Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT DJ Controller for Serato

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT DJ Controller for Serato

Get a compact, feature-packed Serato DJ controller. The Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT has full-size jog wheels, a club-style layout, and plenty of inputs and outputs.

Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 Professional DJ Controller

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Serato DJs: Get your hands on Pioneer's top 4-channel DDJ controller -- now more responsive than ever, with key shift, key sync, pitch play and Serato Flip.

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 is the ultimate club-ready controller with everything the modern DJ needs -- in one piece of hardware -- all seamlessly integrated with Serato DJ software. It's a complete four-channel mixer with large CDJ-style jog wheels, and multi-functional performance pads with customizable LED-illumination. It offers two USB sound cards for connecting two Mac or PC-based laptops simultaneously for instant DJ changeover or dynamic DJ battles. It also comes equipped with RCA inputs for connecting up to four CDJs or two turntables, and supports digital vinyl simulation (DVS) for spinning your MP3 collection from external media players.

The DDJ-SZ2 comes bundled with the latest version of Serato DJ, the Pitch 'n Time and Serato Flip expansion packs are also included so you can use the new features straight out the box.

New to the DDJ-SZ2

More specifically tailored to take advantage of Serato expansion packs, the DDJ-SZ2 adds key adjust and sync buttons for use with Pitch 'n Time DJ and two new buttons for extra control of Serato Flip. The performance pads on the SZ2 now have a new "shift" layer for toggling Pitch Play mode. Also, each deck now has its own quantize button, and Pioneer has improved the jog wheel latency for better performance. It's like the DDJ-SZ, only better.

Pioneer Hardware and Serato DJ Software

For decades, Pioneer CDJs have been the standard for professional-grade DJ gear in club environments. This versatile, battle-ready DJ controller has read more all the functions of the best Pioneer CDJs and mixers, and was designed using the same performance-oriented layout -- with specific respect to Serato DJ software and all the functions within it. So with the DDJ-SZ2, you really get the best of both worlds -- the highest quality hardware, specifically tailored to run cutting-edge Serato DJ software.


- Four-deck USB DJ controller for Serato
- Four audio channels, two mic channels, and two USB ports
- Connect up to two Mac or PC laptops, four external players (up to two turntables and up to four CDJs), and two microphones
- Needle Search ribbon strip lets you instantly navigate to any point in the track with the drop of a finger
- DJM-inspired four-channel mixer section with 3-band EQ and gain controls, oscillator (noise generator), and Sound Color FX (per channel delay, flange, pitch, and filter effects)
- High-performance MAGVEL crossfader design with dual metal shafts reduces friction and improves durability
- P-LOCK fader caps keep fader caps in place even with rigorous use
- Full-sized 8.1 inch Pioneer CDJ-style touch-sensitive jog wheels with illuminated indicator displays
- 16 multi-functional velocity-sensitive performance pads with color-codeable LED illumination so you always know what's on each pad
- Supports Digital Vinyl Simulation (DVS) for spinning a digital music collection as if it were on vinyl or CD using time-coded media and external turntables or CDJs
- Program up to eight nameable cue points
- Loop mode with eight programmable loop slots
- Auto Loop mode with loop rolls
- Powerful DJ effects provided by iZotope
- Effect expansion packs available
- Multi-effects mode lets you stack and manipulate multiple effects simultaneously
- Dedicated buttons for Serato Flip and Pitch 'n Time DJ control
- Beatgrid auto detection and editor
- Slip mode keeps track playing silently for in sync scratching and effects breaks
- Quantize mode snaps samples to the nearest beat on the beatgrid so notes always fall in time
- Oscillator function acts as a noise generator and lets your synthesize and control ambient sounds to layer over your mix
- Record your DJ sets directly from the software
- Four stereo RCA inputs (two stereo line level inputs and two stereo line or phone level inputs)
- Two mic inputs (one 1/4-inch/XLR combo and one 1/4-inch)
- Stereo XLR and RCA master output
- Stereo 1/4-inch booth output
- 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch headphone output (front panel)
- Dual USB ports for seamless DJ changeover or dynamic DJ battles
- Professional-grade components and construction
- Aluminum top plate and jog wheels
- 44.1 kHz internal sampling rate
- 24-bit digital/analog and analog/digital converters
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- Soundcard: 24 bit/44.1 kHz
- Frequency Range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
- Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 111 dB
- Distortion:
- < 0.002 % (USB)
- < 0.004 % (LINE)
- Colour FX:
- Echo
- Jet
- Pitch
- Filter
- Channels: 4
- Deck Control: 4 / Dual
- Jog Wheel: 202 mm durable aluminum jog wheel
- Oscillator Sampler:
- Noise
- Drop
- Laser
- Siren
- FX Parameters: 4knob x 4button
- Sampler: 6slot x 4bank
- Hot Cues: 8
- Inputs:
- 2 MIC (XLR/Jack Combo, 1/4 inch Jack)
- Outputs:
- 2 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Jack, mini-jack)
- 1 BOOTH (1/4 inch Jack)
- USB: 2 USB B ports
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 34.25 x 3.87 x 16.52"
- Weight: 23.59 lb

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-421-1404

Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 DJ Controller

The DDJ-SZ2 builds on the strong foundations of its predecessor, Pioneer's flagship DDJ-SZ controller. This upgrade to their flagship Serato DJ controller allows you to get hands on with more recent additions to Serato DJ, including key shift, key sync, pitch play and Serato Flip. They've improved the jog wheel latency to make scratching more responsive and precise and the multi-coloured performance pads give you instant feedback on playing status and pad modes.

The DDJ-SZ2 comes bundled with Serato DJ, the Pitch n' Time and Serato Flip expansion packs are also included so you can use them straight out the box.


- Play with your keys and pitch, adjusting them while mixing with 3 Serato DJ functions embedded in your controller. Key shift, key sync and pitch play give you the power to play it by ear.
- Pitch Play grants you the freedom to hit your cues across a range of different keys. Use the Performance Pads to assign your Hot Cues and broaden the scope of your creativity at the touch of a button.
- Record Hot Cue combinations with 3 dedicated buttons, enabling you to play back your tracks, make custom edits or even skip or repeat selected sections on loop.
- Create a more versatile sound by turning the knob to overlay your track with Noise, Drop, Laser or Siren. Modulate using the dial to add texture as well as tension to your tracks.
- The DDJ-SZ2's full-sized jog wheels are optimized for a perfect scratch response and you can use Jog Feeling Adjust to set your preferred resistance. The jogs have illuminated cue point markers and an accurate countdown for even greater precision.
- The multi-colored backlit LEDs give you a visual reference to which modes are in play and will reflect cue points that you have preset in Serato DJ.

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"Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 DJ Controller"
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This is my first professional controller and I love it. I started with the Numark Mixpro II and wow such a huge difference. However, I can't knock my Numark because that was my beginner board for quite some time. Now that I have outgrown my little baby, it's time to enjoy all the extra features. It has many options to connect other attachments. I can control my volume and the fact that it has two sound cards embedded. That gets to be lots of fun if I have any of my friends dee jay with me. Totally worth every penny. I did lots of research and of course their is no perfect controller made, but this is rated on the top ten list. I know this controller will last me years to come. I can use Serato as it is made for Searato and if I want too, I have the option to map it to Virtual DJ. I like to have choices in case something should happen to either operating systems. You also receive in the packaging two Serato packets to download.
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I've been dee jaying for many years ...
Musical Style:
I love all types of music. I'm a Mobile DJ around the world regarding my job. I love it.
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