and the switches have been strategically placed to allow for easy stomping of both channels simultaneously. Like the rest of the rat family, the Deucetone Rat is housed in an indestructible steel enclosure that will provide years of on-the-road reliability.

The Deucetone Rat offers two channels of raw distortion providing the ability to change, on the fly, between three different settings per side - that is six rats in one. The germanium diodes that drive the dirty rat give this rat by far, the most incredible sound ever.

What makes this pedal so powerful is the ability of the guitarist to run both channels independently of one read more another or in a cascade mode to deliver a combination of the two rats.

From a double dose of vintage rats to a dirty rat/clean boost combination, you are sure to find the perfect sound to take that great guitar lead to the next level. If you are like a lot of guitarists today, you are probably rethinking your rackmount effects and are heading back to floor units. The Deucetone Rat will bring your multi-distortion needs back to ground level while taking the sound of your rig to new heights. It is the most incredible stompbox on the planet.

Heavy-duty industrial components like the footswitches, make for trouble-free reliability on the road.

Smooth, continuously variable controls for distortion amount, filter cutoff and volume level let you
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Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 2.75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 4 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): PRO DTRAT
Warehouse Resealed
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): NFS PRODTRAT
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-253-7360
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Submitted May 10, 2011 by a customer from
"Best of Modern Rat tones in one affordale package that allows you to dial in and use 2 seperate tones together or individually.."
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Probably wont sell this...
Gives you several great variations of the RAT pedals to choose from (turbo, you dirty, clean, and vintage)...each one slightly different, but all retaining the general modern RAT tones. Very flexible, true bypass, run as two pedals or one pedal with 2 distortions. Contains all the best Rat sounds, sans the 85 reissue, which I have and is still my favorite (but is $40 more). But great buy for the price in my opinion. Makes the crunch Channel on my 100W Marshall DSL come alive with classic 80's metal. Sounds pretty decent in from on of Vox AC30s as well.
Once again great options built in... 3 variations on each channel, tru bypass American made.
Ease of Use
Complaint is the input output jack are a little out of order if you choose to use it as a single pedal, and distortion mode switching is on the back which makes it kinda a pain, but then again I could see having the switches on the top of the pedal being a possible problem.
Had to return first one because 2nd distortion channel was stuck on one mode only, not 3. Could have been a one off mistake. Otherwise built like a tank.
If you like Rat pedals, you'll definitly want this one for your collection..much cheaper than buying the different pedals individually.
Manufacturer Support
Havent dealt with, but read some forums where they do go out of they're way
The Wow Factor
Looks like a black built to last distortion box with "rat" on it. Classic to me.
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